DaBaby: Suge (Live) – SNL

DaBaby: Suge (Live) – SNL

100 thoughts on “DaBaby: Suge (Live) – SNL

  1. what a load of shite.

  2. What is with the extra extra thick shirt I live in Montana I've never seen that it's got to be colder here

  3. Someone asks the girl in the white pants "So what do you do for a living?"

    Girl: "Have you see DaBaby?"

  4. This is some stupid ass shit! Assclowns!

  5. Wait!! This is SNL???

  6. EVERYBODY killing it on that stage from the boys all the way to the girls .. DA BABY really know what the fuck he doing.. i love him🥳!!

  7. Why his sweater look like the muscles built in

  8. Dababy is the only Male stripper to ever make it rain on himself. 😂😂😂

  9. This is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen

  10. Homie is on his Sondheim shit

  11. Who?

  12. Listen i looovv3ee him first trap artist that make sense, and kills almost every verse……Noooowww …for this performance its a ""Nooooo"" his hype man was way too much. And sound check needs to get fired. Especially cause he is at his prime. I want him to win JS

  13. Jabawakis always hit that beat

  14. Clicked for Jabba stayed for CEOOOOOOOOOOO

  15. Load of crap

  16. Is that rich the kid

  17. He’s garbage same with his music,the new generation completely garbage


  19. I still don’t understand a single word!!!

  20. I liked the choreo but the actual singing was unbelievably bad

  21. This song is ass.

  22. Pure trash.

  23. I love daBaby, but that was the worst live performance I've ever heard

  24. I swear that fool has one of those super hero muscle shirts on under the red sweater is he really that ripped? Haha

  25. What the hell is this sh*t?

  26. I watched this for the Jabbawockeez I don’t know who he is but I appreciate the performance

  27. Dystopian Baby, why is he wearing chest & shoulder padding? Bring back 80's music, this performance hints towards violence & debauchery..

  28. He can barely move with those tight ass clothes on

  29. Somebody school me on this sweater with the muscles in it n shit. I'm lost. What's that all about?

  30. I'm in love who's the white towering doing a handstand

  31. Da baby is da goat

  32. Go head boy!!!

  33. The performance was entertaining, but the audio. Wtf SNL

  34. Fuckin garbage

  35. Jabbawockeez heard the first song and ripped the mic out the DJ's hands

  36. 1:23–1:30
    (Playback speed 0.5x)
    You're welcome 😂🤣😂🤣


  38. DA BABY SUCKS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 WHY HE GOTTA WEAR FAKE ABS AND ARMS 💯💯

  39. FAKE MUSCLES?!?! hahahahaha…

  40. Okay Da Baby enough with the ass… a little is fun but too much takes away from your talent.

  41. What's interesting, creative, musical, edgy, or funny about this? It's just stupid and ugly

  42. The future kingz 🔥

  43. Dumb

  44. “I just signed a deeAAAAAAlll”

  45. I guess.. this is the first time some of you guys heard of him by looking at the comments…🤔makes sense

  46. Me: Mum can we get suge?

    Mum: we have suge at home

    Suge at home:

  47. This was… really baad, right? And is he wearing fake muscles??

  48. MySHITTTTTT …..yeahyeah **Ithat Droppppp. Beattttt….straight on that DAbaby!!!


  50. Snl be lit 😄

  51. Aaayyyee!! #thataintdababydatsMYbaby

  52. Why does DaBaby look like he wearing a muscle shirt?

  53. Utter crap.

  54. Future Kingz!!😘😘😘

  55. This isn't my style of music but the choreography and Jabbawockyz are impressive.

  56. Why do rappers edit their voices? They always sound terrible live. It's not like they're singing, they're just talking.

  57. 1955: We can’t show Elvis shaking his hips on TV, that’s obscene!

    2019: 0:42

  58. DaBaby is a whole MOOD 🔥🥰

  59. This dude drunk?

  60. Im not a big fan of how he performs this song live….brah still gets it in tho

  61. ** Ayy…..shout out FUTURE KINGZ gettin the well-deserved SHINE!!! #BeenGrindin #HardestDanceCrew **

  62. “Im’a young ceoooooooooooooo”

  63. Oh girl is jiggly…I like it!!

  64. This is sooooo lit!!!

  65. if the dabay did a kids bop song

  66. Man I’m lucky I was born when I was.


  68. People like this? The fuckkkkk. Rap is dead af.

  69. This sucks… SNL sucks… Jesus Christ

  70. Dababy is the best

  71. The visuals are dope! I'm shocked, very creative!

  72. Man these guys suck

  73. the dj is making me want to hurt myself

  74. Is no one going to talk about his sweater looking like it’s stuffed with fake muscles??💪🥴

  75. Degenerates.

  76. The funny thing to me is the muscle suit! I mean the guy is already kind brolic with out it 😂

  77. Charlotte NC yea yea
    Were you entertained?

  78. Love the masked dancers – confused by the middle roll of his red sweater on his abs…

  79. Wow that sucked. Bad

  80. I swear every time this nigga perform he be doing the most, gotta respect it. Unpredictable and different in an era of generic trash ass rappers.

  81. Though it’s not perfect, hella respect for trying to make it entertaining, like he easily could’ve done a boring ass performance with nothing special like majority of rappers than come on here, DaBaby really the goat

  82. Not a fan of the audio but the visual spectacle was interesting.

  83. Baby sound like a Peloton instructor.

  84. The bullshit they shove down our throats and try to call "Talent" Fake muscles and even less…………a got yeah ha baack at the…….whatever. This SUCKS

  85. Ofcourse we got that backtrack smh

  86. The Return of the " Maaaaiillllll "😂❤✌

  87. It was all over the place 😂

  88. That dj is so bad

  89. He’s changing the game hands down. Not just jumping around with a mic

  90. Some of the worst music I’ve ever heard. The downward spiral of pop culture continues…

  91. sounds like unintelligent, self absorbed, shallow shitty music to me. so glad the human race has become completely consumed by wealth and materialism.

  92. Yooooooooooooooooooooo

  93. He is so refreshing,funny and knows how to entertain. His rap skills and lyrical content 🔥🔥🔥🔥 . The dancers are truly amazing and I makes me want to learn all of their moves!👏👏👏 Periodt❣

  94. Ain't this the dick head that mumbled through freshman 2019 cypher and dissed the beat? No thanks. This sound should have ended at least 2 minutes before it started.

  95. Is he wearing muscle padding under his sweater?

  96. R.I.p juice WRLD

  97. they really invited a murderer.

  98. "You little people what to be internet gangester"


  99. Cool song but the performance was kinda mediocre. He had to constantly put his mic back in his ear and the audio was off.

  100. Never heard of him but that performance was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!

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