Behind the Artist : Ecstatic (about Change the Game)

Behind the Artist : Ecstatic (about Change the Game)

Beer. Beer. Beer Chick and rice. Meat. Kapsalon I think we should change our diet We eat a little too much fast food I’m Wouter I live in Oosterhout Jordy and I live very close to each other I’m 24 years old. Still at school. I study Music and Technology I’m the other half of Ecstatic. Jordy. I’m 23 years old I’m already graduated I studied Multimedia design in Den Bosch At the moment I work as front-end developer and designer I do this part-time next to my work as Ecstatic. We first met each other in Highschool In our first year We were in the same class Wouter started making Hardstyle He sent it to me Telling me how it should be done Got in contact with each other And joined each other in the studio Well, “studio”. It was a room. It was a very small room
– Yeah 2m x 2m
– Good old times Actually our first ever party, we went together That was Intents (festival) in 2000…
– 2011 2011? No it was in 2010. Was it 2010?
– Yeah, 2010. Yeah Intents. We also went to Q-base 2012 Intents wasn’t that big back then But for us, it was ‘intense’, I think. I love films I’m a big fan of Christopher Nolan’s films Inception. Lord of the Rings. Game of Thrones I try to incorporate the “film feeling” in our music. Of course, that’s why I like films “Narcos” is one of the best series I’ve seen. We’ve got a Narcos…
– Yeah, we have a Narcos track We even made a track based on the theme of Narcos We pitched it to Da Tweekaz But, they didn’t really see the potential (laughs) Jesus… I’m stuck, because I just listen to Hardstyle What about Psytrance
– oh, yeah Psytrance! Yeah, I like “Adana” I think I’ll say “Hans Zimmer” again. Hans Zimmer’s “Time” is an iconic piece Yep. Hans Zimmer. Once I started studying after Highschool I got a Macbook. I was always traveling. I was always on the go and never really had a studio. Yeah, whatever feels “new” is a real source of inspiration for a feeling of being in a new place So, I liked getting new ideas when traveling You get inspiration out of different musical genres It can be music but can also come from something visual it gives you inspiration to do something different Ecstatic? Cinematic. Thematic Energetic Compelling… Narrative.
– Uplifting Oh.
– Uplifting. Around May (2018) we decided on the name Change the Game Before Qlimax even announced their theme. Just to be clear. So, life has many rules If you make your own rules If you shape yourself and become unique Then, you’ll stand out It’s not so much that we’re game changing It’s just more of a statement You know? It’s meant for everyone. Everyone can change the game And by being different, you’ll stand out. It’s more of a statement for the listener We found Krigarè on YouTube We sent her a message Even though she’s never been in contact with Hardstyle She already had that dedication That’s what Hardstyle is about That collaboration went so well that we’ll be making more tracks with her So, there’ll be a new one in 2019 So yeah, we’re curious Sogma is a very talented producer He’s from the USA and makes a lot of show music We thought he was perfect to make a remix of a track and our first thought; “Underground” would be perfect for him and he really took to it. Very unique Totally in his own style and I think it’s an excellent addition to the album It doesn’t always have to be about ‘text’ it can also just be purely about music I think that makes us a strong act So yeah, if you hear more of that in our tracks it’s logical. Because it’s part of “Ecstatic”. Oh.. yeah definitely “Kapsalon” Sushi. I like that. Chicken and rice
– Meat Yeah “Kapsalon” I think we should change our diet A little too much fast food Beer. Beer. Beer. I like “special” beers Yeah OK. In the winter. Yeah a “Bok Beer”. A heavier beer. When I’m with my girlfriend then I drink more wine than beer in general, Beer. In May (2018) we had the concept down Then we started making all the other tracks and we finished ‘Change the Game’ at the end Yeah, that track needs to represent everything what the other tracks should be So, the bar is high So, you make a melody and you really like it but it’s not good enough for ‘Change the Game’. so, it took us a very long time to decide but, eventually it turned out great. Turning point! Turning point? Turning point Enhancing Cinematic Energetic Grim Yeah. Grim, mysterious. The Hardcore track we created it for the live act that we presented at The Qontinent we thought it was awesome to turn up the BPM on our own sound And see what happens The reactions are great when we play it So, it was kind of a test case how does our sound handle a higher bpm we just wanted to try it out and yeah, we just wanted to make a Hardcore track

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