Bad Bunny Reveals Cover Art, Release Date and Meaning of YHLQMDLG

Bad Bunny Reveals Cover Art, Release Date and Meaning of YHLQMDLG

-I have to say, we have this
album cover here. You were nice enough
to give it to us to debut to everyone
the cover of your album. -It’s top secret.
[ Cheers ] -I know. It’s top secret.
But I love it. -But you can —
-I love it. -[ Whispers ]
You can, you can, you can. [ Laughter ] -[ Whispers ]
Can I show… [ Whispering ] [ Laughter ] Here it is. Here is the cover
of the new Bad Bunny. -It’s gonna be the first time.
-No, this is it. This is the debut.
-This is gonna be the first. It’s the debut.
-This is the debut. -Here!
-Drum roll. Louder drum roll. [ Drum roll ]
[ Cheers and applause ] [ Drumming continues ] [ Cheering ] -Whoo! ♪♪ Whoa! -I love it. [ Applause ] I love it. [ Cheering continues ] I love it. I love it. I love it.
-Thank you. -I love it.
-Thank you. Thank you. -I have a lot of questions
for you because you — This is your first album
in a long time. Fans are going nuts, like me, and I follow you on Twitter
and Instagram, and you said that you weren’t
gonna tweet until the album was gonna come out,
and then I go, “Okay,” and I’m kind of waiting,
and I know you, but I’m just like, “What’s he
talking about, man?” And then you tweeted this out. And it says — “Palo, palo, palo, palo, palo,
palo, palo, palo.” And then so — “gracias.”
-That means hits. Hits, hits, hits, hits, hits.
-Hits. -The rumor is you might have
20 tracks on the new album. Is that true? You don’t even
have to say yes or no, just ’cause I don’t want
you to get in trouble. If it is true, can you
give me the pinkies? -Okay. Okay. Okay, okay.
-All right. -Yeah. -Are there 20 tracks
on this to album? -Uh — [ Cheers and applause ] -Uh… Okay.
This is another one — a rumor. It said “#YHLQMDLG
coming soon.” Fans go, “Well, that’s the name
of the album.” Is that possibly true?
Is that the name of the album? [ Cheers and applause ] -You know what that means,
right? -No, what does that mean? -The name of the album is
“Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana.” [ Cheers ] -Yo hago —
-Yo hago… -Yo hago.
-Lo que. -Lo que.
-Me da. -Me da.
-La gana. -La gana.
-And that means “I do whatever I want.”
-“I do whatever I want”? [ Laughter ] -Wow, that’s the name
of the album. This is all exclusive.
This is all exclusive stuff. I’m freaking out.
You gave me all the scoops. Here’s one last one here,
and this is, again, you can always say no or don’t
do anything, but if it’s true or something,
maybe just do that. -Okay.
[ Laughter ] -You were at the All-Star Game.
You played in the All-Star Game. By the way, congratulations.
You sank one basket. -Ohh.
[ Laughter ] -Thank you. Thank you.
I’m so proud. My dad is so proud.
-Really? -Yeah.
-That’s pretty cool. -He didn’t care about
the Grammys. “My son get a bucket
in the NBA.” You know? [ Laughter ] -Big NBA fan?
-Yeah. -Yeah, cool.
Well, as you were playing, everyone was wondering why you
were wearing the number 29. Everyone was saying,
“Wait, is it going to be released
on the –” -That’s a three-pointer. -Is it going to be released —
-I look like Ray Allen. -…”on the 29th?” Which would be this Saturday,
so that would be impossible, but is the — is the album
released on the 29th? [ Drum roll ] [ Cheers ] [ Applause ]
All right! Yes! This Saturday?
This Saturday? Yes, this Saturday.
-Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] -This Saturday!
Oh, my gosh! Yeah!
-Whoo! -This Saturday.
Wow, you’re the best. -You know —
-You didn’t have to do that. You didn’t have to do that.
-No, no, no. That sounds so far.
Like, Saturday sounds so far. I think it’s gonna be tomorrow
at midnight. -Tomorrow at midnight.
Let’s do that. That’s even better.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Pick up the new Bad Bunny. Tomorrow at midnight. He’ll be performing for us
after the break. Stick around, everybody.

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