Blake Shelton Surprises Craig Morgan To Share How His Music ‘Hit Him So Hard’

Blake Shelton Surprises Craig Morgan To Share How His Music ‘Hit Him So Hard’

– This changed my life. So, did you know that Blake, ’cause Blake, he texted me about… He’s like, “Man, you gotta hear
this song by Craig Morgan.” He’s like, “It’s so beautiful,
will you help me tweet?” And I was like, “Sure, I
love him, what’s his song?” And I wept. Did you know Blake was gonna tweet? Did you know he was gonna do all that? – I didn’t have a clue. In fact, I had actually
texted Blake that song right after I had recorded it, and I sent it to him, and I didn’t hear nothing. Like he didn’t say a word to me. I thought, Blake lost a brother. – I was gonna say that might have been a little close to home.
– I thought maybe it was a little too close to home for him to have a conversation with me about it. Then later on, like maybe a month later, I sent him another text and he replied to me. It was a picture or something. He replied to me, not about the picture I had sent him, but about the song. – I knew this story. Everybody doesn’t know the story of why this song was written. Can you tell everybody right quick? – So, I lost my son in a drowning
accident three years ago, and I tell some of my friends, for them that happened three years ago, for me it was yesterday, and every day it’s yesterday. So at 3:30 one morning, God woke me up and He wrote this… I was singing the chorus in my head, and I did what I would usually do, I said, “I’m gonna lay down, “I’ll remember it and I’ll
do it in the morning.” Something told me, “You
won’t remember this, “get up.” I got up, I went downstairs, and I started writing. I picked up the guitar and
I started playing the melody that I felt like I had heard in my head, and four hours later I finished the song the way you hear it today. – Wow! You know why? You needed it. Like that’s how I am as a songwriter. (audience applauds) As a songwriter it’s almost
like it’s therapeutic. It’s like I need the release of it. – People ask that all the time, “Is it therapeutic?” And I’m sure it probably is. For me, songwriting was
always a means to an end. – For me, it’s therapeutic. – Yeah, it’s extremely therapeutic. It’s like talking about myself. It’s very difficult, but it’s also a wonderful thing ’cause just like the song, he’s not physically here, but he’s still very present in our lives. – Yeah, that’s so beautiful! Have you seen Blake since the tweet? Have y’all seen each other? – No, we’ve talked a bunch. We’ve talked a lot since then, in fact. We shipped it out and it’s going to Country radio now. So now Country radio is starting to play it.
– Well it’s number one on iTunes on all the charts. I noticed.
– Yeah, which is amazing! – Yeah, that’s amazing! (audience applauds) You know why though? Yes, it is because Blake
initially got people to listen, but like it’s the power of the song that is why it’s so popular and why people are jumping on board because it’s a powerful, powerful message. I feel like, yes, you
went through a tragedy, but you also became the vessel for a lot of people’s tragedy that are gonna relate to this song. – It gives me confidence to know that even though I didn’t
want to do this song, in fact, the first time I did it, I didn’t finish it. I couldn’t even finish the song, and I apologized to the audience. I said I don’t know that I’ll ever do it, and the guys worked it that we did it on the Grand Ole Opry. I barely got through it, and I walked off, and Ricky Skaggs was standing there. I told Ricky, I said… He said, “That is a beautiful song.” I said, “I’m glad you got to hear it “’cause I’ll never do it again.” I said I’ll never be
able to do that again. He put his hands on my
shoulders and he said, “You have to sing this song. “There are people that need to hear this. “You have to do it!” I took it to heart and
here we are (chuckles). (audience applauds and cheers) – Well, here’s the thing. I was so moved by it, I wanted to surprise you, so I have someone here to see you. Come on out, Blake! (audience cheering and applauding) – [Blake] Yo, bro! (audience cheering and applauding) – Thank you so much! I love you! (audience cheering and applauding) (muffled speaking drowned out
by cheering and applauding) – [Blake] I love you. – [Craig] I love you, man. (audience cheering and applauding) – I was trying to stop crying to get you out of there. I was like, “Oh, my God!” (muffled speaking drowned out
by cheering and applauding) Yes, you come right in. – Hey, how are you doing? Great, good to see you. – [Kelly] Oh, my gosh! – [Man In Leather Jacket]
Manny, hi, nice to meet you, how are you? – [Man In Purple Shirt And Blake] Hi. – I was trying so hard. (audience cheering and applauding) – Yo! – I was trying so hard to stop crying to get you out here, but I couldn’t. – Get that part over with, don’t drag me in on that. – I was like, “Oh, my God, I’m sorry.” No, but what did the song… I know you have had loss in your life. When you first heard it, what was your initial? – I think it’s easy to connect that song to anything that’s
happened in your own life, but because Craig’s been a
friend of mine for so long, and Gwen and I were
actually at the funeral, and I didn’t connect it to anything. It was his story, and it hit me that hard just knowing him. It’s a horrible tragedy. I can’t even imagine, but man, it’s just such
a great, great song. He had sent it to me probably a month before
I reacted to it, right? (chuckles) I’m a great friend, aren’t I? (everyone laughs) But when the kids are around, I have zero access to my phone. And I even knew that there
was an attachment there, but I like couldn’t get my phone back. – It’s kinda like what Kelly did to me when I texted her. (everyone laughs) – You get so busy. But I’m glad it did slow down. I’m glad it did slow down and you got a minute to do it because what you did was powerful. – He texted me about something. So then he was elk hunting or something, and I saw, I was like, “Oh, crap! “I didn’t even respond to the last one.” I was by myself at the house, I lost my mind, I literally lost my mind! It was such a great moment.
– It’s so beautiful!

