Creative Curriculum | Teaching Arts with Paint 3D

Creative Curriculum | Teaching Arts with Paint 3D

Hi, I’m José, Learning Consultant at Microsoft and in this series we’re going to be looking at
using 3D in education. 3D content is proven to increase understanding
and comprehension of subjects. So I’ve come here to Microsoft’s Paint 3D Studio to discover some of the fun and engaging ways you
can introduce easy 3D creation in the classroom. There is a video for each of the STEAM topics and
in this episode we’re looking at Arts. Hi my name’s Paul and I’m a teacher but I’m also
the artist-in-residence at Paint 3D. I’d like to show you a couple of arts focused
activities that I’ve been using in the classroom. And we’re going to start with this icebreaker; 3D
collage without the mess. We’re going to use a really powerful tool called
Magic select. I’m going to draw a selection box around part of
my image and I’m going to click on Magic Select. The blue line tells me what is selected. If I want to I can use the Add and Remove tools
to adjust what is selected. When I’m happy, click on Done, which will turn it
from a 2D selection into a 3D layer. I’m going to select other parts of the picture,
the rhino’s legs, click on Magic Select again. This time the selection is perfect, it’s exactly
what I want. So I click straight on Done and I move the legs
to combine them with the rabbit’s body. Now I’m going to select the owls wing, Magic
select, remove the owl’s body. I’m going to Copy and Paste that element and
rotate it. So because these 2D elements are actually
existing in 3D space I can use the depth slider to choose which
elements are above and below. I’m going to use the selection tool again to
select the horse’s head Magic Select again. I’m going to remove the neck, click on done, and
rescale the image and move it forwards so it is
above the rabbit’s head. Even though I’ve Magic Selected this image, I can
click on it again and click on Magic Select again
to remove anything that I don’t want. When I’m happy with my animal now it’s time for
the background. I’m going to select the desert scene, press Magic
select, and this automatically chooses the sand. So with the character I’ve used the z-slider to
show which elements are above and below. But with the background I’ve used it to show a
larger sense of depth to give me a greater sense
of perspective. Once I’ve created my scene I’m going to use the
canvas tab to hide the canvas. I’m going to click Switch View and now I can look
at my picture in 3D. So in this icebreaker we haven’t just show them
how to use the Magic select tool but we’ve also introduced very simple
understanding of 3D depth and placement. So let’s move onto an in class activity where we
use 3D models to illustrate a story. The story I want to illustrate is Rapunzel so I’m
going to start by searching for a tower. I’m going to move onto the Remix 3D tab. Remix is a vast catalogue of 3D objects that have
been professionally made but also made by members
of the community. It gives you a great jumping on point to make
anything that you wish even if you don’t feel
artistic. Earlier on I made a board. A board is a
collection of objects related to the story I’m
trying to tell. If you don’t have access to the Remix 3D
community in class, you can always download these
objects beforehand and have them in a scene ready to load up and
ready to teach with. Now it’s time to load the characters. Using the rotation and the scale icons I can move
the characters quickly and easily in the scene so that they’re in the right place and they’re
looking at each other. Turning off the canvas and pressing Switch view
shows the me the scene in 3D. We’ve created a simple 3D scene so your entry
Level success criteria have been ticked. But some of your students are going to want to
progress further and they’re going to want to
bring in more 3D objects or if they don’t want to be limited to that they
might want to make their own 3D objects. The star of Rapunzel is her hair so I’m going to
use the 3D doodle tool to make Rapunzel’s hair in
the scene. So I’ve clicked on the 3D tab, I’ve selected the
3D doodle tool – the round edge one to give me a
really nice round edge to the hair. I’m just going to draw in Rapunzel’s hair all the
way down the tower onto the ground. I finish in the blue circle and that makes a 3D
object – a 3D doodle. I’m going to scale and rotate it until it’s in
the right place in the scene. Once I’ve made my 3D doodle I can use the 2D
tools to paint and colour it. So in the activity the students have used the
Remix 3D community to illustrate a story. Some of your students will have created their own
objects to make it richer and more advanced. Lastly, some of your students might want to
demonstrate even more complex outcomes. They might change the lighting and the scenery to
give you more mood and more ambiance in the
outcome. Now that I’ve made the scene, what can I do with
it? Well I can save it and I can import it into
Microsoft Word which now supports 3D. This shows you the value of 3D creation. Using the one model and different zoom, crop and
rotate angles, I can tell the entire story by
focusing on different characters. Paint 3D comes installed with Windows 10. For more information on using Paint 3D in
education, check out the Microsoft Educator
Community. You’ll find downloadable resources, lesson plans
and engaging ways to use technology in the
classroom. Let us know what you have found useful and what
features you would like to see next in Paint 3D
by leaving a comment below. And to watch the next video in the series, click

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