Cours beaux arts : Comment coller une image ou une photo sur toile ?

Cours beaux arts :  Comment coller une image ou une photo sur toile ?

hello fredrik the bozar today collage of imaged the star Stretcher frame you have enough very simple we will operate step by step as usually present in the hardware have different plans on focus on the different steps to lead and then at the end you have the References to order the box which contains the basic equipment we selected and necessary then the facts will make a sport would ask us to interact with the site we are March is very simple we will we build today will manufacture all this little simple canvas chose a 3d frame but to do on other media a printed pink will be integrated into a canvas here we share on that the equipment is very simple dube index binder I chose organic brand or no experience and is My favorite model but plenty other brands you have products of similar quality index ubs this is a small cup to study your index finger to not defile the pen ex colorless shepherd will see it is a Japanese tool that is truly great we will use it for good well put the index I put a small pair before because because one feels but everywhere and that both coffee finally understood as separate from to the front and toxins blin ribes pay the hands and voice his painting hands are mostly in later stages and that’s all we go there aulas starts first stage will select the image and the position his star then the first tap selection choice of the photo image you selected on photos Personal in journals in Periodic even daily visual graphic elements If you are interested you cut you printed on paper either 80g Cusick the printer is on thicker paper to see I took not bristol so I found a rose that I liked on Internet and I print them and now just I cut the outline and will paste on web so again feel it may come either from a printing industrial printing with facts not a cow in the world, for example, or Periodic this women’s magazine etc. either you print yourself on a assistance between black and white colors No problem on a laser also it works you’ll see and for rendering even more precise loudest more such as farting all you have seen all the very day james dean or landscapes you tokyo can print on photo paper high Iced quality printing that will even more precise and thick of the dot colors and you will see that integration will also pass very very well so there is no problem on the choice of the picture we will now to the bonding step following 7 bonding the bonding with wine of Aix I just instantly glue and my picture on the support I asked the band aid I put my picture and I moving back above see with wine always Aix with che afraid and I add I add I adds to the thickness so that the photo are increasingly pay I pass here with with a little a little below in the principle of varnish glue finally we will put the wine of Aix below madex above and here I managed to melt melt much of the picture Lord has for now we see the difference is going to stick to behind you’ll see it’s all going disappear I stretch a little but not above too because in passing the image is will catch the color and you risk to the anchor fuser fact is Now some 10th So here these loans is very simple talent rat the next step in the color setting then the next step the put on simple colors I have my big also played masters from the beginning of the demo since it is still something very handy this setting colors after good course all this depends on taste of what you want do and that is I chose to do rape cameo to enhance its valued slightly colors there so I’ll start with m rockers by m below a undercoat with a purple finally color as an opaque color door I chose not to an opaque color have a transparency problem and then cross appears it is So it’s simple direct tube outlet especially when working on a background I will go to color all of my support the small canvas that is the I put my little purple everywhere you go see the difference between the photo and the support fades I’ll erase it is even more going on taste but you will see and after then I go so I chose a brush a flat brush right slightly nervous to be able to have the precisely when I do my contours miscalculations in here I’m going to the picture diagrams 1 to I not do it and of course you see principle we will cover finally fully support the bottom bottom decor with these palavers good is what is a mule it was simple really it is rather a table you choose your photo you print and you have I advise you selected even if family photos or photos old ace duckling or photograph, and then print to a bothersome like that if you miss this bah could start point is therefore printed on ink jet laser a black and white or color either leave you in a framework for do such as table here where the pictures are of sundin really identify as pictures therefore appear in the Bresse angle acts either you want to integrate completely your your your object topic in the web as we did here with the Japanese landscape or 7 it building it was cut and integrated with ubs index of a Schedule below for enthroned the exceptional wine for vernier here here and then after after after you acknowledges the work for you to put to colors admits interest together Here it was all we remember find on our website all the material a special box was created collage image canvas which contains the material of Aix the bath brushes complying with each videos a little flat that help you step by step to achieve all that with a small model pictures Here thank you very much thank you for all thank you for encouragement to all those readings that they worked well the your

20 thoughts on “Cours beaux arts : Comment coller une image ou une photo sur toile ?

  1. c est beau,bien et interessant.Merci Frederic.

  2. Bonjour !! J'aimerai savoir la différence entre le vernis colle et le bindex peut on peindre aussi sur du vernis colle? Cela m'a l'air plus simple que le transfert d'image mais peut être le rendu n'est pas le même ? Merci beaucoup trop bien vos vidéos !!!!!

  3. De très bonnes explications…comme dab, j'ai pris un réel plaisir à vous regarder Frédéric…merci pour ce partage

  4. J'aime beaucoup cette technique surtout la toile de Georges terminée vue à la boutique ! 

  5. super ! merci pour le partage!
    je vais mettre en pratique

  6. Bonjour,
    j'ai collé au bindex et sur toile une peinture acrylique. Malheureusement et une fois le tout bien sec, on voit les coups de pinceaux et le résultat donne un final très brillant.
    Comment enlever ses fameux coups de pinceaux ?

    Merci de votre réponse

  7. Peut ont le faire aussi sur une photo papier brillant?Merci de de votre réponse

  8. 9

  9. Et non Julie jamais eu de réponse !!!!

  10. Je ne trouve pas l endroit sur le site où vs vendez le pack de démonstration merci pour vos explications c est super

  11. merci pour la vidéo, esr ce possible d'encoller un poster qui soit à la taille exacte de la toile?

  12. Bonjour je regarde vos vidéos depuis 2 mois avant de pouvoir débuter. Frédéric c'est le Stéphane Piazza de ( des petites gaffes qui mettent du piment ) et j'aime beaucoup on ne s'ennuie pas. J'espère pouvoir commencer bientôt pour pouvoir avoir enfin une activité autre que la musique qui est ma passion mais surtout mon métier. Félicitations pour vos tutos on apprend énormément tout en sachant que c'est la pratique quotidienne qui va faire progresser comme la musique. Merci à vous.

  13. Merci infiniment, c est généreux.
    Je débute en peinture et je suis ravie d avoir cliqué sur ce résultat !

  14. j:ai peint un tableau a huile et je voudrais savoir si je peut transférer une photo c:est une voiture de course et mon petit fils voudrait être a la place du pilote
    merci beaucoup

  15. erreur sur la traduction (MDR) VIN D'AIX, au lieu de "BINDEX", youtobe alors…

  16. Bonjour et merci pour ces conseils 🙂 ..mais à 4.34 vous dites:" ..on vas encore plus gommer le bord pour l'estomper.." par contre on ne vois pas comment le j'aimerais vraiment savoir comment procéder pour ne pas que les bords se voient..merci d'avance

  17. du gel medium fait tu l affaire

  18. Il existe d'autre support?

  19. Bonjour
    Merci pour ces conseils…
    Le vernis colle à donc le même intérêt que le Bendex ? Est ce plus facile de peindre sur le Bendex que sur le vernis colle ?
    Bonne journée 😊

  20. CE manqué dans cette vidéo sympa le rendu de la toile
    Un peu déçu de ne pas l'avoir vu car je suis débutante

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