Artists Draw the Raddest Women

Artists Draw the Raddest Women

– [Julia] Welcome too Drawfee
where we take your dumb ideas – [Karina] And make even dumber drawings. – [Julia] I’m Julia. – [Karina] I’m Karina. – [Jacob] I’m Jacob. – [Julia] Ooh, me and Karina
bringing in the intro, you know what that means. – [Jacob] It can only mean one thing. – [Julia] It can only mean one thing. Handsome men? – [Jacob] No handsome men this time. We’re going to the
other side of the aisle. We gotta get some women in here. We gotta get some dope, badass ladies to kick some ass, and take some names. – [Julia] I have bad news. – [Jacob] What? – [Julia] I’m very bad at drawing women. – [Jacob] Since when? I thought you were known for drawing the most beautiful women. – [Julia] The most handsome women. – [Jacob] All curves, and rounded edges. – [Julia] So good at curves. – [Jacob] Rounded edges. – [Julia] I’m gonna have to do like a base drawing for this. I’m gonna do, you know my runes. The handsome man episode
really just kicked off. People were into it. – [Jacob] Yeah, probably
due in no small part to Karina’s fleshing out
of the Schmando universe. – [Julia] People loved that. That is true. – [Karina] Oops. – [Jacob] And then everyone
had to go watch the episode to go find out what Karina
was making comics about. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] So thank you Karina. – [Karina] Was that my plan all along? Who knows. – [Julia] I hope it is, ’cause it worked. – [Jacob] Probably not, you
probably just wanted to. – [Karina] Yeah. – [Jacob] So this time we’re
going for badass women, right? We have the most handsome men and we want the most badass women. – [Julia] Yeah. Yeah. – [Jacob] We don’t want no
prissy princesses up in here. – [Julia] Hey, they could
be badasses, you know – [Karina] Anything wrong with that. – [Jacob] Maybe in their own way they can. – [Julia] All women can be badasses. – [Jacob] You know what, I
re-examined my personal biases and I think I’ve come out
a better man, thank you. – [Julia] You’re Welcome, – [Jacob] For increasing my understanding. No more prejudices. (laughing) – [Julia] I also have
to apologize to everyone for my voice today. It’s gonna go in and out and I’m gonna be drinking
a lot of beverages. – [Karina] Drinking my whiskey. – [Julia] I just, I’m very sick. – [Jacob] Julia does that cowboy cure. Where you drink whiskey
until you’re better. – [Julia] Yeah, I think
that’s called alcoholism, but – [Jacob] That’s the
cowboy cure, right Karina? – Yes.
– You’re from Texas. – [Karina] I’m cowboy. (laughing) – [Julia] I am cowboy. – [Jacob] Confirmed,
Karina, real life cowboy. – [Karina] I’m wearing my boots today. – [Julia] You are, you’re
wearing your cowboy boots. Cowgirl boots? What’s the difference. – [Jacob] Cowperson. – [Julia] Cowperson boots. – [Jacob] That’s like a
person whose part cow. (laughing) – [Julia] It’s that one
character from Fruits Basket whose the cow. – [Jacob] You’re really
gonna come out here with a Fruits Basket reference? – [Julia] You damn right
know I am going to. – [Jacob] So, Julia. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] You’ve begun drawing. I just kinda wanna get a
sense of where your mind’s at going into this drawing. What are you thinking? What are you brainstorming? – [Julia] I want like,
I want like a lady who, I should probably unharsh
these eyebrows a little bit. I just want like a smarmy woman, lady. – [Jacob] A smarmy woman? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Okay. – [Julia] You know, just
like having a lot of ‘tude. – [Jacob] So you’re going
for like a extra ‘tude sort of head look, like a
back over the shoulder, like whoops, did I do that? – [Julia] ‘Cause also what I wanna do is – [Jacob] And there’s
like 30, you know, people laying dead.
