Corel Painter 2018 Digital Art Software NEW Texture Synthesis

Corel Painter 2018 Digital Art Software NEW Texture Synthesis

NEW Texture Synthesis Hi everybody and welcome to Corel Painter 2018. In this video, I’m going to be demonstrating to you how to use texture synthesis and how that I find it useful. A lot of times when going out on a walk or even finding something in my painting, there’s usually that small thing that you kind of wish you could capture as a texture. Well now, it’s really easy to do that especially within a brushstroke. And what I’m going to be doing is showing you the texture that I like within this photo here was really down here I want to be able to paint with this kind of nature chaos kind of thing. So what I’m going to do is select that, and if you don’t already have this texture synthesis window open, it’s under window – media control panels, and the synthesis button right there — and that will open this up I did play around with this a little bit but I’m going to go ahead and go on random seed. That will make sure that it’s nice and uneven and it’s not just a mechanical thing. I prefer that on and I’m going to go ahead and capture this from the document. Now I’m going to show you first how to do this on a new layer so that you can see this as a texture and then I will show it to you once it gets exported to the texture library. So let’s press play on this and I have my width to a 1000 by a 1000 pixels because that’s about roughly what this canvas is. So let’s go ahead and hit play. And as you can see it is taking that little bit of the nature that I wanted and it’s making a texture off of it that I can capture in a brushstroke and I’ll show you how I do that here in just a moment. That’s what it looks like as a texture. Now you can save this to use in artwork or maybe as an overlay file. Let’s go ahead and save that to the texture library. I’m going to capture it from the document. Now it’s going to send that on over. We’ll see it when it’s done here. Now let me rename this texture as — Moss. Now I’m going to use one of my texture brushes. Let’s go ahead and go over to a new canvas. I’m making sure I have that texture selected in here, Moss, and let’s try painting with it. I just captured this texture from that picture using texture synthesis and you can do this with all sorts of things. You can do it with buildings. Maybe there’s a small section of a painting that you like and you want to capture that. So now, if I was to draw something, it’s going to carry that texture over into my work. So if you your working on a robot and you needed a metal texture, now you can paint with that in a very organic way. You can capture that in your texture brushes. And there are lots of different ways that you can express that texture. That is how you use the texture synthesis and what it is quite useful for. You can capture your source from not only the document but from also another texture the same way. So if I turn that on, I can say, I like this texture but I’m going to capture this part of it and create a new texture from that. And that’s how to use texture synthesis and I’m really excited to see what people make. Thank you for watching and I will see you around!

6 thoughts on “Corel Painter 2018 Digital Art Software NEW Texture Synthesis

  1. I find this Texture Synthesis to be awesome especially for those who are interested in doing concept artist or comic book artist!!!

  2. How is this different from just making a pattern of the moss, filling an image with the pattern, then using it as a clone source with a clone brush?

  3. Wouldn't it be great if one could see the screen….very poor resolution..

  4. To paint with texture do you have to bring the texture over the area or canvas first….it seems as if your just painting with texture if so how are you doing that….

  5. This is ok but completely different from the image link I clicked on in Corel that leads here! I want to know how to do what's in the image, not this. Please make more thick paint tutorials!

  6. This looks absolutely nothing like the "Texture Synthesis" image on the Painter 2018 site.

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