Being An Independent Recording Artist vs Working with a Major Record Label – Dan Shafer

Being An Independent Recording Artist vs Working with a Major Record Label - Dan Shafer

32 thoughts on “Being An Independent Recording Artist vs Working with a Major Record Label – Dan Shafer

  1. Listen to Daddy folks, he's spot on.

  2. Thanks. This is an honest and strait forward advice.

  3. like most other things in life: DIY is the way to go, fame is an illusion, if you believe a career in music will solve your personal problems, you might end up hurting yourself when you discover you've been used to make money for others who aren't passionate about what they're doing. You MUST love what you do.

  4. I wouldn't take a budget nowadays, unless i can get a monthly salary, or just the salary itself as far as contracts.

  5. I'm sorry, playing covers and getting somewhere? I play around Minneapolis and have been in both cover bands and original bands plus booked for both. They are completely different circuits. Once you get into the cover circuit you're stuck unless you change the band's name and start playing all original music. You will loose about 95% of your fan base in the process. If you want to get anywhere play your own music.

  6. I need a manager to manage all the groupies and organize all the hot babes ah ah

  7. Best thing is get a manager that runs a radio station. I have seen that work a few times.

  8. U make more on 30000 records that 1000000 records wit major label

  9. My Space?


  11. PRINCE was a GENIUS cuz he was independent before it was even known…..

  12. Thank you


  14. I don't understand him. He's not using complete sentences. He cuts halfway through a sentence and cuts to something else. Wow.

  15. 6:03 * Leans forward, FARTS, Smiles 🙂 *

  16. Say it with me don't sign a 360 deal.

  17. 50 millions record sold and you broke. Something anit right o that's right crooks and 360 deals.

  18. People need to start understanding that earning royalties independently takes time. It doesn't happen overnight. Although royalties are low; there is no cap on it. So if you own one copyright and derivative works from the general public and other media publications start using your music for a licensing fee you own all of that one dollar vs borrowing 2 million from a record label. Over the years your royalties will work for you. People are more likely to use licensed music versus getting sued for copyright infringement.

  19. They become a stupid star lol 💩⭐

  20. my mans said "myspace" LUL

  21. That was really awesome piece of advice..thank you

  22. There has always been an oversupply of performers, who, for all their work, do not get the lion's share of the fruits of their labor.
    Most, to be fair, are good, but not that good, bordering on the mediocre. Some are outright bad (they quickly get weeded out by the public), but the few that are great, stand to be fleeced, cheated, exploited, and only IF they sell a lot of albums and last a long time, as well as tour constantly, will they ever see some money. The Beatles, for example, for all of their hits, selling hundreds of millions of records, were close to bankruptcy by 1968. EMI and Capitol sucked the life out of them, cheated them out of millions, and what was left, went mostly in taxes in England. They got fucked. Same for any band or artists you can think of from the beginning of the business, to the present. Labels, however, continued to do very well. Bottom line: Screw the major label unless you get a sweetheart deal, get tens of millions in advances, as own your recordings. Otherwise, use Social Media and tour the hell out of your band. Any night you are at home watching TV is at least $1K you are not earning. And lastly: Fuck with a condom, and don't use or abuse substances.

  23. if ur an independant artist can u still get grammy and others awards

  24. I don’t get or feel sorry for musicians that are financially negligent. If an investor spends X amount to give you a profitable career it’s logical they will want to recoup their investment in you plus a profit. It is up to an artist to also keep accounts of what is spent by the label to bring them from unknown to well known. Don’t get butt hurt because you have to repay your investors. Keeping track of what is spent gives you the opportunity to object to some of the spending you feel is excessive as well.


  26. ⚓️

  27. You are great.

  28. It time to ink it lets go

  29. So true, yet unknown. so many artists are trying to make it in the old music business.

  30. Being indie is hard and a lot of work so most people move towards a label

  31. Playing covers doesn't get your music heard. You get paid to play covers not your own music. Or you can play your own music but you probably wont get paid. That's not sustainable.

  32. Unfortunately in this music industry (which is not really what you think it is), you have to be a business man/maybe a jack of all trades and cut out the middle-man. There's things you can do to be a successful musician without paying a bunch of scammers. I'm not saying don't trust anyone, but keep your circle small.

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