85 thoughts on “Blake Shelton Surprises Craig Morgan To Share How His Music ‘Hit Him So Hard’

  1. Blake is an angel. He really have beautiful heart

  2. This is for Craig in 2014 I lost my brother to suicide and everyday it feels like it was just yesterday God bless

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  9. I lost my son too, Craig Morgan. I wish that I didn't understand your pain. My active duty Army soldier son died from a non combat related injury he got while he was deployed to Iraq. He died before the military could do the surgery to fix the injury. He is forever 23 and this happened 10 years ago. I still tear up just like you did during the interview with Kelly. I am a Gold Star Mom. SPC Matthew W Ward – 6/6/86 – 6/6/09 – he spent his dash very well. I am sitting here watching you sing your song on my tv and tears are just streaming down my face. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} AND prayers to you. I hear you singing about "rousing some ambition"….I remember that first year – especially that first year – after my boy died how each step I took felt just like my feet were encased in blocks of concrete and how I thought I was doing great just putting one foot in front of the other. I REALLY wish that I didn't understand what you are going through. I DO LOVE your song!

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  27. I lost my sweet son. He was 23! There is so many of us have lost our children now! It isn’t a good thing and I don’t get why this is happening but it happens more now then ever. My beautiful boy was on his way to get his GF from her job and someone hit him. I will always hurt and I can’t imagine having to sing this beautiful song. He has to do it all the time

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  41. Ptsd is so painful especially when you lose your own child. Too many lose their kids to gun violence, war, disease, and accidental deaths. Different reasons, same pain. My heart goes to all the parents out there that have lost their children.

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  59. Craig is a great guy. I have always been a fan. I am so sorry that he lost his son 3 years ago. No parent should loose a son. He put his heart, his love for his son, and his faith into a song and it was a very touching and beautiful son. It brought me to tears. I couldn't hold them back. It makes me feel as a mom to always love my son, hug him tight, and tell him I love him everyday. To thank God for my son. This song is going to reach out to many people and their lives. This is a life changing song and for the good. God Bless him and his family. My thoughts and prayers are with them. His son will always be near and close in his heart his spirit will always be with him. The pain of loosing a child never goes away through his faith God will lead him to be strong and to face day to day. So sad.

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