Aseprite Top Down Pixel Art Character Design and Animation Part 1 – Tutorial

Aseprite Top Down Pixel Art Character Design and Animation Part 1 – Tutorial

What’s up Game Developers? CouchFerret here, and today I’m gonna walk
you through my process of how I draw and animate a new character from scratch. I’ll be doing all 8 directions for both walking
and running animations. During the video, I’ll explain a few things
in each phase, but sometimes I’ll be quiet so you can enjoy the process and the chill
music. If it sounds fun, then stay with me, and consider
subscribing with the bell icon so you won’t miss any future videos of this game. Cool, let’s begin! The first thing I’m doing here is a horizontal
and vertical scale for my characters. It’ll help with their sizes. Now, I’m picking a color from the middle,
and blocking out the character’s shape. I started without a vertical mirror, but then
I turned it on because it helps a lot to create the front view of the character, which will
most likely be symmetrical. I’m defining the character’s face with a yellow-greenish
color and trying to figure out the placement of the eyes. He’ll also be a bit slimmer and shorter overall. Later I’ll also have a taller version of him,
too. I put a few pixels of shading on his face. Shading him with a darker blue really gives
him form. He looks strange and alien, but I prefer sketching
with a color gradient instead of grayscale. And if we look it as a game from the 80s,
then it isn’t strange at all. I’m switching to a white background to have
brighter colors for the face. Although I don’t like working with a pure
white background, it can make my eyes tired fast. To have a few variations I’m making a taller
and slimmer version of the character. By scaling his head a bit smaller on the Y-axis,
it makes him fit the Top Down perspective better. I’ve picked the second one, and I’m doing
the side view and a 45-degree view. But first, I’m changing his shirt color because
he is too blueish overall. A bit of shading gives him form too. Sometimes I zoom out too see him from a distance and get a feeling for how he will end up in the game. Also, the Preview window is a huge help in
this too. I’m shading his hair similarly in all views
so he won’t look strange when turning around. And I’m making a backside view too. I think these four views are enough to grasp
the idea and I’ll be able to choose the best one in the end. I’m copying this concept to try out a different
body shape for variety. Because the original archer in the game was
wider than this newer concept, I’m making the new one thicker too. Instead of doing the different views, I’m testing out
how tall he should be. I think the smallest one looks appealing. So I’m going forward with him and creating
a couple of hairstyles before making all the different views for him. Now I’m making the 4 different views for the
smaller variation so I can compare it to the taller one in the end. He isn’t just smaller but he has a bigger
chin too. In the side view he looks way too rounded,
like a minion from Despicable Me, so I’m making a slimmer version from the side view. I let this project rest for a day. It’s always good to rest your eyes for a while. Working too much at one time on one piece
can make you blind to its obvious flaws. The next day his eyes looked misplaced in
the front view. So I’m moving them closer to the center. I kind of prefer the taller version. But before coloring him, I’m making a bunch
of hairstyles just for fun. I’m planning to have customizable characters
in the game, so you can make your own character and play as him or her. I’m not satisfied with all of them but the
Mohawk one looks quite fun. It will definitely make it into the game. Now I’m moving into Photoshop to adjust the
colors. You can do the same thing in Aseprite or almost
any other drawing software, it’s just a habit for me to do this phase in Photoshop. I’m mostly playing around with the Hue but
sometimes with the Saturation and Lightness as well. After I’m satisfied with the colors, I’m copying
him back to Aseprite to start working on his animation. As the first step, I’m working on a turntable
animation for the character to have a good base for the running and walking animations. After I’ve finished all the views for the
turntable, I’m putting them together to have an animation out of them. It’ll help with finding a few flaws to fix. I think the turntable ended up being pretty
cool. It only needs a few fixes with the hair and
it’s done. That’s much better! It’s time to animate! I’m starting with the front facing run animation and I’ll be moving counter-clockwise with the animations. The main difference between the running and
walking animations is that the character jumps up slightly during each step while running. And also the arms and legs are a bit more
relaxed in the walking animation. I’m preparing the timeline for all of the
animations and tagging every 6 frames with the given animation’s name, so we will be
able to play the animations back in an endless loop. Here, I’ve noticed that I forgot to fix the
shading on the character’s shirt and his quiver’s strap, so I’m fixing it quickly before moving
to the next few animations. I’m done with most of the animations. For the remaining ones, I can just modify
the existing animations to get the opposite side. That’s it for today folks! Next time, we will continue the animations
by giving him a bow and a quiver. We will be working on the shooting animation
as well. I think at the end of the next episode we
can wrap it up and export him into Unity. So be sure to subscribe and leave a thumbs
up! If you have any questions about what you have
just seen, feel free to ask and I’ll try to answer all of them. See you next time!

27 thoughts on “Aseprite Top Down Pixel Art Character Design and Animation Part 1 – Tutorial

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