Creative Cloud on Your Desktop: A Portal To Your Creative World | Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud on Your Desktop: A Portal To Your Creative World | Adobe Creative Cloud

– Hi, my name’s Noel Morales and I’m a product manager at Adobe. The Creative Cloud Desktop app, which used to only launch
and update your Adobe apps, is now a lot more powerful. Let’s take a look. You can see all the Adobe
Creative Cloud apps listed here. You can see which ones are
installed on your machine and which ones are included
in your subscription. To open an app, click Open. To install an app, click Install. To check if an app has
an update available, click the Updates section. If you haven’t set your apps
to automatically update, you can update each one by hand or update them all at once. You can browse your apps by platform, like desktop, mobile, web or by category. This makes it easy to discover new apps cause you list them
all here, in one place. Click here to learn more about an app. You can see examples on how to use the app and best practices for things
like how to design a logo, remove something from an image, animate a title and a ton more. If you’re someone who
needs an older version of an application, click on the ellipses and then Other Versions. On the left, you’ll find
quick links to your resources, like Adobe Stock, which
includes photography, video, 3D models and more and your Adobe fonts. In the Your Work section of the app, they’ll find your libraries
and links to Cloud docs and other content on the web so you can share, view
and comment on them. All of your libraries are listed here. You can see which ones
have been shared with you and which ones you have
View Only access to. You can sort your libraries, create a new library or
follow public libraries. Creating a new library is much easier now. Once you’ve added
elements to your library, such as the color, logo, brush, you can organize it by type
or create a custom group. Drag and drop elements between
groups to be organized. Double click on an element to edit it and you’ll see your
changes immediately visible in the Libraries panel of your apps because it automatically syncs. To invite your teammates to collaborate, click on the Invite button. Auto-complete makes this
process really fast. You can also share a link to that library, rename the library and delete the library. This Creative Cloud
Desktop app was designed to make your life much easier. I’d love to hear feedback
from and requests so that we can continue to improve it. Thanks for watching.

15 thoughts on “Creative Cloud on Your Desktop: A Portal To Your Creative World | Adobe Creative Cloud

  1. No one wants to run something like this fullscreen but I do like the library feature, that's a good step!

  2. Lol.
    I wonder if you're the dude who made Adobe products become subscriptions based?

  3. Looks clean but I think fullscreen is gonna be too much

  4. Will this update fix the Windows bug that causes the OS to freeze when fonts are syncing? Even when the fonts are already synced

  5. Have used this for two weeks (guess rolling updates since most don't seem to have this?). I used to hate the old app, basically sub-tier "launcher" you see for games. But this new version is amazing. The library addition is a game changer to me since I'm heavily invested into libraries. So kudos Adobe – been awhile I've been this happy about an update from you guys 🙂

    One suggestion though. The banner on top of the app before listing apps take up way too much real estate. Being able to "X" to remove it would be neat!

  6. Dear adobe, today you burned my cpu down. Someone send help…

  7. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  8. Bridge need much needed work … also all library and apps should be apart of bridge …. also bridge should not need an account and all adobe files should preview in reader. this way a client can see and comment PDF files and review work throw bridge .

  9. And no dark theme. Adobe, you're a joke.

  10. Looks great! Well done Adobe!

  11. Loved this update, now all we need is a dark mode version.

  12. An interesting change might be a header image (or something similar) that lets you know who is signed in right away visually. I know my computer, different cc users will login and start using their apps. If on the screen, there is a purple geometric pattern (for example) it would be a good cue that I'm signed into my account and not another designer.

  13. Great, can you now pls fix the freacking laggg in adobe cc 2019 on mac os

  14. Now. Where's the Windows on Arm64 installer? 😉

  15. Install older versions? Because your incomplete "updates" destroy professional creation tools for businesses paying monthly subscriptions on deadlines? Will it boot with unwelcome stock spam each time too?

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