DEFAULT Rainbow DROPPER! (Fortnite Creative Mode)

DEFAULT Rainbow DROPPER! (Fortnite Creative Mode)

what’s up guys I do watch in Turkish
Mookie – gonna play a foreigner today I’m with my friend the cool kid is a
youtuber I’m gonna put this video and this YouTube channel cuz me and then we
did that video together it was fun funny good and enjoyable so if you want an
update this run not dead run but like in creative that one that you drop and it
depends on a lot there is actually in this in this dropper I’m gadget called
proper I kinda cheated you’ll see what’s happened I’m I mean she – 2 or 1 I don’t
know you cannot see it’s hilarious so guys don’t get like share comment
subscribe if you wanna see me do more grab the like creative videos dr. mark
is signing up yeah we don’t care about you oh my I’ll egged egged barrel oh I
know the secret hey I meet here first we gotta find that what they call it
nevermind I don’t know the secret we’re gonna find the launch but no we broke
what the hell the middle is not where we wanna be the middle is not that good
I’m I’m just gonna never mind oh yes what you made it yeah I teach it
I don’t know how they work but yeah okay I’m gonna go to the singer level or
should I wait for you no I just gotta say
can level for your stream I mean not stream your video
that’s right mega king of gaming oh my god and even know that but now it sucks
monkey yeah toxics Monty because I change it
you know why why man almost after you put in your video when you’re editing it
them yes you made it yeah okay you should put like that epic fails you
know that big face do industry alright you know not just like this no way we
ever we have a cloud one I almost made that by accident you okay like it just
you know how much time did take me oh you made in Amish okay okay trust me I can study I’m gonna
go from the right angle man it’s just me bro and I’m gonna put you in my
description okay yeah Mitch I’m gonna put you in my description no way no way
yes you made it oh my god how I made that but I almost
just got it I made it through one of the holes and I would and I was supposed to
die but I didn’t oh lucky you girl I’m not kidding I made it really yeah
this this level was like just luck what well look who is kind of hard I guess yo
this one actually is like loops I like bite stuff what how I don’t want
to start banging on my dad no way no way actually actually brought me back to
stage what yo come on no you kidding they brought me back levels hey what do
you mean it did like I died hey boom boom on a different level oh I was look
check Presta look I was there hmm and she put me now here what the heck I know the blue one with the light stuff
this one this one yeah and now you’re back on this one yep Wow
we use stop doing stop and do like find a different schedule mm-hmm
yeah just ride well all I could really say is just trying new things if the
other things don’t work out it’s like say um you want to be like the person
that makes like the burgers or the chicken nuggets and they say no because
you’re not good at it all the same Lobos me no yes just go I made your brother
your I feel what okay I feel like you’re coolkid I feel like this is gonna be our
best with you me and you I want to tell you something this is something I never
compare with other youtubers no like no like that like like big youtubers don’t
compare yourself with other youtubers or you will feel your videos are trash
that’s why had the SWAT son when I stopped being youtuber ago my videos are
trash while I like that big tubers galleries but I felt like some youtubers
say never compare each other never but then he was right because like
youtubers are like big youtubers like they’ve been doing youtubers longer than
me they have more experience yo yo am i cheating now you $5 I’m I’m
pretty much broke I only have five dollars you must be joking la la habra I
was joking um you must be joking yo I’m just going
you see you see this purple oh my gosh yeah and guess what I’m not even trying
my best like really I’m just going like there are stairs for me now okay ruff I make it hmm bro I’m making
it no I think we should do as well I think we should do like like like you
said we should do I’m creative like every week but I think we should do
death runs next week yeah let’s do it that’s right next week
alright cut this part that that’s run you should be bro joking you must be
joking I’m actually gonna make it by that by that way bro I actually make it
made it by cheating really yeah just right like your stairs you’re nice I
just abused it your life you was gonna get like mad because I black like you
know after the UM made it oh it’s what’s that Megan use let’s see
be careful here you can check my go past the checkpoint but do you mean oh you’re right now on
the lava I’m getting on the lava now oh no it’s another one of these levels but
this level is an hour I’m so excited I’m on the black and white level on on level
5 now whoa man I guess don’t tell me no you’re just joking bro I got spawned
again are they spawned now I got come follow me look stand where I am drop way
all right be careful here you can might go past
the checkpoint oh you made it let’s go you’re with me let’s go together
come let’s go all right Toma you first oh my gosh did you don’t water level how
did you ask you question oh how are you on the checkpoint of the lava because
it’s easy watch oh look see the checkpoints right here I did not get it
did you get it yes look look oh I don’t know I feel
like I’m lagging back I’m not yeah me too I feel like I’m lagging all right
here we are Oh the last and final dropper this is no
check there is no check no there is checkpoints but good dope I think we got
we wait we went the wrong way horn let me get we can get back up we have to
jump back onto this and then we’re and I jump over here aw come on just follow me
just follow me just follow me and we’ll make it
oh yes cool just follow me and we’ll have a
checkpoint oh my god there’s all the other this is so crazy
you see when you finish anything when you have like you get when you try your
best that you fail and fail and fail then you finish it you see why you see I
think we’ll get it done the final I see what you mean now
bye you’re gonna feel so good once you’re done yet
I let down that on it and I died what the hell so we’re done I’ll end it on it all right did you make it don’t go into
those things yet are you in Oh thought you might follow you if I was
gonna wait for you to do it yo was done well done people subscribe and in the
forgetting about there and all your friends and family help us get more
support towards the channel and I yeah uh further ado guys have a great day

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  1. Nice game


  3. Wow. Ganda naman.nagawa kona part ko po. Bisitahan mo din bahay ko ha. Salamat.

  4. Enjoy the game.

  5. That was cool.

  6. That was cool.

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