Creative : P7 47A Paolo Parente “Dust Game”

Creative : P7 47A Paolo Parente “Dust Game”

Dust, a great strategy game with which we’re delighted to collaborate, decorating their models with our products. Check out what we did to this P7-47A. We want to go for the chipping effect, starting off by making a metal and oxide base. We follow by using our acrylic paints to make a striking camouflage pattern. It’s this simple when using the masking putty. When you’re done, you just have to kneed it until the paint disappears, and you can store it back in its container. Now we move on to the chipping. Before we continue with the scratches, we place some of our decals with our decal fixer and decal softener. Then we continue giving it a decayed effect. We add different tones of oxide with our scratch brushes, which we have made by mixing red and black. We follow by highlighting the imperfections. For the washes, we mixed our Master Medium and our Intensity Inks, this way we replicate leak stains of rust, water and other effects. We then go on to the pure metallic parts. These are painted with a black ink wash, which will give the metal depth and contrast. As a last step, we replicate some burn marks using our Intensity inks. And we’re ready for combat! Drop any ideas for future videos in the comments sections below, and give us your like to help us improve. You can find us on social media. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Creative : P7 47A Paolo Parente “Dust Game”

  1. Hello GreenStuffWorld !
    As usual, nice tutorial.
    What about some Time of legends : Joan of arc miniatures ?
    I'm pretty sure your painting methods will suit very well this game containing high amount of minis with Monsters and buildings !

  2. Me encanta ese tono amarillo

  3. Bro this is just awesome

  4. Very nice!

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