so I'm going to keep this tutorial as short and simple as possible you only need five items for today's tutorial really only four you're gonna need rust-oleum painters touch gloss black and gloss white spray paint this is the brand I use it almost exclusively so moving forward assume I'm using this brand of paint if I'm not I'll let you know otherwise but for today's tutorial it's just this stuff next up you need a plastic bag third you need some kind of lid or round object with a thin edge like this one lastly a sheet of poster board and a table to paint on this is very important another very frequently asked question is what type of poster board do I use that's the kind right there make sure you spread the word this question gets asked all the time in the comments section so that is the brand that's what I use and I buy it at Walmart for today's hating we're gonna keep things nice and simple you're gonna simply paint a planet with a night sky and a mountain in the front nice and easy nothing too crazy I'm going to show you how to do it first off we're gonna take our round object and place it somewhere on our canvass poster board whatever you want to call it first off were to place our lid down on the paper we're to go in with our rust-oleum black we're just gonna do like a quick mist on the outside all that's gonna do is mark where we want our planet to go now I'm going to likely burst just a little bit of that spray paint in there and we come over top with rust-oleum painters touch gloss white just gonna add a little bit in there next up we're gonna take our plastic bag crumple it up a little bit and lay it down over top once we put the plastic bag down we're just gonna tap the plastic bag we don't want to rub it we don't want to put too much pressure just a little bit of pressure kind of tap it around and pull it off we're gonna go in and do that one more time just to get some more textures on here and that's what we're left with let's go one more if you don't like your texture right off the bat go ahead and repeat the steps there's no limits how many times you can do it and it's gonna change every single time you go that looks like a nice moon we're to go back in with our rust-oleum painters touch here we're just gonna shave just one side of this planet by doing this we're gonna smooth just on the outside edges of this planet with a light quick spray we don't want thick coverage we don't want the paint to pool that's literally it that's all we need to do right there if you spray it less you're gonna let it dry for a shorter period of time somebody give this 30 seconds or so I'm gonna go ahead and pop my lid on a few moments later all right ladies on top of our planet make sure you get some of the shaded bits in there next we're gonna go for our night sky and for that we're just gonna black out honestly in this case the entire poster board keep your hand moving quick we do not want pizza pool so stay about a foot away move your hand back and forth as you seem I'm doing here and don't go over the same spots too many times and if you do you're going to wind up with pooled paint and you're not going to be happy with your results so nice even fairly light coverage is the way to go for this next part I'm gonna use this crappy little glove just because I don't want to get paint on my fingers this is optional but I do recommend you love's so we're gonna make some stars by spraying white spray paint onto the tips of our finger I'm gonna flip it off to the side once then take it over top here and just flick our stars onto our scene here those of you that have done might beginner tutorial through spray paint the most popular one in the channel this is pretty much the last step we're gonna take it a step farther today so I want to show you guys an additional technique they keep things as simple as possible we're gonna go in and take off our lid here revealing our planet I think it looks pretty nice to put a little piece of tape on the lid set the top here so I could grab it easily I find that to be quite helpful next up we are going to take our black spray paint we're gonna make a mountain right here maybe right over here and we're just gonna go in and have some fresh black that part's important that it's fresh not too much just a nice little layer to wetting it up again they're ready to go back in with our white spray paint here and all we're gonna do is streak across this whole page really fast to give some misty effects for the background like so so once we have this in once again we're gonna take our plastic bag we're gonna lay it down onto our poster board here now we're to kind of place the bag in the shape of our mountain and then we're just gonna run our fingers across and see what kind of results we get to the lathe now I want the mountain kind of u-shaped like this lay it down just run my fingers over top once I've done that I'll just peel back and this part might require you to go ahead more than once and just kind of finely tune I put my hand inside of the bag we're the destroy get along and extend this mountain kind of across the page a little bit here and that looks pretty good to me that mist in the background gives it some depth now we're gonna overlap another mountain and by that we're gonna take black spray paint and do a nice fresh coat on here then we're gonna run in with our white we're just streaking across gonna add a little bit more white spray paint this time because I want the mountain to look a little more snowy I'm gonna opt for a fresh plastic bag here lay it down with their hand inside the bag now we're just drawing with this hand all the way up and peeling back with this hand going over it several more times can give you some interesting textures so keep going to tell me final look with this that you really like I'm satisfied with the way this looks here now the one thing that I'm gonna do is just add a bit of shading to our foreground Mountain right here just going with our Estonian black and just shade the bottom section here keeping a good distance away and filling in the gaps if you will guys that is how you take two cans of spray paint a piece of poster board some magazine paper and turn it into a quick work of art take it step by step play around with these mountains they take a little bit of time to do as smoothly as I've shown you in this video here today nonetheless this is a very achievable painting for you first timers or beginners out there where you bail your planet first rewind the video watch certain parts over and over again and please I beg you go check out the rest of the channel we have tons of information available lots of tutorials about mountains planets etc etc this is meant to be a quick overview video so you guys can get the gist of how scraping art works I wanted to keep it quick so that your attention was grabbed I'm not boring you to death to the 20 minute video if you like this video please subscribe to the channel please share this video on Facebook like comment all that good stuff all of it really helps me get noticed here on YouTube and make sure you hit the notification bell just beside the subscribe button that's gonna let you know any time that we go live any time there's a new video that comes out you'll be one of the first people to see it so thank you so much for following along it's been a pleasure teaching you how to do some spray paint art I look forward to teaching you more in the future Oh PS guys make sure you sign your painting that part is very important


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