[BTS Doll Repaint] Jin / 방탄소년단 진_인형 리페인팅 💜 (ENG SUB)

[BTS Doll Repaint] Jin / 방탄소년단 진_인형 리페인팅 💜 (ENG SUB)

Hello. Let’s re-painting BTS’ Jin today. I’ll get the doll out of the box. The doll looks different from Jin’s face. Let’s go painting! Brush(Cho Hyung-chon) Water color pencil (Faber Castell) Pointed cotton Swab, Cotton Wool thinner (Mr.color) or Pure acetone Pour the thinner into the cotton. Delete the painting of the doll. The painting on the doll won’t be erased. Clear the painting again. I sketch on the face of a doll. It only sets the approximate location. I paint the area of the doll’s face. It’s painted clearly. Repeat Erasing and Draw… It paints the doll’s pupils. Draws a light point. I’ve touched and drawn several times. It is more accurate than drawing with a single touch. One line changes the shape of the face. Especially the shape of the eyes. You should draw this with care. Apply a deep coat of paint Draw the shape clearly. Shading is done with colored pencils. It will make you feel three-dimensional. Check out the doll while you’re drawing it. Draw the details. Jin has thick lower eyelashes. I always draw the doll’s upper eyelashes. But Jin is a man, so I will skip it. Draw the wrinkle of the doll’s lips. I drew it thinking of Jin’s thick lips. The underside of the doll’s eyes is also painted. I’ll draw doll face for the last time. eyes with dim double eyelids eyes with bags under the eyes. I drew it thinking of Jin’s features Repainting’s done! The doll’s hairstyle is strange. I’ll change the doll’s hairstyle. Pour hot water into the cup. soak a doll’s head in the water. Wait 10 minutes. Cut the doll’s hair a little by little. Hair cut is done! Now I will do doll head styling with glue. Apply glue to the mascara brush to fix it. I also apply grass to my sideburns. Apply glue to the doll’s back. Complete the doll’s hairstyle. Now, I will compare before & after. appreciate a work! If you enjoyed it, please subscribe and recommend it. See you later.

8 thoughts on “[BTS Doll Repaint] Jin / 방탄소년단 진_인형 리페인팅 💜 (ENG SUB)

  1. Your skill is amazing! Love it 👏💜
    Jinie-doll looks so handsome more than previous 😚

  2. Jin looks cute and much more ethereal here!💖 i like your style💜

  3. I love the details too 😔👏💖

  4. You did a wonderful job will you be doing all 7 of them? I’d love that you have a talent!

  5. 헐,,

  6. 멤버얼굴 특징을 잘살려서 리페인팅 하시는거같아요! 특유의 그림체?도 너무 예쁘네요

  7. Wow! You are so talented!

  8. 와 지금까지 본 리페인팅 중에 제일 똑같음

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