Conjoined Twin Sisters Tell Their Story: ‘Being By Her … It’s So Calming’ | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Conjoined Twin Sisters Tell Their Story: ‘Being By Her … It’s So Calming’ | Megyn Kelly TODAY

100 thoughts on “Conjoined Twin Sisters Tell Their Story: ‘Being By Her … It’s So Calming’ | Megyn Kelly TODAY

  1. 9th march 2001 I would of been 6 years old

  2. Beautiful

  3. If you have twins, please take notes. I thought this was a joke…until I had mine 13 yrs ago. They are amazing! 😏🍷

  4. They are so beautiful and very blessed… God is Awesome

  5. Great story.

  6. Dylan Dreyer brought me here…

  7. imagine if they had boys, then they could name one tony

  8. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  9. Beautiful story omg :')

  10. Ayeee they sum Pisces ♓

  11. good call on these parents. would’ve aborted it the minute i found out

  12. Why is there always some woman in the backround acting like a bobble head in these interviews

  13. It would have been terrible if they were one boy and one girl

  14. dad: Son The fbi is on our way
    son: When?
    dad: TODAY

  15. Precious!

  16. All i was thinking about is
    How did she push ??

  17. qq

  18. It's that fkng btch Megyn Kelly.

  19. Dude my little brother has the same birthday day as them

  20. God is good!!! So happy for the awsome outcome of these lovely ladies and their parents. ❤ But it's funny though… how we usually love to roll the word "blessed" from our mouth…but yet…don't even bother to praise God for it.

  21. Our God is good!

  22. Megyn had some major work done

  23. So amazing and cute twins
    God bless you both

  24. imagine giving birth to those babies

  25. They're a month older than me!

  26. Their mother is so freaking gorgeous.

  27. Walter White?

  28. Gimme a "Y"!

  29. I hate having to watch The Bimbo.

  30. Megyn Kelly…yuck.

  31. It was not noticeable at all that they were conjoined. The outcome of the surgery is really good and they can have a better life.good luck on your college journey twins.

  32. Just look at those chuckleheads in the audience having their feel good moment.

    Then they go out to eat afterwards and accomplish nothing all day as usual.

  33. The dads flamingo socks are the best thing ever👏👏

  34. lucifer satanic crap

  35. If only they had a boy and named him Tony. 😂😂

  36. Remember the Corcican brothers?

  37. I went to UMSL. Its a great school.

  38. fantastic. good luck girls.

  39. What's the big deal?????? I don't get it. Stupid

  40. 🇨🇦 wow!! what an amazing story!! I’m so glad the twins are alive and doing very well., GOD IS GREAT INDEED!!!

  41. She is Blessed that her husband is still around👍👍

  42. I cant believe she said ,,well it all evens out in the END. @11:20

  43. Wow. That had to be such surprising news for any expecting couple. Off topic has anyone told you your husband looks like & even sounds like Walter White! ( character from Breaking Bad / actor Bryan Cranston)

  44. How are they doing today I hope they are well

  45. This family has such a better attitude than Megan Kelly who kept trying to pull them into the worst case.

  46. The majority of these comments are so childish and ridiculous. Do known of you people in this world have just a small bit of compassion for these girls? They did not ask to be born , they certainly would not have had any quality of life if they had remained joined together. This way at least they can move around in different directions and have more of chance of being their own person and be able to express a personality of their own. Either way everyone who made these awful comments, should think about what they would do if they had twins in this situation. Some are born sharing other organs, causing a risk of loosing one of them if seperated. These girls may have difficult times in life but they have a chance. I think the parents made the right choice. People please grow up and try some compassion for once in your lives. I am sorry if this makes some people mad, but it just irritated me to read all this crap. God bless these girls and I hope your lives are meaningful and filled with happy days.

  47. I would love an update on their college life ABC

  48. lol @ sisterectomy

  49. Beautiful girls, beautiful family! God bless you all xxx

  50. 0:48 WOA that was terrifying.

