Batman (3/5) Movie CLIP – Who is this Guy? (1989) HD

Batman (3/5) Movie CLIP – Who is this Guy? (1989) HD

Aah! Oh. Aah! How much do you weigh? About 108, I think. Hold on. Aah! Ooh! See that thing
on my belt? Grab it. Don’t let go. Aah! No blood. Hey, who is this guy? Check his wallet. Wait a minute. What is that? It’s some kind
of body armor. He’s human after all. Take off the mask. Shoot her! Yah! Yah! Yah!

100 thoughts on “Batman (3/5) Movie CLIP – Who is this Guy? (1989) HD

  1. A good thing they broke up, all she did best is screaming( 11 times I think)

  2. I love how this Batman has to bend his entire body just to look up.

  3. If I wanna watch a half-assed philosophy seminar, I'll watch TDK trilogy. But if I wanna watch a fun, lively Batman movie that feels like the comics come to life, I'll watch Batman '89.

  4. 0:04 the way he looked up lmao😂😂😂 that 90 degree bend 😂😂😂

  5. You weight a little more than a 108 lol

  6. Just remember: this is the same Keaton who gave us "beetle juice" -who would have known he be remembered now as arguably the best Batman on film same way with afleck : terrible daredevil portrayal but one hell of a darknight. (Mad props)

  7. The guy with the sowrds is master sken he was the man who brought muay Thai boxing to he UK

  8. This is the only good batman. And will always be that way. I love Batman 😍

  9. gotta love how a swordsman just comes outta nowhere LOL

  10. Muay Thay Master Sken (with the swords)
    made him look good at the end of this clip

  11. Nice

  12. They haven't lived down the moment Batman burst through the roof to save Vicki. AMAZING, especially with that glorious Danny Elfman soundtrack.

  13. What are you doing Captain Hollister?!?!?!?

  14. 790,756th view 547th comment

  15. Guy waits on the other side of that wall just so he could fight Batman. Its time! YEEEAAAHHHHH!! Yuayayyhayyahiyaa

  16. 1:42 Mood

  17. The sword guy was bit too dramatic.

  18. 1:30 – I love how Batman takes on a street ninja armed two Chinese broad swords and blocks it with his gauntlets

  19. Why not shoot his mouth or eye holes


  21. 2018?

  22. 0:38

  23. Is that front flip even possible

  24. 1:55 – 2:00 Does this kinda remind you of another movie?

  25. 2:03 – :05 Did anyone else catch the grin?

  26. What wallet? LMAO

  27. This was my favorite batman movie to watch I watched it over and over again then I saw the dark knight and fell in love with it

  28. get it through your head you Jet-Li wannabe, Batman doesnt find swords intimidating

  29. Batman asking a woman's weight wouldnt fly in todays time.

  30. I cant belive Bob says to check his wallet. XD Seriously? Liek just imagine Batman carrying around a wallet.

  31. lol i love how he looks up at the bridge at first, he has to lean back because of his shitty costume

  32. One thing I always liked about Keaton's Batman was how calm and quite he was. His Batman was always so chill and calculated and yet he still managed to be so dark and intimidating. His version of the character was always so mysterious and subtle and his performance just felt more natural. As Batman his character was interesting and whenever he appeared on screen he was just badass to watch. Nothing against Bale, but his version of the character was way to angry and aggressive for my liking. He always seemed way to try hardish and just didn't feel that dark or intimidating. And that throat cancer voice sure didn't help either. Keaton's glare alone was intimidating enough.

  33. Check his wallet lol

  34. Omg that’s the same exact scream all
    throughout 9 1/2 weeks

  35. Lol I like how Batman just calmly stands so still and quite while the swordsman tries to attack him all loud and viciously, only for Batman to kick his face in like it was nothing.

  36. 1:58 Awkward Batface

  37. The music is same as Lego Batman games and Lego Batman The Movie: DC Super Heroes Unite.

  38. 0:04 oh my neck

  39. The best batman and batman movie ever

  40. 0:07 That’s kinda inappropriate too ask a woman about her weight. Because it’s not really a man or a boy’s business to ask, but only in grappling hook times.

  41. Batman: "Come get some"
    Bob: "No thank you"

  42. Fit kim and she's aged like fine wine better looking than angelina jolie aged better aswell.💪

  43. Jack Nicholson is my favourite actor!!

  44. 0:04 Only in such situations do you get away with that question to a lady.

  45. Batman is always watched. We know who he is.

    As soon as Batman is seen, all of Gotham checks who is home.

