Cube Collection – Entire Video!

Cube Collection - Entire Video!

44 thoughts on “Cube Collection – Entire Video!

  1. Can i have 2 a 2 diye 2

  2. I actually watched it all

  3. Yeeee

  4. HEY DUDE I WATCHED THE WHOLE THING I GUESS IM CRAZY NOW LOL but on a real note I really like collections of things and this video was really cool to watch the end when your showing the empty box i was thinking "man you just showed us 200 rubiks cubes i think we will believe you at this point " and you take a while to show the empty box made me crack up

  5. mean even

  6. my favorite cubes
    1. 2 i like cube in a cube pattern
    2. 3 the megaminx looks pretty cool but as hard as a 3×3 hexagon
    3. 6 the 17×17 is a pretty big cube and really hard to solve i like christmas tree pattern and if you are a speedsolver you can solve it in less than a day
    4. 7 it looks like a megaminx but its not a megaminx and i like that cube too
    5. 8 i think its the ariel cube idk please tell me if it is right or not if its not i will fix it but it looks a lot cooler than i think
    6. 9 its the same as 8 except a mirror cube?
    7. 10 it looks silver as its a mirror cube too
    8. 11 the x-cube looks like a hard puzzle but it looks pretty cool
    9. 13 well it looks like a christmas ornament but it still look cool
    10. 14 the gear ball looks like a easy puzzle because if you mix it around a lot if youre lucky you solve the cube
    11. 16 the bandaged cube looks like a nemesis cube but its still pretty nice and cool
    12. 19 5×5 cube is called a professional cube right but i like the cube even tho it as missing stickers
    13. 20 the megaminx again, wait is that the flower pattern?
    14. 23 a cube of simpsons? wow cool cube

  7. I have a gearball. Easy for me. Rubik’s cubes are harder

  8. R.i.p softtek cube. ???-2016

  9. hey just wanted to say something why dislike a video when redkb is trying so hard to make content for you so plz stop being mean theres literally no reason to dislike this video

  10. nuts certified

  11. 3:20 it's the x cube

  12. This is the longest video I’ve watched and you wanna know how I watched it all?

    I fell asleep

  13. This is surprisingly relaxing enough to fall asleep to

  14. I could make my cube collection video way shorter.
    "Here's my skewb, I forgot the model, and here's my MF3RS2"

  15. I just noticed this video is an hour and a half long

  16. Everyone says I'm stupid when I ask how to solve a 1X1, can you guys help me?

  17. 2019?

  18. X-cube

  19. i don't like M&M's that much.I like Skittles

  20. 96’s Center Flexes on Non Center Nibbas

  21. It's a x cube


  23. why is it so blurry??

  24. 4:00 thanos infinity gauntlet puzzle. thanos infinity gauntlet puzzle.

  25. r u rich

  26. 23:11 here is another 1x1x1 actually it’s just a 1×1

  27. Funny that he doesn’t have many 3 by 3 s

  28. I watched the hole thing and I don’t know if I know my life any more

  29. Brundage. Steven brundage.ay have spelled his name wrong but that is the magician he was talking about, though now there are others as well.

  30. 5:07 when you have to compete in feet but all you have is this cube

  31. Do you have even 1 speedcube

  32. 8:16 omg no tiles are missing

  33. 71 was a triaminx

  34. ARE THOSE 10X10s!?

  35. that took forever to watch

  36. Why does this have 1.6mil views facepalm

  37. Why Did You Miss 113

  38. You make it seem easy

  39. Not a single ad

  40. Am I the first to comment in a year

  41. I have a regular cube but put oil on it then soaked it in water and it made it spun better

  42. i watched it 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 in a row

  43. At number 84, that is a dayan panshi

  44. haha it took a while but watched all 🙂

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