BT21 Pop Up Store in London | Vlog

BT21 Pop Up Store in London | Vlog

– [Sammy] Can you run up
the end and then run back? – No it’s too early I can’t run. – [Sammy] Keep going, keep going. – [Niki] I can’t run. Why am I running up here though? – [Sammy] Keep going. How many steps is that? – [Niki] I didn’t count! (bright music) – Hi guys. – Long time no see. – Welcome to TTK. (chill rhythmic music) 10 to seven on a Tuesday morning. – We saw sunrise this
morning and let me tell you it’s over hyped, it’s ugly and I never want to see it again. – People are like, get up at five o’clock it changes your life. Yeah it does, makes you more tired. (gagging) We’ve been invited along
to the BT21 pop up shop in Camden Market ahead of schedule. – The short story is we don’t know exactly where we’re going so we’re meeting someone from the team at Cyber Dog which is in Camden Market. – The first station is Camden Town. Let me just assume that you would be travelling from Wembley
on the day of the concert. Or just before because
that’s where you’re staying. The best way to get here is the overground to Euston and then and
then the Northern line one stop Northbound to Camden Town. – Camden’s a really cool place and I think you should check out if you have spare time because
there is so much here. – Very different to Wembley. – Camden Market is interesting. – I call it boujee.
– Yeah. – So the first time I
tried to find Camden Market I thought this was Camden Market. – This is not Camden Market.
– This is the Camden Market but it’s
not the Camden Market. That one is down there somewhere. (chill music) – All right, we just got here. It’s empty, completely empty. However, there have been people queuing here since half past five. – Actually I wonder if I can show you. They’ve been here for a long time. They’re just downstairs. Yep, there you go there’s one person. I promise there’s more than one. – The shop doesn’t open until 10 and there’s been people
here since half five. That is dedication. Nothing gets me out of bed. But yeah, let’s give you a little show around the shop before
anyone gets in here. – I’m going to try my best to film every item of merch. I can’t promise, there’s is a lot. I’m gonna be straight, there is a lot. – We’re going to do prices as well, just so you know them. – So the music’s not
currently playing right now which actually is a good thing because we’re not going to get a copyright strike. – ‘Cause it’s too early for music. – Yeah.
– It’s never too early for BTF but it’s too early for music. This is all exclusive stuff,
this has not been done before. A lot of the stuff is also in London written up, there’s some posters. Let’s just show you it.
– There’s actually some right there. (funky jazz music) – [Niki] Dun dun! Cool, okay, no. So this is obviously
gonna be the place of, do you wanna do the whoa there? I taught you it. – Whoa. – [Niki] No, that’s not it. – What is it?
– That’s not the whoa. The whoa is, I’m just gonna. Oi. That’s actually going to be
the place everyone gets photos. – So as you come through the entrance you arrive, straight away, at Jimin. Not my most favourite character. (gasp) – That’s taken by Tata. But things we have on
each character display, cushions, t-shirts, hats, caps. – [Niki] And an oyster, so
actually, in our Wembley video we said that you don’t
need to get an oyster card but if you do have an oyster card for when you’re at Wembley, put it in here. – [Sammy] That’s a big fat mood. – [Niki] I told Sammy to do this but it’s not really working,
I’m not getting that vibe. – Come with me, come with me. – [Niki] Ooh, they’re matte. Quality paper stock. – [Sammy] Keep it nice
and straight and neat. – [Niki] Yeah, so far I
haven’t touched anything because I’m scared of– – I’ve got a really big
hang up about messing up perfect displays, it
makes me a bit anxious. This is my favourite. I want one of these.
– Yeah. – This is a t-shirt, it’s
got the Comme Des Garcons style Tata in the middle, on the side. And they’ve also got
London specific t-shirts. You have this, and then on
the back it says London. We have other London specific
ones, but also, adorable. – [Niki] I really like
this one, if I’m honest. – Let me know which one you’d go for. I’m not getting it for you. – [Niki] Ooh, it’s really cool. BT21 in like a neon, actually, it’s that design over there, on here. Oh, hello, on the back is this. I’m really liking this design, actually. Which is on the wall as you come in. But this is in three colours,
red, white, and blue. Because you know, U.K. – Oh, it’s a bit too
big, actually, this one. – [Niki] Oh, it’s quite oversize. (chill music) What are you doing with your feet? – [Sammy] Wow. – [Niki] It’s whoa, not wow. (chill music) We could like replicate that photo. Just a bit of long exposure,
maybe I’ll clone myself. Oh wait, I already have. The posters have a number on. So normally when a design
is limited it’ll say, I don’t know why I’m showing you. – So there’s 250 of each, apparently. – [Niki] Is it soft? – Softer than you’d imagine. – Is it made from 100%–
– I wanna do soft things to this. – [Niki] Is it made from 100% alpaca? So on the front you’ve got London which is like, you know,
touristy, cute, like it. Bam. – [Sammy] Oh it’s the same design, yes. We stan.
(chill music) – [Niki] Not wow. What I’m saying is if YouTube bows I’ve clearly got a future as a model. – [Sammy] Clearly. Okay, we’re done here. We’re gonna go edit
together this bit and then come back when there’s people in here. Just so you can get
sense of how busy it was. They did say about 6,000 people came for Billie Eilish on one of the days, so. – I mean it’s already,
we’ll show you in a second but there’s already people
outside so this is gonna be busy. – You can hear them, listen. (funky jazz music) – [Sammy] Just so you know,
this is the queuing situation. I think they’re anticipating
a lot of people. – I feel, ooh. I feel like Camden Market
is gonna be swamped. As promised, I’ve come back in now for the express purpose
of filming the prices so that’s what I’m going to do. (funky music) I’m also going to show you
there’s everyone here now. (funky music) So that was that. Did you enjoy the vlog? We’re in a Starbucks. – We’re editing the video, look. – [Niki] Sammy’s been editing
for the last two hours. – I’ve been here since quarter
to eight and it’s now 10:30. – If you did enjoy the
video, give it a thumbs up and also make sure you subscribe. – Make sure you press the subscribe button and also the bell
notification button next to it so you get our post updates. – And we hope you enjoyed the video. Let us know if you’re going
to pop down to the shop and what you’re gonna buy. Oh, we’ll show you what we got. Okay, this. Nice. – [Sammy] Put it on. – Eh? – [Sammy] Chimmy. – That was things. – Don’t forget to let
us know if you’re going to the geek on Saturday and
we’ll see you guys again soon. – Bye.

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