  46. Kloser Alert=no more Batman and no more Joker

  47. I love the part where Batman beats the swordsman.

  48. Still the best live action Batman imo.

  49. I didn't like keaton's batman. He was so stiff when fighting and sometimes fought without moving his arms which i found dumb.

  50. that nija guy acts crazy.

  51. 0:04 lol he's basically wearing a neck brace. has to lean back just to look up

  52. 1:59 this where Anderson Silva got it from 😂

  53. 1:40

  54. I always loved how a random swordsman comes flipping from outta nowhere lmfao

  55. “how much do you weigh?”
    “Bout 108 I think”
    “Yeah… in your Bra!”

  56. This movie hasn't aged as well as people insist.
    Don't get me wrong, I love it, but it's a very silly movie, looking back.

  57. Smash like !!!!

  58. 0:56 For years, I thought that guy was saying, "some kind of putty on him,".

  59. James Worthington Gordon/James Gordon

  60. Was Batman Pretending to be dead? He got shot twice.

  61. Batman is 30 years old this year 1989-2019!!

  62. 1:34 who wears sunglasses at night

  63. Batman threw more guys over cars than B.A. Baracus…..must have been an 80’s thing.

  64. I love the Dark knight , but this movie keeps being the best Batman movie ever made 😎
    Why 🤔 ? Because it feels completely inside a comic book universe 😛

  65. Batman is a clever man, in setting his weight limit lower he cannot later be abused by fat women he ignored them. Brilliant Bats, brilliant.

  66. The dark cartoon aspect of this Batman cannot be matched.

  67. Batganchos salvar a su chica nunca falla

  68. the score is fantastic

  69. (Sword guy jumps out from behind the wall)

    Batman: (at the ready)

    Sword guy: (doing his moves)

    Batman: I’m already bored.

    Sword guy (still doing his moves)

    Batman: Go!! Would you go?!…

    Sword guy (kicking and swinging)

    Batman: Seriously I’m gonna drop you like third period French if you don’t hurry up.

    Sword guy (attacking)

    Batman: Here we go!! (Blocking) (Palm to the face)

    Sword guy: (swinging and yelling)

    Batman: (kick to the face)….(sword guy falls to the ground)….(imitating sword guy, waving arms around) “ahhhh Ehh ahah…yeaaaaa ehhh” (Walks away)—Jesus Christ!!!….Shields open.

  70. Best Batman, hands down.

  71. To be honest, my favorite Batman fight scene in this movie. Freaking [email protected] 😏

  72. "Shoot her!!"
    LOL Bob gets me every time.

  73. Who ever as kid tried to imitate this when you were watching this 1:36

  74. The way he leeeeans back at 00:05 is hilarious

  75. "CHECK 'IS WALLIT!" used that all the time growing up.

  76. When he looked up I died 😂

  77. 1:22 hit my arm!

  78. 0:04 classic Move 😂

  79. Vicki Vail was the best looking girl out of all them

  80. My favorite Batman !!!!

  81. I remember watching this scene as a kid, specially the part where he fought the Asian guy with the swords. I was so impressed by the fight I almost thought it was real. I still am very impressed.

  82. Batman basically motioning "Come on" and Bob just running away was funny.

  83. That moment when Michael Keaton's Batman fought better than Christian Bale's Batman.

  84. Yes, forever my Batman. Before I ever saw the dark Knight trilogy I watched this and this IS Batman.

  85. Kim basinger looks like a Barbie doll in this movie

  86. Batman always looks really goofy lol, it's really hard to take him seriously, am i the only one who thinks that?

  87. That superhero landing though. Deadpool would’ve been disappointed

  88. Can I just say the soundtrack is fuckin great?

  89. Master sken 10:30

  90. All that SCREAMING and go his Aztec handed to him

  91. The same soundtrack was in the lego game. Both were brilliant

  92. Construido un nuevo barma eficaz siempre

  93. Al Bundy finally sold his Dodge….the Jack Napier

  94. Muerte a Tim borton

  95. Joker's goons really were awesome and funny.

  96. The last guy giving up was very realistic

  97. I am BatMan?

  98. Seen early days Batman- not even a Batmobile, the outfits extremely ridiculous then, even Adam West outfit I view as dumb and I was 11 yrs old then. Since M.K. and all the other movies, far superior than the previous versions.

  99. 0:04
    I always laugh when he turns to look up

  100. 1:07 So, at least she helped him against the Joker and his minions this time!

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