Commit to the Act of Creating w/ Sarah Peck | Unmistakable Creative

Commit to the Act of Creating w/ Sarah Peck | Unmistakable Creative

-You are
this brilliant creation. If you imagine it as like a — a glowing ball of white light — Like, you are an orb. And the layers of experience and the world that you live in
and the voices in your head and your ego are like little
clusters of black plaque that have lined
this beautiful orb of glowing light, so much to the point
that there’s film and there’s dust all over it. And so when we’re trying
to access this beautiful, bountiful, like, inner wisdom and soul and spirituality, whatever you want to call it,
we have these little lifelines that we can use to share
our words and our stories. And it’s talking. And it’s touching. And it’s seeing. And it’s writing. And it’s everything
that we’ve learned about interacting and engaging. And I think it’s very,
very powerful to know how to tell your own story ’cause if you have access
to what you actually think and who you actually are, it can be
a very empowering thing. In my own life,
I spend a lot of time writing. I try to write every single day. I get up in the morning,
and I write a couple of pages. It’s like Julia Cameron
and the morning pages. It’s just chicken scratch. Like, some mornings,
I’m writing, like, an ode to how much
I want my coffee. Like, and I —
And, like, it’s so bad. I’m like, “Coffee, coffee,
coffee, coffee, coffee. Am I done yet? Did I get there?” Like, I’m just
whining on the page. And other mornings,
it’s to-do lists ’cause I wake up
in such a, like, urgency and such a, like,
adrenaline-fueled state. I’m like, “Oh, my God.
I have so much to do. I’m not gonna be able to do it.
I’m really panicked. Oh, my God. Blah, blah, blah.”
And so I’m just like — I just literally
write a to-do list. And what it does is it
kind of cleanses your brain. It’s like just a little wash. It just gets some of that junk
and that garbage off. And then I get to think a little
clearer through the day. And just like in swimming, where I might have a sh-tty day and then an okay day and then a much better day, it’s this rhythm
of getting into the flow. And when it finally clicks, it’s because I committed
to the act of creating. -Mm-hmm.
-And then after carving and whittling a little bit and just writing
these god-awful essays that no one would want
to read, including myself, I finally arrive at a moment
where my voice is clearer. It’s more lucid. I’m fluent. And so, for me, when you see me scribbling
all the time, it’s just because I want to have
access to my words. And the more that I scribble,
the less I have to think about “Should I write?
When should I write? What does writing look like? Do I use a Word document? Do I use a Moleskine?
How do I do this? Is someone thinking of me?
Should I do it now? How about later?
No, you shouldn’t do it now.” Like, I just get rid of that
by doing it as much as I can and so that I know that whenever
I have a thought or something that feels
like it’s good or feels like I want to
write about it, I have permission
to write about it because it’s just a habit.

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  2. Loved this. I often wonder the same thing about how I should write it. Carrying a notebook around for some reason feels more authentic/freeing but of course a phone's notepad is more convenient.

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  6. Thanks to Soul Pancake, Unmistakable Creative and Sarah Peck for letting us collaborate with you on this video!

    If you're struggling to let your creative self free, join us on WWW.CREATIVE.LOVE and tell us your story today.

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  10. I have so many notebooks and word documents on my computer full of my writing. I've always just had a need to release my thoughts from my head, or they start spinning too fast and I feel as though they may attack me. Personally, I thought I was crazy for doing this (and don't usually tell people), so thank you Soul Pancake for making me feel like I'm doing something good and also that I'm not the only one.

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  15. I love writing. I am incredibly shy about it. I always do it in the middle of the night when everybody is not around because people make me doubt myself.

  16. Best one yet. Brilliant and timely. Always timely.

  17. Great talk and I loved the animation. Can you guys start linking to the specific podcast episode you are pulling from? Thanks!

  18. Wow I really needed this! I've felt so confused and overwhelmed with my YouTube videos and i will over analyze what I should do for my video, what I look like, how I talk, who's watching, etc. that the creativity is completely shut out. It made YouTube someone bothersome for me when I should be doing it because I love it. Now I know what to do and how to bring back my "creative light"💡☺️

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  22. I love everything about this. It took me awhile to get over the mental hurdle of "messing up" my nice journals but once I told myself my nice journals were for writing ALL my thoughts in it became easier.

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  24. I love the fact that she is practicing self discipline in order to perfect her craft, simply by taking small steps each day.

  25. Yay!! Love this Sarah. What a beautifully spoken and illustrated journey of what we all feel and some of the wonderful ways of uncovering, cultivating then celebrating our gifts from the universe. I love your imagery here and will be using your inspiring message today and every day going forward. Thank you for making a space on your path today!! Sending you love and gratitude. <3 xxoo Rick

  26. Beautiful!

  27. About a year ago I had this notebook which i didn't knew what to do with. I had it for almost 2 years, and this year i plucked all the unnecessary attempts and putted in the front page "my book of ideas" I wasn't really exited about it but then i started writing quotes on phrases that i like and ideas so i could never lost them. Today i'm close to finish this notebook not just with quotes but with feelings i had, ideas and incredible discovers of myself. Now… I don't want to finish this one to create another, i want to keep this one until the end, because everywhere i go i had it in my bag, all my notes and everything. I'm getting courage to create another one, and it doesn't seem like i'm loosing a perfect notebook but creating a continuation to it. And this makes me very happy.

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  31. So happy to hear that this video is inspiring so many of you to keep creating! We want to hear your story – share it with us at and we just might be able to help you reach those creative goals.

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