Blind students learn Braille and more at the NFB BELL Academy

Blind students learn Braille and more at the NFB BELL Academy

[Intro on screen] DESCRIPTIVE AUDIO
In a church basement, kids stand behind sets of six colored circles arranged in two columns
on the floor. DANIELLE
So the first letter we’re going to do is an easy one, we’re going to do a B. VO
What seems like a modified game of Twister is helping teach Braille to kids in this church
basement in Rhode Island. DESCRIPTIVE AUDIO
Kids assume different positions to touch combinations of the circles beneath them. DANIELLE
Bella you’re on “4, 5” VO
The kids stretch and lunge to place feet, hands, elbows and bellies on different combinations
of circles lined up in two columns on the floor. DANIELLE
The next letter is “S”. DESCRIPTIVE AUDIO
Animation shows the Braille cell with the dots numbered one, two and three down the
left column and four, five and six down the right. VO The two columns of dots represent the Braille Cell, from which all letters of the Braille alphabet are written. And this Braille yoga is part of the BELL Academy, a summer program from the National
Federation of the Blind that’s teaching Braille and more to blind and low vision kids in 30
states with support from Wells Fargo. DESCRIPTIVE AUDIO
Kids read Braille and type on Braillers BELLA
I love the activities we do. VO:
13-year-old Bella Lundberg, who has been blind since the age of 5
is using a Braille typewriter to create a journal entry. BELLA
I’m a writer, I love writing. It’s awesome to be able to write in Braille. I love it. I write short stories, I’m hopefully gonna
write a novel someday. DESCRIPTIVE AUDIO
A small group of kids and adults sit at a table with money. VO:
In addition to Braille, BELL focuses on everyday skills to help boost confidence and independence. MOLLY
So if you can’t see what kind of money you have, if you fold… NATS JESUS
They’re folded. MOLLY
So each one is folded a different way. VO:
Molly Faerber is the director of the BELL Academy of Rhode Island. MOLLY
Unfortunately, you know, society has traditionally very low expectations for blind people. And so, our job is kind of to say, you know
blind people actually can do that. You know, we can cook for ourselves, and we
can you know, get around independently, and we can, you know have fun. DESCRIPTIVE AUDIO
Teenagers and young adult volunteers sit at an arts and crafts table. VO
A typical day at BELL is a lot like any summer day camp with arts and crafts, HALEY
I’m reaching for stickers and I know I’m getting it because I can feel the different
Kids play goal ball. DANIELLE
Oh! A block by Jesus! Nice job! VO:
And circle time. HALEY
Even though blind people can’t see, they can still use their other senses. DESCRIPTIVE AUDIO
Students wearing learning shades mix ingredients for cupcakes. VO
Students who have some low vision wear sleep masks or “learning shades”, so they can rely
completely on their non-visual senses to accomplish tasks. 15-year-old Chris Bove, wears his while he
learns to make a microwave cup cake. DESCRIPTIVE AUDIO
Chris puts mug into microwave CHRIS
Make sure it’s on the rotating part. BELL teaches some techniques that you can
use if you’re blind that like other people wouldn’t even think to teach you. DESCRIPTIVE AUDIO
A volunteer helps a young boy measure cupcake mix. DANIELLE
Okay, so take your mug and we’re going to dump that in your mug. VO:
Danielle Petch is a teacher of the visually impaired for the Providence school system
– and the only fully sighted volunteer working with the kids. DANIELLE
They’re not just learning from a teacher that’s sighted, they’re learning from
each other and that’s really important is that they’re blind and visually impaired
themselves and they’re just as capable of teaching anything. They can do anything they want. DESCRIPTIVE AUDIO
A blind adult teaches kids with hand held Braille cells VO: Who can make an “X”? (PAUSE)
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  4. I am visually impaired and I have lots of other disabilities like Cerebral Palsy and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’ve also had a stroke and I’ve had over 50 brain surgeries.

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