Benjamin Von Wong – Creativity Is A Way Of Life

Benjamin Von Wong – Creativity Is A Way Of Life

Being creative has just become a way of life.
I don’t think it begins with a desire to wake up in the morning and say, ‘Today, I’m creative.’
It just comes down to, ‘Today, I want to live, I want to do what I love, I’m going to go
out and I’m going to do that.’ My name is Benjamin Von Wong, and I’m an artist. I like to think of my photography as something
epic, something larger than life. It takes a vision, and it exaggerates it so that you
can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake. I take a concept and I transform it into reality.
I mean I don’t just take the pictures, I conceptualize, I design them, I create them, I build them
up. It starts off with a base concept, it starts with an idea, and it slowly builds
up based on the constraints that we have available. It’s all about finding solutions to make something
that is seemingly impossible, and making it into something that is better than reality. I think that people see photography as clicking
a button, getting the lighting right, getting composition right, but it is so much more
than that. Being able to connect with people is so important,
and it shows in the final results that if they understand the story that you are trying
to tell then suddenly they can translate that emotion and make the image so much more powerful. I think that photos can transport people into
another universe and into another world, and it becomes a story, and people try to figure
it out. They want to understand what’s going on, and that just makes it magical. I think that if you start doing the things
that you love, and you start sharing the things that you love, then sooner or later, people
start hiring you to do the things that you love; for your passion, your vision, for what
makes you unique, and because you’re the only person that can do whatever that thing is
because you love it so much. My name is Benjamin Von Wong, and I am a creative.

50 thoughts on “Benjamin Von Wong – Creativity Is A Way Of Life

  1. So inspiring!

  2. Just wonderful.

  3. very excellent, can't wait to see more in the series

  4. @Von Wong is so neat. I enjoy his photography and his videos (go check out his Youtube) I hate him because I don't have his talent, vision or muscles, but he really is fun to watch.

  5. Wonderful, creative and magical wrapped up into 2 minutes!  Well done @SmugMug and @Von Wong 

  6. Love it! 

  7. omgiknowfamouspeople

  8. Fantastic! 

  9. Meh, I watched this and the only thing I thought was what a touching video portfolio/commercial. The trailer for this series looked very promising, but, I find it hard to believe all you could afford to do is compile a 2:21 video with a few snaps thrown up like some subliminal messages. How about a 5-10 minute interview where you actually ask some questions?!?  P.S. I liked the music!

  10. AMAZING!!!

  11. @Trey Ratcliff and now @Von Wong my photography heroes.. these guys make me want to learn photography to its fullest potential.. 

  12. A W E S O M E

  13. 1 . "Fais tourner la beuh" 😉
    2 . La définition de l'artiste est un vaste thème et je dirais mon pote que tu es surement au delà. Car le propre de l'artiste est d'interroger sa société quand toi tu la fait rêver. 😉
    3 . C'est la première fois que tu apparais dans une vidéo avec un air plus inspiré que euphorique.
    4 . Tu nous prépares quelque chose .. (Comme d'hab) 
    5 . Créatif tu l'es, sans le moindre doute et la photo est un de tes talents mais tu sais que tu peux aller plus loin que le "nipple" :p

    Tu déchires !

  14. Awesome !

  15. Amazing works!! 

  16. Beautiful video.  Love that someone can express their passion and share it.

  17. Love how he skips away from the shoot in the end! Great video!!

  18. WoW! That's artistic creativity! Proud to be a member of the @SmugMug  family.

  19. I am elated to have been introduced to your art. I am stunned beyond belief by your vision. Keep it up, man!

  20. Stunning stuff Benjamin

  21. Inspiring!

  22. Amazing!!

  23. Love it! 

  24. Oh yeah – if this doesn't get your creative juices flowing, nothing will 🙂

  25. Nice one @SmugMug ♥
    – His name is Benjamin Von Wong @Von Wong  and he most definitely IS a creative. 

    Love the Beautiful woodland concepts 🙂 

  26. WOW!!

  27. Awesome inspiring Video….Can anyone tell me the name of the Instrumental 🙂

  28. We remember when we first saw his work, this was before his journey to London. He is so amazing.

  29. How do you fund these shoots? It's alot of time and money, The costume production and everything is CRAZY! 

  30. I LOVE this video!! 

  31. Imagination is so important! Only then can you build & share, what you want others to see! The creativity here is top notch. Some lifestyle! doing what you enjoy, in stunning locations. Good on you Mr VonWong for packing in your job & living the dream, truly inspirational.

  32. That's amazing

  33. He takes the art of photography to a whole new level.  Just WOW!!!!

  34. Very Cool…great production quality!

  35. Thank u @SmugMug For This Series
    Waiting For more Videos from You Guy..  

  36. I want to be in one of these pictures, I wan to live like that for the time it takes to shoot it at least 🙂

  37. I love the image of the man in front of the waterfall. 

  38. This gives me so much inspiration. Thank you.

  39. Epic speech ! 🙂

  40. Now that's photography!

  41. ahaha "epic".. jared polin from froknows

  42. Bonjour,
    Excellente vidéo. Vos photos sont splendides. Créativité, imagination qualité et professionnalisme sont manifestement vos qualités. 
    Pourriez-vous m'indiquer le titre de la musique de cette video et son auteur. 

    merci d'avance.
    Très cordialement

  43. i really really love the way you show us love your art

  44. this is my favourite photgrapher. The reason is thst he photographs not only just because he have but because he loves it so much and wants to inspire people and make them love their photos . He inspires me very much to keep going on with my dream as a Photographer.

  45. Beautiful!

  46. what Nikon camera do you use?

  47. love your videos

  48. i want to be your assistant,i want to learn photography in advance. I want to learn some creativity sir. I am learning now also but i want to take it to next level. I want to see my limits..

  49. Everything about this is Stunning <3

  50. Man, wardrobe is 90% of shoots like this, I swear. My goal is to get to the point where I have access to cool costumes like that!

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