Belly: What Is The P.O.P.? | Arts & Raps

Belly: What Is The P.O.P.? | Arts & Raps

– Why don’t you tell me? – Ten tick-tickles. (laughs) – Ten ten tickles? That’s what it is? – Yes. – I think it’s ten tickles. – No, ten tick-tickles. – I, I think … You know, you right. (gentle music) – Hi, my name is Nathan Plemmer. – And I’m Zaria Kelly. – And today on Arts & Raps … – We will be with … Belly!
– Belly! ♪ Presented her my heart and
she broke it like a profession ♪ ♪ That’s P.O.P ♪ ♪ That’s the P.O.P. ♪ – That was the best introduction I ever got in my life, guys. (Nathan and Zaria laugh) – Hi. So, how was the road? – It was amazing. But it
feels good to be home. I like home better. – This is a Hollywood smile, son. These are definitely fake teeth. – Where’s the old ones? – Right here. – Ew. – No, I’m playin’. I don’t (mumbles). – Too young to know about that. You can’t know about that. Yeah, I’m definitely not talking
about the P.O.P. with you. – When did you learn about that? – Too young, probably. Way too young. – Of course. – Have you ever done it? – Absolutely not. – You positive? – Are you guys interrogating me? (Nathan laughs) – Yes. – Would your ex-girlfriend
say the same thing? – Probably not. – Oh my god. I’d probably have triplets with Kat Stacks to get him out of office. – I don’t really know how to do it but if I stand up and do it, you
have to stand up and do it. – It’s a dance, I do not
know what it’s called … – And this is how you do it. Well, this is how I do it. – [Belly] Aight, lemme see. (Zaria laughs) – You guys know how ridiculous
I’m gonna look doin’ this. (laughs) – Do you know how to do any other moves? – You guys know this one right here? (Zaria laughs) – Just bop the shoulder, all you gotta do is bop the shoulder, there you go. (Zaria giggles) Just when you’re lazy,
the music is playing and you’re like, “Oh, I wanna go home”. – I’d just let her follow
what she wanna do, like … That’s her, follow your heart on that one. – I would make a clone of my daughter and let him have the clone. (Belly laughs) – Wait, what? – Honestly, that idea
is so incredible to me. – I don’t know, probably some
gym term. I don’t know, man. – You’re hiding something. – I know. Sound like you know what it is ’cause I didn’t even
finish my question and you were start talking. (Zaria laughs) – Put your right hand on your heart. – [Nathan] Oh, god. – And what you’re gonna
say is, “Dear mother.” – “Dear mother.” – Look in the camera. – “Dear mom.” – Camera. “I love you” … – “I love you” … – “With all your ‘spect.” – With what? – “With all my respect.” – There you go. “With all my respect.” – “And whatever happens” … – “And whatever happens” … – “I will always love you.” – “I will always love you.” – “And I will always be there” … – “And I will always be there” … We sounded like we were at
the end like a couple … – No. – A couple sentences ago, honestly. Like, even the way your voice went down? It sounded like you were ending it? And then you just picked
up with a new one. – Yeah. A few more. – Alright, come on. – “And even if it gets tough” … – “And even if it gets tough” … – “And the barrels get
rolled over on me” … – “And the barrels get
rolled over on me” … – “I will get up” … – “I will get up” … – “And cry all the way to you.” – “And cry all the way to you.” – “With my love” … – That wasn’t the end? “With my love” … – “To” … – “To” … – “My dear mom.” – “My dear momma.” That was beautiful. – I know. – [Voiceover] What up, squad?
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