BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing at London South Bank University

BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing at London South Bank University

Music and opening titles… Hannah Jenkins: I’ve always loved English
Literature and I’ve always loved writing so the fact that LSBU offered a course that
paired both of them together was perfect for me. James Roche: I looked through the prospectus
for the English course and it just looked fantastic, and it ticked all the boxes that
I wanted to study and went from there. Olivia Sikopoulis: When I was looking at
the prospectus online I noticed that a lot of modules had a lot of varying things that
I’d never covered before previously at A-level literature so I was really keen and interested
to study some different things. Dr Suzanne Scafe: The degree is a very diverse
degree, it’s a very diverse program, we offer a wide range of literatures in English.
So we focus on English from all over the world and we try to present English as something
that’s really dynamic, engaging and live. So English Literature is not a dead subject
to study. Dr Karlien van den Beukel: Creative writing
is a third of the English with Creative Writing degree so two thirds of the modules will be English Literature modules and then a third are devoted to creative writing. In the final year students do Literary magazine, they get to write short stories, poetry, reviews, interviews
and then they work on picture research, on copy editing, on really producing this great
online magazine all by themselves so it’s entirely student led. Hannah Jenkins: LSBU is very close to many
theatres around the area as well as other arts locations which really helps with my
course because we study a lot of plays and a lot of theatre so with easy access to theatres
around we can see the plays in front of us rather than just reading them which helps
get a much broader understanding of them. Dr Suzanne Scafe: Students have several opportunities
to visit many of the productions at the Globe, we’re walking distance from the Young and
Old Vic and again students regularly go to performances at both of those theatres. In
addition to theatrical performances, students also go to literary events in the South Bank. The Erasmus program is a really exciting development
for our students it’s something that we’ve been working on for the past two or three
years. The English teaching team has developed links with Universities in several locations
in Europe and our students go to Europe as part of the Erasmus program for one semester
and it’s a great opportunity for students to think about what they’re studying in
a completely different cultural environment. James Roche: The opportunity to network is
really good here at the Uni. A lot of the lecturers themselves have a lot of connections,
friends etc in different businesses and disciplines and it’s really good to know that they’re
willing to provide that for us as students so we can actually benefit from that, ask
the right questions to push us in our right career paths. Hannah Jenkins: The quality of the teaching
is absolutely phenomenal, I always feel like the teachers are really, really passionate
about what they’re teaching and that just makes the subject so much more interesting
to learn it. Dr Suzanne Scafe: In the past students have
gone into really unexpected careers such as banking, development, they’ve worked with
NGOs, marketing, media and so on. A lot of our students go into teaching, a lot of our
students also go on to post-graduate courses primarily in English but also in film studies,
media studies, development studies, politics a whole range of post-graduate courses. Hannah Jenkins: I would definitely recommend
studying this course at LSBU, I think pairing up English Literature with Creative Writing
is really beneficial for the students because they complement each other so well. James Roche: The course has allowed me first
of all in my academic approach to things to actually think about things on a theoretic
basis which is really integral to other parts of my life as well. Intellectually, It’s
challenged me massively which is what you want from a university degree anyway and personally
yeah, I’ve benefited hugely from the degree, I’ve learnt so much, I’m developing all
the time and it’s allowed me to have a state of mind where I will take this thinking to
a career and also into my life as well and I don’t think I’ll ever lose that. Music and titles.

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