Baby Doll Swap with Aloha Baby Alive Paradise Galleries Sara Safari

Baby Doll Swap with Aloha Baby Alive Paradise Galleries Sara Safari

hi guys our baby's here and we have Zoe with us I'm here and here Zoe with her messy hands you've been doing some mad scientist things lately yes anyway we have a new baby to us here we did a doll swap with Aloha Baby Alive and this is the baby that she benefits one of her babies or it used to be her baby and this happened to be as you can see a very nice gallery stall I didn't notice but this has been one of those dreaming dolls and I didn't even know and so so we have already claimed her anyway head explained if you guys want a little ha baby line you probably see miss baby but if you haven't go and check out our channel I will put a link down below anyway let's go ahead and reveal which baby are you oh excuse me sticker is that way you can get it open however I don't use I want to kill the city man tomorrow just kidding let me check my hand this is where you are a mom okay Oh a little No so we open it he gets down here and I see it Adri another the cute little sticker I love this I didn't know she was your pretty handwriting Sagarika mirror daddy made it I'm totally wrong Aloha sweetheart babies thank you for adopting our sweet baby doll um sharek Laurie I am sure she will be very much loved and well taken care of in your home we haven't had a chance to name her yet so you can give her whatever name you want you you like she was zero points three months clothed oh they're three months I know we got newborns okay we'll try it on right right clothes yeah I can't run in three months clothes and I haven't included one of her favorite outfit she can get extra outfit and all of her original clothes and excessively we are your biggest fan and love watching your videos sincerely a little hot baby alone he is Sweden I'm like a couple I am Salam I know she is a pretty uh pretty handwriting and like you draw so good like look at this flowers she's very talented thank you guys all right well tell me your don't sorry hmm nice pretty sparkly tissue paper experience or not another number you sticker and this is a new favorite oh yes I've seen this one okay you might have an unlimited so maybe I'm thinking of different okay so all that blows oh my goodness Joshua rose with their ruffled a meal of revenue we do up here and very little flowers purple flowers this purple color is my favorite looks really pretty thank you guys thank a guy gets in a little is that a 1b you're sure she does in the one day oh my goodness it's so cute look at this a little like owl a little color oh yeah I need a blue color and this is like a girly outfit this blue I like that in baby teeth yeah me too I think um purple and blue go really well together thank you and then we have a a hat matches the pants and I think it's so cute like what there's a good little flower oh my god oh my god that's so cute I wasn't expecting that other one ever I can only think you hiring smart things are greater yeah they're so nice you guys are gonna make me show you our number you're gonna love them overall baby alive something oh no no you across them when I'm not expecting yeah look she covers your head or I'll pop some like three days later my mother's a little food I like I'll top them like three days later into the rock I know she likes scaring me another little Bagram dear mama so we're just giving a little boy hold on so we get very good this little elephant in the pretty little and look you I didn't know she came some fog another there's something mesmerized you what what on what oh I didn't what you said it was a cute people then one came with my little o'er this one came with Milo it's a little out on now you have an owl and an elephant to go with your beanie hmm well just too small I'm just kidding when you in your office hope to go there's the flowery there really is is pretty this is her certificate she's a 110 it's awesome alright look at her I believe you know I'm a sure now and won't do an entire feet version again okay and I look at her feet you guys did with our manicure we're going to make sure Tibbals and little bit the ocean oh my beautiful honest three goofy food let's look at a sink okay hold on these are literally my feet and I'm not even a baby oh my goodness but her nails are tipped on her face – this is so cute this is like the cutest dollfie i have ever seen and it is very cute how wrinkly I like this is a wrinkled yes I don't know I'm Hannah showing mistletoe to you little bit lucky on your hands sorry okay I left my hand let's get lucky but further it will see a brother screw or better together her other foot is askew look it's been days I'm trying to show him the details also four distinct just hips nails a little bit middle in the end that's a shiny I like that looks real to me three senators this was when I got a question people saw we share she's awfully hard itself is so important because okay so suppose you have a chubby and she's look cute oh she was gonna ruin her you're sorry well don't okay no mom okay from Oh can't you take her thumping around I don't know we have anything I'm going to look at oh wait this entire horrible hoping for anything around hmm yeah our time honey next might be tied yeah and cover her face first oh my good you don't care sorta I mean it actually is very close it's actually very very close I think I was a little bit like lighter and like you guys I walk alike she's so cute what good is compute hello I know herb sorry I'm trying to look at her yeah you're here now closed except I have like yeah it's so close do so a lot you can't forget forever not okay oh my goodness you can put like little barrette or something over here a headband um you know I'm Kelly maple stall Paisley like just like little Brett I know I think I'm normal because I look at it just say I love her eyes over here right your eyes are so I love the her eyelashes they're like a fake stroke but you can't tell it very well she's pretty Vegas I want to do an outing with her saw when you do an outing with a stroller you're like you kind of troller wrong you're a donor too easy for her boat yeah see I know that Aloha the new life has already been in video with her we could probably put a link to that video too he's so cute and like oh my gosh she's like kind of chubby and I just love chubby baby you sicker than we thought shouting newborn DM we've got new born I mean relationship look at eyebrow I love her eyebrows are so they're getting better with eyebrows eyes they are you can leave them all there just like is it like a slight or justice white but look look better and I thought another baby they have on their website and it's eyebrows for even better than that yeah but look at that I mean it still looks like a doll I brought it it's way better so much better than just like this guy from far away you're not going to think she's please you know what if you get really close to observe a tournament link no castle we never her eyes went sparkly I'm not there so pretty sure like so cute and she's like mom I need you I really want more hair even parts over like this like hugger I got her headband is even be always close and Michael Murray look at our hair like except her out her eyes are dark Club literally this could this could literally you sounded a little with your exception like look at that he's everything she's your real baby you wanna see because she took herself I know her mouth not open I kind of looks like it is if you look at her but it's not she's cute I love her little nose she actually reminds me a lot of Zoey gotten oh my goodness she is Zoey's baby huh you guys seem so me when she was a baby I might have my video somewhere but I don't know if she let me post soon but her hair was actually darker when she was younger but now it matches this she's so cute he's like what is he doing oh no he's back okay no make sure you show it like kind of over her tummy MLB overseer I got well I got this one too matched outfit but still if I get my outfit I'll have it look yeah we go after the some really tall with her oh I'm going to turn this around a pink one yeah here we go yeah I carry around Eunice is awesome little big but that's so Spitzer that's a pretty look unit is a little bit where you plug that in on the very back yeah I said musicians you know I like you anyway I know right but like look we got to make blue pants I think people definitely little thinner their newborn size we wait nice look like their knickers or something I don't know I said they're a little bit small and then we got very oh my gosh this is the normal and you might think it looks more niche but it's got about an idea I gotta sorta go it I think it might shed her I don't know it'll be a little country me I think it'll be so cute because it matches the paint exactly you additional services because you know it looks like it'll fit can you do it then one just kind of snug true true anyway so probably do a video on her channel doing maybe a changing her ending had me probably an outing with the view three stroller we got I haven't done an outing yet Queenston really behind huh alright guys well thank you so much for watching to swap babies want video be sure to check out a loja baby alive Channel I'll put a link down below I'll put her unboxing at this date alright guys well if you like her please give her a big thumbs up and she had the city with your friend and go ahead and subscribe if you're not already subscribed in questions and hey Bob she's been really pretty I know look at her song

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