Bye June – Shades of Purple [Official Music Video] #ProudToLove

Bye June – Shades of Purple  [Official Music Video] #ProudToLove

He’s lost in a sea of voices The air too thick to breathe His heart got so lonely with time There’s no one quite like him it seems They met on his best friend’s front porch They talked ’till the sun went up They kissed right before they parted He finally didn’t feel so alone And his thoughts began to vanish That his body was prison of his own mind You don’t have to be the outgroup You can be the one that fits in this time He hoped for a happy ending He dreamt of wedding bells They tried to act on their feelings But the state just turned them away And they yelled and fought in protest But nobody seemed to stop and care They shouldn’t be the outgroup Just because we hate what we don’t understand The color purple has so many shades They blend together in so many ways So don’t break their hearts again It was silent as he’s standing nervously At the end of the church for all to see And the music descending from above As he held the hand of the one that he loves

70 thoughts on “Bye June – Shades of Purple [Official Music Video] #ProudToLove

  1. I love the Lyrics and great Message. Congrats guys!

  2. Beautiful hand shadows and video work!

  3. i like much πŸ˜€

  4. Great music video… are more coming out?

  5. Just simply lovely……beautiful words and melodic sounds. A wonderful and uplifting message, too. Congrats!

  6. Awesome video Gil/Gunner/Daniel!!

  7. Love the lyrics, the music, and this music video. Mostly, good cause!

  8. Are they making a political statement?

  9. Not sure if they are trying to make a political statement, I think they are saying that people should be able to love whom ever they want to love.

  10. I LOVE THIS! nice job!!

  11. Absolutely beautiful

  12. Beautiful and fun, very well done! Thank you for sharing!

  13. It was unbelievably cute…

  14. Great video but the song really suck sorry.

  15. Stunning and beautiful…

  16. Thanks!!!!

  17. Wow that's awesome!

  18. A dream come true– really, I mean it. A dream come true. And if I may…
    SWAN- der ful! (That you should care for me.)

  19. There are no words to say hoy GREAT this is. Thank you. Really, thank you.

  20. This is an impressive video and I completely agree with its pro-marriage equality message. However, I find the scene in front of the synagogue/church/mosque to be slightly confusing. The lyrics are, "the state just turned them away", but the swans are not in front of a courthouse? To me, this reinforces the common misconception that marriage equality is about religions recognizing same-sex marriages when it's actually about the government recognizing same-sex marriages. What do you think?

  21. @marcpedraza maybe unrelated , but in my country, country prohibited different religion marriage; so that scene hits me well πŸ™‚

  22. Amazing. just the best. Hats Off! Love both the song and the video πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  23. This video is absolutely beautiful! Wonderful message, wonderful shadow art, all in all a moving experience. I only feel that maybe the lyrics need a little work… Seems a bit blunt to me at times, though I agree with every word.
    I would still love to see more like this. Reminds me of my girlfriend and I… Though we're not exactly "out" to a lot of the people around us, we do hope to someday have a marriage that society recognizes.
    The LGBT community needs more music like this, you guys rock!

  24. Aw, that made me want to cry. Beautiful. <3

  25. πŸ™‚

  26. This needs so many more views. <3

  27. Brilliant and moving video/song guys.

  28. Can't stop watching/listening to this…. its simply beautiful… and I love the reasons and message behind the song too… Thanks for standing up for LGBT

  29. OUT AND PROUD ^^

  30. Well done!

  31. ok, yeah, I need to figure out how to give this more than one thumbs up… I cried. Beautiful song.


  33. I love this!

  34. equal love


  36. YES

  37. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! <333333

  38. This song made me smile. I really like it! It's awesome! πŸ˜€

  39. What's next? "Let me marry my goldfish! Love is love!" Smh.

  40. marriage is a religious institution. Every religion I know of is against same sex affairs. Simple as that.

  41. @1992freelove You poor poor soul, what a shame. To you it's "uneducated" because you've been following the world's rules, not God's. "If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination." (Leviticus 20:13). But hey good luck on life. I'll be praying for btw. Have a nice day.

  42. People are made in God's image, but this world is starting to change some people. You don't sound very Christian. And you should know God isn't human….so he obviously couldn't possibly have been gay, lesbian, bisexual, nor a trans-gender, maybe your referring to a demon? They tend to be those things. And "Pasexua"? Anyways unlike you I respect the Bible and God's rules. So I hope you enjoy supporting a sin. Let me know how that goes. Have a nice day.

  43. @TexasGirlll
    It goes great! Washington is now the 7th state to legalize gay marriage. One state at a time.

