Baman Piderman – Drawing Song (Ep 20)

Baman Piderman – Drawing Song (Ep 20)

im baman im piderman i com over da hous wer best friends hmm [baman:] uhm excuse me can ebryone pwease keep it down? wer trying to hab a date. [piderman:] oooh sawryyy well be quiieeeet

100 thoughts on “Baman Piderman – Drawing Song (Ep 20)

  1. Oh sooorry

  2. please tell me I'm not the only one who supports pumpkin and squib 😂

  3. is da song on spotify? 😂 da song is bomb af

  4. piderman is the only one who doesnt have a bae poor piderman

  5. whens their mixtape droppin???

  6. I'm proud of this hey (bunch of more noise)HEY (more noise)ummmm can u keep it down I'm trying to have a date here oooohh oookkkk weeee be quite now

  7. That.Was.Awsome.

  8. It's so cute, holy dang

  9. The ships in this show are hardcore lol

  10. IG: @the_only_cars

  11. lol

  12. BuBu Baman i BuBu Baman

  13. can evryone shut up im traying to watck guys!!! im waching Baman and Piderman

  14. yeah pidermans adoruble and ciut? a

  15. Bubu Baman?

  16. super taco you hath my friend foxy where dou you leave in lucena City or in ameryca?

  17. Everything about this is perfect, not only is it my favorite animated series not only on YouTube but on anything. It does everything right. It starts out so adorable and dumb but a good dumb you can laugh at and then as it goes on it establishes characters and plot and even manages to make me want to go out with a pumkin because he's so adorable and never in my life have I been able to say "Yeah I'd date that pumkin" and mean it. This episode has to be my favorite by far. Not only is it back to the more lighthearted feel of season 1 but it does music so well. The fact that Squib's keyboard riff can bring me out of such a deep depression because it sounds amazing just really astonishes me. I wish this series had more attention because it is the only show that can successfully pair, fat batman and a tuba, fat spiderman and a ghost, and a kawaii pumkin with an adorable Squib. This deserves a 10/10 for doing everything right.

  18. Since when did these become aged restricted and why

  19. I wove baman piderman make mower

  20. I mean more!

  21. Is that hole in pidermans house ever gonna be fixed?

  22. tubaman

  23. best song evah

  24. my fav episode

  25. Can you feel that time slipping through your fingers?

  26. I really like and appreciate this. Although i found one mistake. When the episode begins you see piderman take the cap off the marker, but later on when the actual song starts he takes it off again. Now don't take that as a insult or anything, i'd just like to point it out.

  27. This my favorite episode!!!😊❤️

  28. Why an age restriction?

  29. dang it has been years since I watch this video

  30. That's a good song 🎶

  31. pum pum pum

  32. holds up picture I'm proud of dis 🙂

  33. I like Squibkin better than Tubaman but yesss I ship it alllll

  34. Luv da musics

  35. I really like squib

  36. I laughed at the PUM PUM PUM PUM PMKIN PUMKIN


  38. amazing

  39. when ppl ask me what kinda music i listen to

  40. "I'm Baman im Piderman i come over da hous wer bes fwends"

  41. I miss this so much

  42. Why the hell is this episode age restricted but the others aren't Huh?

  43. so pure….
    so so so pure……

  44. once the show ends, they must make an official soundtrack. there's too many songs in this series for there not to be a soundtrack

  45. baman piderman has litteraly filled me with joy and inspiration to start back animating. I hope to do a fan made baman piderman short cause I can doos animation and can sound like both characters .:)

  46. i love so mutch this song

  47. hahah


  49. Why isn't this on itunes?

  50. me- yo pass the aux cord
    friend- u better not play trash

  51. Lmao at this

  52. I watched the other episodes and there funny as

  53. Ya know that feeling when something is so awkard its funny and i lmao at it….well i just got that feelings after watching this ;-;

  54. help me Pumpkin is so adorable and I ship Squmpkin so hard

  55. why did this get age resticted?

  56. the new chainsmokers song is really lit

  57. This tv show is so weird

  58. Keep making piderman videos

  59. So cute man

  60. I’m pwoud of dis

  61. "i'm proud of this"
    the thing no real life artist thinks to themselves

  62. Whats going on in this world XD

  63. I feel bad that I am only seeing this now and that this has been here for a while

  64. awww baman loves tubaaaaaaaa<3<3<3<3<3

  65. Tubaman!

  66. I'm proud of you too piderman

  67. You: Tom Holland

    Me, an intellectual: piderman

  68. I love this show.

  69. I started to think that this would be sponsored by kit kat lol

  70. Who thinks flustered Pumpkin is best Pumpkin?

  71. T U B A M A N

  72. Why this age restricted?

  73. 1:21 yes

  74. I like bamans boss’s stomping



  77. Actually one of the better songs I've heard

  78. WHY THE HELL IS THIS AGE RESTRICTED???? Its just a Lil song and pumpkin being bashful

  79. why can't i find this episode on pornhub

  80. Best show eber!

  81. I swear I love piderman

  82. that guy and that other guy literally ROLLED ONTO SQUIB

  83. If this isn’t the best ringtone ever I don’t know what is

  84. 0:31 is the start of a song

  85. Can you please make a full version of this but more of squib playing keyboard

  86. ok but like
    is pumkin ok

  87. Finally they are dating

  88. pum pum pum

  89. At 1:40 I thought Squib was just waving off Baman, and I just realized it was waving to Pumkin who saw it and ran back inside. I love this so much.

  90. Nostalgic things

  91. At 1:40 Squib’s little wave at the end

  92. 0:40 There’s a few frames where pidermans hand isn’t colored. It feels….weirdy

  93. Is this on iTunes? If not this NEEDS to be.

  94. I'm Batman I'm part of a man come over the house your best friends

  95. 1:14

  96. I love when piderman is singing about pumpkin and how at first he’s like “oh dope” and then he’s like “oh shitsticksbthe worlds closing in!!!/$$2”

  97. Oh god my sister mentioned that pidermans head looks like a freaking nose and i can't unsee it now.

  98. 왜이제 성인이야

  99. So proud of the fact that this song is on Spotify

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