Console Cartoon parody | “Ouya vs Xbox one vs Ps4”

Console Cartoon parody | “Ouya vs Xbox one vs Ps4”

[Intro] (door rings) Ouya: I’m back! Ouya: hahahahahahaahahaha! Ouya: HAHAHAHAHA! (door closes) (gasp) Ouya: why would you close the door? Ouya: I said I’m back! Gtx1080: OH SNAP! Gtx1080: WATCH OUT EVERYONE ! Gtx1080: LOOKS LIKE MISTER B&$*%@ OVER HERE IS BACK! Ps4: what.. Ps4: what are you talking about, GTX? Ps4: who’s back? Gtx1080: I THINK IT’S SANTA CLAUS! Ouya: step aside you insolent baboon! (glass breaks) Gtx1080: I AM A GTX 1080 Ouya: so would any of you care to tell me why I wasn’t invited to the console house? Ps4: I’m sorry, who are you? Xbox one: yeah I think we would know if another console was released Ouya: I AM A CONSOLE! Ouya: I’M THE OUYA! Xbox one: wow! Xbox one: I don’t like your name! Ps4: OUYA? MORE LIKE $%@# YA! Xbox one: hahaha, I get it! Ps4: haha! Xbox one: good one, ps4! Ps4: because the… ouya… Ps4: $%@# the Ouya, you know what I mean? Xbox one: geez, you really know how to ruin a good joke, don’t you Ps4: sorry… Ouya: enough chitchatting! Ouya: seriously? Ouya: noone here invited me to the house? Xbox one: I mean, what do you want me to say? Ouya: you guys even invited the toaster! Toaster: I’M A VIDEO GAME CONSOLE! Ouya: NO YOU’RE NOT Ouya: AND YOU NEVER WILL BE! Toaster: aww… Ps4: okay, that was just uncalled for Xbox one: dude, if you really want to be a part of the console house Xbox one: you gotta prove that you’re a console Ouya: and how exactly would I be able to prove that? Ps4: I know! Xbox one: yeah, he knows everything so you’d better stop what you’re doing and listen up! Ps4: every consoles should atleast be able to do this! Ouya: what the h#%* is going on with you people Xbox one: he’s getting nervous, ps4 Xbox one: I don’t think he can do it Ps4: WHAT? Ps4: YOU’RE TELLING ME YOU CAN’T DO THIS?! Ps4: HUH?! Ps4: CAN’T DO THIS???! Gtx1080: I KNEW IT! Gtx1080: HE’S A PHONY! Ps4: I thought he was a console, Xbox! Ps4: HE TOLD US HE WAS A CONSOLE! Ps4: HOW COULD HE?? Xbox one: it’s all going to be okay, PS4 Xbox one: this is all just a dream! Ps4: stop! that hurts! Toaster: I don’t know guys! Toaster: I’m a console and I can’t do that either! Toaster: ahhhhhhhh! Xbox one: GET HIM! (gasp) Ouya: I GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE! Xbox one: phew, man we sure dodged a bullet with that one Ps4: I know right , what an i%#*@ Ps4: He really thought we didn’t know who he was Xbox one: oh we definitely know about the Ouya Xbox one: he can’t even run minesweeper at full speed and he expects us to call him a console Ps4: I guess everything’s back to normal right? Xbox one: yep, everything’s back to normal Gtx1080: NO, IT’S FINE Gtx1080: YOU GUYS CAN JUST FIX ME TOMORROW INSTEAD!

100 thoughts on “Console Cartoon parody | “Ouya vs Xbox one vs Ps4”

  1. the toaster is awesome

  2. can we all just say xbox really sucks

  3. so xbox is depicted as buff microsoft xbox sometimes the proccessor burns down and wastes money maybe its a marketing ploy