  44. WOW!!! How gay is that?

  45. @103metallicafan By 'hate' you mean disappointed, then yes I'm quite disappointed. No one is following God's rules anymore, everyone is doing things their way. And I'm sorry you don't believe God would call two men having a relationship/two women having a relationship a sin. Especially from someone who has been "studying the bible since 4 years old". I hope you read the Bible more carefully, have a good day and take care.

  46. @Judgement29 Aww really? That sucks, another point for Satan.

  47. if he/she does not believe in god they dont have to so please stop going on about it its really annoying and not to interfere anything but i dont believe in god but i believe in love and you dont need a "god" to believe in love just saying that thats pure science….:/

  48. @koolkat2516
    Comments flagged for Hate-Speech. Tolerance extends to everyone, not just gays, whether you agree or disagree.
    Hypocrites are just as bad as gay-bashers, so don't be one.

  49. jeez im tearing up that was beautiful. dislikers calm ur shiz down and go watch fox

  50. Like if you're a swan!

  51. I am in love with this song now. I am currently writing an argument paper on Gay Rights. If all goes well, I am going to ask my principle if i can give it at our next assembly. I want to make people see that it is okay to be gay. I am going to make a change in this world, and this song just gives me the confidence to do so. Thank you so much. Please continue to try and open the blinds eyes.

  52. @whatarewesailingfor Hell, me too! But, I guess we're just all wrong! Damn.

  53. @serioushamster why are you watching this if you are homophobic? don't you have better things to do with your life than to be dogmatic and bigoted, but i guess it is because nobody likes you. it's a shame.

  54. Oh, dont worry you'll be right there with us, choking on your own bile. πŸ˜€

  55. 1 Christ taught us love and he said in the gospel if we dont know Love then we dont know God, And Christ told his disciples people will know your from me by loving one another, if we look into the life of Jesus and see his reactions and the way he treated people that others deny we see he opens his unconditional arms of love and compassion to the broken and the outcast, you know why, Because he knows them better then they know themselves, and we dont, so why should be be going about judging one

  56. 3 more acceptance and they will search their hearts and souls, that the church will apologize for such unchrist like ways they been promoting, i stand with the LGBT and pray over you all, God loves you and cares for you, just know there are many of us who of fighting for your rights, God bless you

  57. You seem to think people care about your anti-gay opinion on a pro-gay video.

    Here's a hint. They don't.

  58. Problem with the "Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve" argument, is, going by logic(I know, a foreign concept to you kinds of people), God would've created Adam and Eve with the soul purpose to procreate. Through the bible it does in fact spread a continuous theme on procreation. However, going by the bible, humanity wasn't very much back then. So procreation would be a MUST among the people of the world. However, we now have over 7 billion people in this world, so procreation takes a back seat.

  59. I love the message this video is portraying. The right to love whoever we please and to be given the same rights as everyone is a great message. This music really was inspiring and it reminds me of a film I read about recently called In the Family. The director/writer Patrick Wang tells the tale of love, tragedy, and the fight for the child of his partner from an unjust system. Freedom to LOVE!

  60. You know, you preach the bible, yet supposed "honest to god" christians like you manage to not follow parts of the bible that you like to cite constantly. For instance, it says women are not to wear man's clothing and man is not to wear women's clothing. Yet, a lot of women who claim to be christian do. It also says to sew tassels on your clothes. We don't do that. In conclusion, your book of fairy tails means nothing, just like your opinion.

  61. Not really passionate about it actually, and I don't believe in a higher or universal power. Your argument fails miserably. Take your invisible man in the sky, and go to church with the other sheep and hypocrites, and just leave everyone else to their business.

  62. That's cool, but I'm too busy living life and enjoying it to be overburdened by your personal beliefs that are designed to make me feel bad about living. Have a nice day sweetheart.

  63. That's awesome at all, but pushing your opinion and beliefs further isn't going to convince me to start throwing bibles at gay people. I don't care if you believe or you think it's a fact that I'm going to burn in hell or something, I accept any consequences given to me fairly, that's my own damn fault, it's not your place to sit here and tell me what I should do. I know you're going to give me that rhetoric about spreading God's word to save souls as well, so save it and tell someone who cares.

  64. The bigoted trolls hate themselves and have nothing better to do than try to make others hate themselves as well. But it won't work. Love the swans! Love yourself! Thanks for the video!

  65. You too bro.

  66. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  67. Awesome song! πŸ™‚

  68. great great video.

  69. Funny the anger that comes from such a beautiful song. Pointing a finger like god himself and damning people to hell. You don't have to like someones choice but who are you to judge… They don't teach hate in any church around here. I may not be gay but who would I be to judge someone who is. Such a shame.

  70. Loved it, had tears form behind my eyes

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