DearMKE presents: “THE TRUCK DRIVER” featuring Milwaukee artist Reginald Baylor

DearMKE presents: “THE TRUCK DRIVER” featuring Milwaukee artist Reginald Baylor

“”We’ll talk real soon.” There’s an example of another successful small business I was talking about… How does it not make you excited
about getting up in the morning and painting a painting when everyone around here is creating stuff? When we had lunch it was a fashion designer, and the graphic firms around here… it’s just, creativity is creativity. So, I like to take traditional things and sort of, make it current. It’s sort of like a “what-if” scenario: what if Rudolph Valentino had a Afro? I really want to do this one: The Dukes of Hazard – Daisy out there laying on there with a big ol’ fro on her.. You know, I love that show. Moved away from Milwaukee, and that’s when I really decided I wanted to be an artist. Started working at a gallery, and a couple museums and that’s when I started driving a truck. There was a lot of little pieces of popcorn on my path. This is the day in which I put it on the lot for sale. That’s when I decided to switch careers from being a truck driver to a full-time artist. I was painting during the time and I was even selling. You know, I was driving and selling paintings. This is the 25th year the Third Ward has had Gallery Night. You come down, get something to eat, you go get something to drink, and then you visit the boutique shops. And so, it’s just a really nice tradition. A little laughter, little philosophy…a little politics, lil’ religion… “I got temporary tattoos…Alright how many? One, two…” I think creativity is the new economy. “I’m gonna do like a fruit loop bird, big bird…” As a middle-class father and husband, who can buy a home and send his kids to a good school while being an artist, I couldn’t ask for anything else in the world. If it can happen to me…Seriously, I didn’t pay attention in school, I wasn’t that good in art… None of it to me, makes any sense. If I can wake up every day and go, “Alright, I sell art for a living,” that’s pretty cool.

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  1. Good Stuff. Showcasing the Brew City. Need more!

  2. More videos!

  3. More coming soon!

  4. ah you guys rule the 414!!!!!

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