DIGITAL ART MUSEUM teamLab borderless | JAPAN | JVlog

DIGITAL ART MUSEUM teamLab borderless | JAPAN | JVlog

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well and are ready for a new video. Today I’ll take you to a really special place, because on 21st June the Digital Art Museum opened in Tokyo. I already saw the advertisment a while ago and thought that I have to go there. It is looking so amazing! Today is the day. I meet up with the lovely Bontenmaru and we are going to have a great day in Tokyo and for sure, I take you with us. I hope you gonna enjoy the video! We just arrived in Odaiba. We are here a bit early. It’s 40 minutes before opening, but already a long line is queing up. Today the tickets are sold out. So we will see how it works out inside. If we are going inside in small groups or if we go all together at the same time. We are going to find it out. And I gonna show it to you. The museum is located at Odaiba between the Zepp Tokyo and the ferries wheel. Because the tickets are sold out fast, it is recommanded to buy them in the presale. You will receive a mail with a QR code on your phone. The regular ticket price is 3200 yen for adults which is quite pricy for a museum. But it is totally worth it to take a look there. And now, let the adventure begin! This was our visit to the Digital Art Museum. We had soooo much fun there! We stayed inside for over 2 1/2 hours. So the time we spent there is worth the price. It was really really interesting. Every corner was different. Everything was colorful. Yeah~ I am speechless. I am speechless, too. It was really great. It is totally worth it! So, when you are in Tokyo, take a look to Odaiba. It was really a lot of fun. Take a look on the ticket website first, so you know when it is sold out. Today they didn’t had any tickets left anymore. Anyway, as always. I hope you enjoyed the video. Give me a thumb up or leave me a comment and I would be happy about every new follower. And we see us next time. Byebye!

One thought on “DIGITAL ART MUSEUM teamLab borderless | JAPAN | JVlog

  1. Ich weiß garnicht was ich sagen soll bin sprachlos über diese Schönheit 😍 sowas sollte es mal ihr in DE geben. Das ihr daran Spaß hattet hat man gesehen ich wäre auch gern dabei gewesen aber das war ich durch dein vlog ja auch irgendwie zuteil wenigstens.
    Einfach nur schön 😍😍😍🌸🌸🌸💜💜💜

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