Color Photo to Monochromatic Photo | Beginner Graphics in Photoshop [Tutorial]

Color Photo to Monochromatic Photo | Beginner Graphics in Photoshop [Tutorial]

Hello everyone its Jen for Olde Tinkerer Studio and today’s Photoshop CC tutorial is going to be how to take a color photo
and make it monochromatic I would recommend making a copy of your photo just in case you need to revert back to the original for whatever reason. You do that
by hitting Ctrl + J and we’ll leave the original one labeled background and keep
it locked. So on your new layer make sure that it is highlighted and go down to
the bottom of your panel and click on a new Adjustment Layer and choose black
and white. So now your image is a neutral monochromatic photo. But in order to make the image into a rich monochromatic image we need to make some adjustments. By using the
properties sliders on the Adjustment Layer you can emphasize or de-emphasize specific portions of the photo by using the modified slider you can
click on any area of the image and slide across the image to affect the color of the
original photo. You see here I’m making the sky light and I can make the sky really dark as well. You can see the blue slider changing as I’m doing this. Now you can also manually move the sliders and this will affect the image as well. I could use Cyan and change the color of the sky. I could use greens and yellows to change the color of the moss
on the rocks. Make them lighter or darker. You can also tint the image by checking the box next to tint and clicking on the color box. Make it a little bit darker. Make it a bit more de-saturated. You can also choose a filter using the drop-down menu. Anything that you want to change on here… Try Neutral Density And you can use the sliders just like
you can anywhere else. Make it a little bit darker. Make it a little bit lighter. You can also use a Gradient Map Adjustment Layer to further refine the image. This is called photographic toning. You can click on the adjustment layer icon and choose gradient map. Click on the arrow next to the
gradient. Click on the gear icon and choose photographic toning. Click OK to replace the existing options and then experiment the gradients to choose the one that you like best. You can always click on the actual
gradient itself to make any changes that you want. It’s really just that
simple. I hope you found this helpful. Have a good day!

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  1. Monochromatic is not the same as achromatic.

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