  4. The PS4 sounds like morty from rick and morty

  5. Ouya = Screw ya

  6. And this one was the last one

  7. This is 2019 lol

  8. Toaster is the best

  9. We need the Stadia vs Xbox One vs PS4 vs PC

  10. Is that Morty from Rick and Morty?

  11. The oyan it's a Brazil

  12. the toaster is my old computer

  13. Is ps4 morty

  14. Toaster won what’s better for the consoles lol XD

  15. Ouya says to toaster: "YOU'RE NOT A CONSOLE AND YOU NEVER WILL BE!!"

    Those cool people who modify and make consoles: Challenge excepted

  16. Pc still is better

  17. the toaster is an nes

  18. Ps4 sounds like morty

  19. I am a Titan RTX

  20. Xbox kill the toaster and the toaster is the great game ever

  21. See This is why playstation 4 IS the best

  22. OUYA will always be known as the "SCREWYA"

  23. Quya sounds like frieza from dragon ball

  24. I'm sure a toaster would win 1000000000000-0 votes to the ouya

  25. The Ps4 is morty?

  26. A toaster is a game console because you can play I am bread

  27. Best videos make more please 😫 like this comment if you like toaster console and if you are a gtx1080

  28. Toaster is definetly a console!Remember the Nintoaster from the Angry Video Game Nerd?

  29. Are GTX 1080 ok?

  30. My toaster run games better than the ouya

  31. Ps4 is too hot


  33. I want ps3 and xbox 360.

  34. That ps4 morty tho

  35. 1 like = 1 prayer for Toaster

  36. Ouya finally dies in 2019, rest in peace.

  37. 0:38 ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

  38. Can ps4 and Xbox be friends not dicks to each other

  39. Bruh that British assent

  40. That sounds like Lord Frieza! 😶

  41. Please make more of the console video there funny af to me

  42. Morty???

  43. Where is the wii u

  44. I haven't heard for OUYA.

  45. toaster is super awsome

  46. PS4 sounds like morty

  47. Why does the ps4 sound like morty from Rick and morty

  48. Ouya sounds like lord frieza

  49. There is actually a nintoaster

  50. ….wait the house is on the first floor. the ouya come in from the front door ….but they threw out the toaster from like the 10th floor?? lol what

  51. 0:55 GoAnimate styled rants in a nutshell



  54. The toaster is the best console🤩.

  55. But the toaster is console

  56. I want the Toaster to be a video game console

  57. Ouya sounds like frieza

  58. I love that PS4 morty

  59. The PS4 sounds like the time travel guy from Gravity Falls

  60. It has been 2 years since you released the console house
    Please make more

  61. rip Toaster

  62. Give me a console war
    Wii U VS Nintendo Switch
    No, Better
    Ouya VS Xbox one VS PS4

  63. Fuck the Ouya The toasters way fucking better death to the Ouya Consuls

  64. I AM A GTX 1080

  65. Hold up…is that morty?

  66. Make more

  67. Ouya sounds like tfs dbza frieza


  69. 2:02 How is the front door on the second floor?

  70. The toaster is the best

  71. So this is dead?

  72. I miss this

  73. Morty?


  75. You should do one about the WII

  76. Everybody gangster until toaster starts toasting ps4 and xbox one

  77. Where is xbox vs ps2?

  78. Poor toaster.

  79. Gtx 1080 is the best🤣

  80. I’m a Gtx 1080

  81. Dude the toaster has the area 51 game and minecraft 2

  82. Lol the ouya did not do well

  83. Tbh I can't understand the votes for the other consoles…
    Toaster has best quality and you can play for hours

  84. Minecraft – Toaster edition

  85. La ouya cest magnifique la ouya est fantastique

  86. Toaster: I'm a video game console!

    OUYA: No you're not and you never will be!

    AVGN: Nintoaster.

  87. 1:46 What Happened to GTX 1080

  88. Why ps4 sound like morty

  89. man i love my toaster console it plays super bread butter 3D

  90. Yes it is is it nintoaster Angry Video Game Nerd has one

  91. is it Justin Roiland?

  92. Xbox and Ps4 gets into a fight and both gets hurt.

    On no call the ambulance…


    Edit: Btw this is not my joke i got it from someone else

  93. The toaster was the best console in the world

  94. I don’t think they know ouya

  95. Ouya sounds like Frieza lol

  96. I am a gtx 1080

  97. Ouja sounds like fucking frieza

  98. does Justin roiland voice the PS4?

  99. Ps4 sounds like morty

  100. nintoaster

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