Bill Burr presents the 2017 WGA Documentary Screenplay Award to the writers of Command and Control

Bill Burr presents the 2017 WGA Documentary Screenplay Award to the writers of Command and Control

how are you what's going on nice to be here I thought this was over by 70 um I'm a stand-up comedian I tell jokes around the country that's what I do and I got to be honest like I don't know much about writers you know I used to think you guys were a bunch of nerds who couldn't hold up your end of the conversation you know with strange shoes I did never was going to be in yet another pilot that was going to fail I'd just be sitting in a coffee house trying to talk to these writer and just would never connect you know so I always end up just staring at their shoes but like I don't know I've always been like an idiot and now I did I should think like a pony was a little horse there was his people down the street had this pony for like seven years and one day I said to my mother's like when is that when's that pony going to become a horse so I don't know I never really I didn't understand what you guys did like being in a writers room I never really understood like what what a hell it is and the last two years of my life I've spent it in there and like I've just never contemplated suicide more times in my life you know every time you get that note like and I don't think we earned this moment this isn't in our palette like well who do I root for I just always just think you know there's always that sweet option we're on like the eighth floor I just think it I think I can hit my car you know maybe land right in the driver's seat be poetic tied up to sit in the writers room all day I come home I just stare at the wall I can't hear my wife's voice my drinking is off the rails and I just want to say to all you guys I really respect now what the hell it is you guys do because it is the without a doubt the toughest job out here so thank you for writing for me to say alright and now we're I never looked at the teleprompter keep going I'm done with this I just winged it alright that's it dude get to the purple thing there it is best ok the nominees for Best Documentary Screenplay are alright and the Writers Guild Award goes to Robert Kenner and Eric Schlosser Bryan Pearl and Kim Roberts for command and control [Applause] Brian and Kim Roberts and Eric Schlosser and myself would like to thank the Writers Guild for this award if the warhead had gone off that night in Arkansas much of the East Coast would have been wiped out we thought these weapons were going to make us safer but we've realized they also make us much more dangerous today with Donald Trump as our president one of the great ironies is that he would not actually be allowed in a nuclear silo he wouldn't pass federal safety regulations you can't have been in bankruptcy numerous times and work in a silo along with numerous other reasons that would disqualify them perhaps that's the reason that the Doomsday Clock is closer to midnight then at any time since 1953 so anyway we'd like to thank American experience in PBS which are about to be defunded and we'd like to thank the Writers Guild again thank you [Applause]

38 thoughts on “Bill Burr presents the 2017 WGA Documentary Screenplay Award to the writers of Command and Control

  1. Can we just have more Bill and less of the complete moron complaining about Trump?

  2. Shoulda hosted the 2019 oscars

  3. Bill Burr is usually funny but I can tell he's slowly losing his touch.

  4. Ol Billy Baby Awards Show

  5. Where the hell did that pony story come in??? Lololol

  6. Thought Bill was goin' joke about them finding the stage before the song ended…..stayed classy

  7. He looked trashed

  8. wtf ?

  9. Bill Burr is the GOAT

  10. man the guy at the end is a total wet blanket

  11. I fucking love bill burr.

  12. Would be a great part of a special but not in an occasion like this…I feel bad for Billy boy he bombed so hard

  13. The people on the back laughing hysterically is amazing.

  14. Wtf was that guys problem with his Trump comments? Dont these old people have any manners?

  15. Writers were like is this guy improvising in a WRITERS award?

  16. Lmao, I love this guy

  17. "Thank you, thank you, uh nukes and TRUMP AND TRUMP AND OMG! Thank you." o_0

  18. ponies dont become horses? 0.0

  19. Bill Burr should have his own talk show. I could just hear him talk about any topic all day.

  20. I like how the whole thing was somehow political other than bills stuff.

  21. Bill is just too fucking good…

  22. Love Bill but he bombed here. You can see him bail out of the first bit.

  23. Why you going to Indianapolis Bill??

  24. Without the audience, you could just hear the audio and easily be convinced it’s just pulled from the podcast hahahahaha

  25. protect bill burr at all costs

  26. God, can you just imagine the BS that was on that prompter.
    "Documentaries are glimpses into the human condition and ways to experience that which we do not know….."

  27. he looks like Palpatine

  28. The winners certainly disproved Bill's thesis about writers being nerds with weird shoes.

  29. Bill looks pretty jacked here

  30. His voice was cracking. Never seen Bill Burr nervous!

  31. Ole Billy Redface!

  32. I thought that little girl was one of the writers.

  33. Bill burr da best xD

  34. I'm on the fence about Bill Burr sometimes. But he cemented himself with this one. Genius.

  35. Didn't say I'm just checking in on ya in the beginning. Disappointed.

  36. what a real holly who gives a fuck joke.. bill killed

  37. 1:00 wait a second! A pony isn’t a little horse?

  38. Sigh, another trump bashing, the fact that Trump bashing is a world wide pastime for MSM shows that he is onto something and has the elites rattled.

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