As you can see the celebrations have begun and with this the Ambernath Shiv Mandir Art Festival has begun and Rahul.Patki’s KHAPITU-The Foodie Youtube channel has come here to cover the various food products available here we are going to cover the whole of food court here and i am going to show you all the varieties of food available here visitor to the Festival:I have come here for the festival and I can see s lot of nice food stalls here what I can see is that stall owners have come from Vasai and Mahim with Fresh and Big crabs and Prawns so I am enjoying, Thank you. one of the Stall owners:Hello All we have come from Soubhagya Bachat Mahila Group in Ambernath Shiv Mandir Art Festival 2020 and have a stall here we have Sattari Katta Misal Pav here and along with it We have also made Bachat’s Group different types of Chutney Pea nut,seasame chutney,ground nut chutney , Dry coconut chutney, we have kept this different types of chutney we are all working in cooperation with each other We request You All to visit and support Us Thanks visitor to the Festival: There are a lot of Food stalls here varieties of dishes available I tried Shegaon Kachori,Pithla Bhakari and Zunka I also treid Matki Bhel A lot of varieties of food and snacks available here and it is very tasty and yummy Thank You Visitor to the Festival: I liked it very much Visitor to the Festival:We are having Chicken Lollipop and it is very tasty the festival is also very awesome and we liked it very much Thank You Visitor to the Festival:we have come for the festival here all the food and snacks stall are very good we have taken Thalipeeth,Bharith Bhakari I liked the taste of Bombil of Mahim Koliwada very much and we are going to take Surmai now the quality of food is very nice and it is very clean also we like it very much here Everyone of you who is interested should definitely try all the dishes here it is really very good Visitor to the Festival:I have come here to the festival there is a lot of variety of yummy dishes here we tried some crabs we shall further taste much more yummy dishes thank you Visitor to the Festival: I have just started i wanted to taste matki Bhel if i like Matki Bhel I shall definitely If I like the taste I shall suggest others to take it me : as you can see this is an extremely awesome Festival and full of tasty dishes do definitely visit this festival still 2 days to go for this festival that is 29 th Feb and 1 march 2020 Don’t forget to subscribe,like and share,thank you so much.

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  1. awesome video

  2. amazing stuff

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  6. Will definitely visit

  7. फारच छान व्हिडिओ घेतला आहे
    चवीकडे , स्वच्छतेकडे बारकाईने लक्ष दिले आहे ,
    त्याबद्दल दाद द्यावीच लागेल !
    स्टाॅल्स ना जरूर भेट द्यावी च लागेल
    चला तर मग मित्र-मैत्रिणींनो !

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  9. Wow I would love to go to such a festival which is full of lovely food

  10. अरे व्वा मस्त….खवय्यांसाठी तर पर्वणी म्हणायची.. खुपच छान फेस्टीवल…

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