– [Woman] Super stoked to
bring you another review today, this time of Arteza’s TwiMarkers, 48 set. Tippy McGee and I are
chilling in my studio. I have the full range of
colors from this marker set, which I’m gonna show you in a second. So, yeah, Tippy’s my little co-host today and we are just chilling
out in the studio. I have all the markers
set out in front of me. We have a swatch pad,
the Fun, Fab Swatch Pad that I’m going to be
taking a page out of today to do some color swatching. Already tested a bunch of Arteza products and I’m excited to show you these. Now, in this pack of 48, we are going to have seven oranges. They give you seven
pinks, which is fantastic. You’re gonna have three
yellow, three reds, six purples, an exciting arrange of nine green, which is pretty awesome, as well as nine blue,
which is also awesome, because those are cool colors
that I use quite a bit. And then you get one black and two gray. So I’m using my new Fun, Fab Swatch Pad that I created with my ladies
in the old Facebook group. And today’s picture is by Rose Go-sher. Thanks, Rose, fr your
beautiful floral collection for us to be color swatching today. And I just go up to my printer and I print it out on either cardstock or Inkjet watercolor paper, depending on the medium that I am testing. First, I’m gonna test these
out for water solubility because they are water soluble, which means if you add water to them, they will become water solubles. No, they’ll become watercolors. So what I noticed was, first of all, they have a nice broad tip on one end. Well, not broad, but a lovely brush tip. And on the other side, it’s like a seriously
teeny-weeny little fine liner. It’s kind of the best of both worlds. What I noticed was that if I
colored on my watercolor paper and let it sit for a bit, it would become less water soluble or less reactive to the water, and when I applied water
when it was still really wet and fresh, it would
actually move really easily with the water. So through my color swatching experiments on Rose’s lovely paper, I just noticed that the
brushes really were very juicy. There’s a lot of inks in these. They flow really well. None of my markers were dry. Really, really great range of colors, so I was very excited to test these out. I love to take water
soluble markers with me when I travel, because they
fit into amazingly small spaces and because they’re water soluble, you know, you don’t have to
use water to activate them, but you can and get really
cool, exciting effects. So this is my little travel journal. I just collaged some
vintage paper in there and then covered it with gesso. That way, when I’m doing
illustrations like this with my markers, on my train
ride from London to Edinburgh, then I can just add a little
water from a water brush and, you know, have these
lively illustrations, and then what I do is I let that layer dry and then I go in and I
add another layer over it and keep it and keep it dry, so that way you have this layered effect. So there you go, I’m
using the fine liner tip of one of the darker colors over the water activated underlayers, and you just have these
robust mini illustrations that you get all this
effect from just one marker. So hugely impressed, totally recommend. Between the color selection
and their performance and the options to use them wet or dry, you really absolutely cannot go wrong. You can stick all 48 into a small pouch and have the endless
combinations to deal with. It’s really cool. So these are the markers that
I just was talking about. There’s a link in below to these products. In addition to that one, I’m gonna also talk briefly
about Arteza’s other markers that they sent to me, the iconic … I’m sorry, the Inkonic fine liners and their alcohol markers, because, and you’ll see this in
another separate reviews for those individual products, but you can combine all
these products together because the alcohol in
the alcohol markers, which is what I’m using here, doesn’t activate the water-based ink that’s in their other two fine liners and the markers that
I was reviewing today. So when you put them together, you can make seriously
amazing, amazing illustrations. So, again, I will put
a link to my playlist, to my other product reviews for Arteza and you can see the slower
versions of these illustrations kind of come to life. But just know, like, the
possibilities with these are seriously awesome and impactful and combining these
three products together, you can make some really stunning results. So hopefully this was helpful. Check the description box
for links to the products, as well as to your coupon,
and have a great day!

8 thoughts on “BEST ART SUPPLIES TO TRAVEL WITH! [ARTEZA Twimarkers 2019]

  1. Thanks I’m going to buy me some😋

  2. You said they can be activated other than water. What do you mean by this?

  3. Thanks Karen, for the info..I have the Arteza Real Brush pens, they are great, but just checked, they don't activate with water.., Hmm… I might have to buy the twin markers, like you are talking about.

  4. These reviews are so useful to me as I am a customer of Arteza. Infrequent customer. But still a customer. I have been terrible about replying to you, and I AM Sorry! Will do my utmost to do before you leave on Sunday. Iceland, eek how exciting!
    I did some toned paper (well envelopes) girls. One of them is heavily inspired by your video where you add just blue and red to Sharpie products. Apologies, can't remember name of video. It is The First time I actually like the results & I am thinking (with trepidation) about sharing in FB group/s. Think it belongs in fab faces only page?
    Anyway, yada yada. Tippie McGee & Thee are twiddley dee. Hee hee! It's Friday and hot. My excuse & sticking to it.🤦‍♀️ Byeeee. Ty as always, loverly😸👋🐾🐾x

  5. Great review babe! Cute art too 🥰

  6. Love your reviews! Would love if you checked out my work on my channel 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🙏🏽

  7. I always love your art! 😁💜👍🏻

  8. I love the colors!!!

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