Day 47 ,,The witches tree” -366 Day Creative Challenge

Day 47 ,,The witches tree” -366 Day Creative Challenge

hello oh you beautiful Stardust people
out there tonight we we’ll hear a story about the witches tree. Once upon a time
there was a farmer. He was kept up all night by this witch
that swung with her broom all over the place laughing her evil laugh. So, the
farmer was a very talented man with the trees so he thought ,,what if I work on
this seed of an apple it’s gonna be the most beautiful apple tree anyone has
ever seen. I will plant it in front of the house of the witch I will still a
spell from her and the spell will make the apples become
poisonous” When the witch found out about this plan
she made another spell. She transformed him in a tree and never let any water
or Sun next to him So , he dried out and remained in front of
the witch’s house to be a warning for all of those who are planning against her. I hope you enjoyed my video thank you
love you kisses bye-bye

3 thoughts on “Day 47 ,,The witches tree” -366 Day Creative Challenge

  1. Whoo-whoo with this story you told so much! When the music stoped at the end toghether with the meaning of the story has had the perfekt match! You paint the curved lines veeery well in all your paintings. This is your strong side!

  2. Hello 👋 like # 3 👍🤗

  3. UUUU I feel a slight gothic/Tim Burton influence in the painting……. noice!

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