  51. Is she going to SLU because my mom went there

  52. 😘😘

  53. Why did the pic show those 2 older girls, that are still conjoined?

  54. Formerly conjoined twins surely?….

  55. They need to sit like ladies if they're gonna wear dresses, especially up on a raised stage..

  56. God bless this family

  57. threesome goals

  58. So uninteresting. The novelty of conjoined twins wore off in the late 1800's.

  59. People clap for anything. 👏👏👏👏👏

  60. Me and my brother wear red and blue too, I’m the red twin

  61. Love this !!!

  62. Is nobody gonna talk about how their last name is Stark??

  63. Ohmagoodness…….why oh why am I crying profusely, watching this. Beautiful, wonderful parents and what a joyous miracle, the babes are okay.

  64. Oh shit……I stopped crying and then the girls came out and I'm crying more than I did for the first part of this story. Bless all parents and children. It is the highest calling of any human……to be a parent. Bless them

  65. Megyn always had stupid comebacks and remarks to people i can see now why she lost the show. Shes very talented but not at show hosting

  66. 6:18 the girl in the back realized she was ok camera

  67. What a great story and outcome..
    Mum is very pretty.

  68. Omg I was born March 9th and my name is Lexi!

  69. I'm a twin not a conjoined one. I used to have experiences with my twin. And be so close. Sadly life has separated us now, not dead just very different time scales and life choices and I don't see my twin only now and again. This video is gonna make me change that, and get back best friends. Because I too experience a calm around him like nothing in the world matters if my twin is there….. And what a beautiful way than its nrly our birthday lol to form this relationship back. I don't know really what to say, he's so busy all the time.

  70. Do they have boy friends, or are they enough action for each other?

  71. If you drop 1of the girls what the heck, let's drop the other 🤷🏽‍♀️

  72. 8:09 they both move their heads at the same time

  73. If my last name was Stark my life goal would be to get a son and name him Tony.

  74. These girls are so charming!

  75. They where conjoined on there butts !

  76. The sisters: “ Hey “
    Crowd: * claps *

  77. The one in the blue dress looks a lot like hailee steinfeld

  78. who in the heck is tony stark

  79. Miracles walking & the mom is an angel. The dad is cool too.

  80. One of my sisters is only 15 months older than me. We are like twins. We feel each others pain, we had our language. I would love to have a twin.

  81. The mum looks a little bit like Pricilla Presley in her hey day!

  82. Has there ever been, or could there ever be a boy and girl conjoined twins?

  83. I can’t believe Megan Kelly is still on the air.

  84. ❤💚

  85. Wow Megyn Kelly is annoying. It's hard to focus on the guests she just won't shut up. I'm surprised NBC offered her so much money to go on their channel.

  86. Absolutely amazing!!!!

  87. 04:24 Megyn: You had like a 4 leg Onesie? Mom: [Points to the picture] Wellll, right there. She literally described it was 2 Onesies with snaps at the butts.

  88. I’m a twin to and we are exactly alike in many ways lol 😂

  89. All dat don't matter now the girl's are beautiful

  90. What an articulate mom…and dad. Beautiful girls.

  91. Now I can see why Megan Kelly has no job,,she ask some really bad questions j

  92. That must have been hard but I wonder why they used the terminology 'playing God'? I mean isn't that like being born with a disease or mental illness and you think you shouldn't change it, because it could come with risks or side effects and that's just who they are? It's a good thing they ended up being strong enough to do it. I would have been terrified!

  93. Where is Megyn now

  94. They have amazing personalities. Beautiful girls. What an amazing journey.

  95. What a sweet family. The connection those girls have is beautiful!

  96. Oh my gosh! These are the cutest girls

  97. Dad was like they thought that was a little TOO funny @the college snuggle joke 🤣

  98. STARK

  99. Was watching to see if they leaned when they sat down. You couldn't even tell, they are so perfect! God sure is good! Thank you dear Savior, Jesus!

  100. 08:26 “Do YoU hAvE a BiG oLd sCaR???” 😐

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