Danny DeVito Enters The New Yorker’s Cartoon-Caption Contest | The New Yorker

Danny DeVito Enters The New Yorker’s Cartoon-Caption Contest | The New Yorker

100 thoughts on “Danny DeVito Enters The New Yorker’s Cartoon-Caption Contest | The New Yorker

  1. This just proves that Danny is the grim reaper. He did indeed recognise who it was in the coffin, but had to act unfazed to protect his identity.



  3. Danny DeVito for chewbakka 2020! His audition is at 6:25

  4. "This guy look like he might be in the superhero business"
    – Literally the Penguin talking about Batman

  5. Can't say if it's Danny DeVito or Frank Reynolds doing the captions

  6. The Turkey and duck one I would've said:
    Let's get turducken

  7. Death in a coffin – isn't that like a double negative?

  8. Frank doesn't know who batman is

  9. 1:24 I was thinking next time we don’t use protection?

  10. Danny Devito should do the captions for these for real. A lot of these are brilliant

  11. “Sir, furries are not allowed in the pet store”

  12. I really wanna see Ricky Gervais do this !

  13. 5:30 guy with antlers had me CACKLING

  14. "Can i be dirty?"
    This message was send by the trashman

  15. I expected better

  16. The rooster & duck one: "Allright big guy, I'll come to bed, just as long as you promise not to wake me up at half 5 again"

  17. The mouse one : "They seem to think I'm their mother."

  18. 1. Rogaine Rewards members only.
    2. He worked himself to death. / I guess that just leaves taxes.
    3. It's ok, honey, most guys have only two heads.
    4. What, you never got a DUI before?
    5. On interaction, each response was, "OK, boomer"
    6. I'm only getting the same ideas, guys.
    7. Netflix and Turdunken?
    8. As Trump aides, we need to think of his image in the long term
    9. So it seems the new Viagra has side effects.
    10. Come on, it's Michael Buble.

  19. I would love to watch a movie written by DeVito and directed by Tarantino

  20. Antlers😂

  21. Hey Danny do you remember working with 1d on Steal My Girl?

  22. Danny is to pure for this world

  23. the Chernobyl one was ok lol

  24. November 17 is the 321st day of the year. Danny's bday… and mine!

  25. Ongo Gablogian? The art collector?

  26. How does he get his descriptions of the pictures so weirdly off and incorrect?

  27. 6:26

  28. Traitor parrots

  29. 1:50 SwaggerSouls fanfic

  30. B-O-B? Could it be under a different spelling?

  31. Narcomidge.

  32. 4:48 should’ve written “Bitconnect”

  33. Frank takes on New-Yorkers

    sunny intro plays

  34. Bring Conan o brian

  35. How did they get god on the show

  36. I love his facial expressions when he’s writing something funny and holding back laughter! 😂

  37. the rat one “they say ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’”

  38. I don't know if he didn't understand how to play or if he understood it better than everyone else

  39. the parrot one was the best lol

  40. The parrot cartoon : ' That,s what I said…'

  41. Danny DeVito is so smart!

  42. ……….I thought of one immediately for the “Death in a coffin” one.

    “…yeah, the investigators ruled out suicide”

  43. "It's Dancing Sunday!"

  44. He’d make some great memes

  45. Danny DeVito and Frank are blending

  46. I love Dani Devito ! You gotta love how he's cracking himself up as he comes up with these. 🤣

  47. Sooo underwhelming

  48. Maybe he's more like Frank than I thought.

  49. 4:40 "We've stolen 3 billion, so when we get out in 2 days let's party!"

  50. 0:15 Weren't you taught at Cardinal school that Popes mustn't fiddle with AK47s?
    1:08 He said he'd die to save my life. What a fool.
    1:45 I thought you peed in the suit.
    2:37 Does size matter? My tests shall dear Bob, change science forever.
    4:33 "I'm glad we tested the waters".
    "I couldn't stay cooped up after seeing you"
    4:43 The figures for the prison hooch gig are discouraging. Can't we fudge the numbers like last time?
    5:30 A four limbed, hairless biped reading Kafka on his bed. The irony didn't escape Bugsworth.
    6:16 Lighten up Mort. The boss just shot himself. The numbers are still good.

  51. This is why they’re actors, not writers.
    Yet, The New Yorker isn’t known for celebrating good writing. It’s known for making America’s elite seem mentally-handicapped, intentionally so. This is what happens when the British tell us who we are.

  52. The hazmat couple in bed…."now can I enter your no go zone?"

  53. 1:00 Ok, so what happened to the horse we loaned him?

  54. 1:50 Pull my finger.

  55. 2:26 Would you believe Robin borrowed the car?

  56. 2:56 You forgot your rat suit again Ralf.

  57. The rat suit scientists- day 34 i am now worshipped as a god

  58. 3:58 Sunflower seed futures have crashed.

  59. 5:19 Ok, look,sorry….here is my plan B

  60. 6:03 I have no idea why you insist on reading the National Enquirer.

  61. Looks like he was having a great time.

  62. 1:20 "Are you wearing protection?"

  63. that's a subway.

  64. 0:43 “He was a workaholic. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” he used to say.”

  65. 1:20 “I know you wanted to play ‘Doctors and Nurses’, but could we have started with a stethoscope and some runner gloves and worked up to CDC?”

  66. 4:06 “Wait. Did you just call me Snuffleupagus?”

  67. 👎

  68. "Well Vanessa, looks like I'm getting a second movie"

  69. Them, good ol' fashion Chernobyl kinks with double boners and no-text newspapers

  70. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻F…..g Great!!!!

  71. The grim reaper one – "He looks so lifelike."

  72. protect him

  73. And by the way, there's acid in the punch.

    So casual

  74. Damnit frank. I feel like Charlie is the only one who would laugh at those jokes. 🤣

  75. Bastards!

  76. Once you go quack you never go back.

  77. Danny had the most fun with this…

  78. Not so funny until the rat sandwich comment! Shot milk out of my nose!

  79. Wish I could read it….who edited this?

  80. Oh no he’s a boomer

  81. Are we not gonna talk about him making a “what are you doing step bro?!” Joke? No?

  82. His was the best…. Great job Devito

  83. Antlers

  84. Why does the way Danny writes matches his New Yorker personality

  85. I hope the egg comes first

  86. This is peak boomer humour…

  87. The New Yorker must be a clandestine conservative outlet. They love showing how not funny, Hollywood comedians are.

  88. Reger!

  89. Danny is the best one by far, dang!

  90. Danny. Is. A. God.

  91. A duck and a chicken? They must be the Dickens.

  92. How can you not love this guy?

  93. The meeting in jail: talk about insider trading

  94. And this is why there is a writer's guild.

  95. 6:25 my life in one sound

  96. The 'gravestones' one is so much funnier to me in the context of it actually being a subway station.

  97. I love him? He’s so??? Obviously himself.

  98. Just the way Danny see's and describes the pictures is hilarious enough! lol "uh a guy with antlers.. and uh… ALOT of hair!"

  99. Best one I've seen so far, Danny is brilliant

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