– Yeah. ‘Cause also what I wanna do, is I wanna make like the antithesis to, well I guess not the antithesis to, but my Schmidt drawing. – [Karina] They’re already
like, facing the same way. – [Julia] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Jacob] This will be Zoe Deschanel. – [Julia] I’m gonna draw Zoe
Deschanel, yeah, hold on. Let’s get these, let’s
get the bangs in there, There you go. – [Jacob] That’s it, huh? – [Julia] That’s Zoe Deschanel. – [Jacob] Wow, you
nailed it, got it in one. So this is gonna be someone
whose like intelligent. – [Julia] I want like a
murderous, intelligent, Zoe Deschanel. I mean, don’t we all. – [Jacob] A manic murderer dream girl. – [Julia] Yeah, manic murder dream girl. That’s sounds like a Rob
Zombie song or something. – [Jacob] You’re really coming out with some references this episode. Fruits Basket and Rob Zombie? Have you traveled back in time? – [Karina] You’re losing me. – [Jacob] You’re losing Karina, you’re leaving her by the wayside. – [Julia] Karina, have you
never read Fruits Basket? – [Karina] I did read
the first couple volumes in an airport. – [Julia] Yeah, as you do. As you do with Fruits Basket, yeah. – [Jacob] And? – [Julia] Why’d you stop? – [Jacob] What’s your review? – [Karina] They turn animals? I don’t remember it that well. I wasn’t that into it, I’m sorry. – [Julia] That’s fine. – [Karina] I missed
the Fruits Basket stage of my weeaboo era. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s an important stage for all young weeaboos to go through. – [Karina] Maybe if I
wasn’t in an airport. – [Jacob] Maybe, I
think it was the airport that was the problem and
definitely not Fruits Basket. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Karina] ‘Cause now I just
associate it with airports. – [Jacob] That’s, yeah, that’s bad. – [Julia] Do you feel like
when you go to airports now you’re like, I really feel, I’m in the mood to read something, but I don’t know what it is. Now it’s just, now you
know it’s Fruits Basket. – [Karina] I figured it out. – [Jacob] Mystery solved. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] I read, the only
time this ever happened was I started reading the
first Dark Tower book, The Gunslinger when in I
was in like high school I started reading it
when I got on a plane. – [Julia] Otherwise known
as Fruits Basket for boys. – [Jacob] Fruits Basket
for boys, The Dark Tower. – [Julia] The Dark Tower. – [Jacob] The Dark Basket. And I started reading it
when the plan took off, and then as the plane
was landing back home I like, finished the last
page and closed the book and I just read the whole
dang thing in one flight and it felt like
– That’s impressive. – [Jacob] This perfectly timed thing. And now I always associate that
book with being on a plane. That’s the end of my story. – [Karina] Good story. – Nice
– Thank you. – [Julia] I read the
first Golden Compass book at my grandmother’s house in France so I associate that book
with being at her house. – [Jacob] That’s a grandma book now. – [Julia] That’s a grandma book now. My favorite book,
coincidentally a grandma book. – [Jacob] I’ve told you
this before plenty of times, but I read the entire
trilogy when I was in Finland in the winter. – [Julia] Oh my God, that’s
like the perfect setting. What the hell? – [Jacob] I couldn’t speak the language so I couldn’t talk to anyone. – [Julia] Did you just
like get off the plane and they handed it to you? – [Jacob] They were like here you go. – [Julia] They’re like,
you have to read this now. – [Jacob] I just brought it with me ’cause I was like maybe I’ll, you know, give this series another try ’cause I read it like when I was younger but it didn’t really grab me. – [Julia] Right. – [Jacob] And then I just read
straight through all three over the course of that one trip, and then when it ended, I felt like I had lost a loved one. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] ‘Cause I had spent so much time every day reading those books and I was like what do I do? What do I do? Help me. – [Julia] It also doesn’t help that that book ends on a major bummer. – [Jacob] Yeah, it does,
it’s a bitter sweet ending I would say. I like this angle you got going here. – [Julia] Thanks, I don’t like it because I forgot how
mouths work at this angle. – [Karina] It’s working well. – [Jacob] Yeah, you got some smarm. I think you’ve smarmed up that mouth good. – [Julia] Okay, good. – [Jacob] I’m feeling it. – [Julia] I’m not really
sure what I’m doing here. – [Karina] You’re doing
good, you’re doing great. – [Julia] Thank you, I
have to follow the runes. – [Jacob] This face, you know,
it reads as female to me. Which is good for you. – [Julia] I’ve done it. I’m improving! – [Jacob] You’re improving,
I think you’re learning. I’m actually not good at like doing realistically proportioned female faces. – [Julia] But you are
good at drawing women. ‘Cause you have a very curve style. – [Jacob] They gotta
be really cartooned up. As soon as I try to make it realistic, I just, I default to like
man face proportions. – [Julia] Right. That’s normally what I do. – [Jacob] And then I say to myself this is why you don’t draw realistic faces and then I stop and I never try again and I never improve and I stagnate and I stay the same artist forever. Until the day I die. (laughing) – [Julia] I’m gonna give her some cool You alright there? – [Karina] Just brush over Jacob’s like deep self awareness and complacency. – [Julia] Well he’s gonna
be stuck in that pit now. – [Karina] That sounds like
a personal problem, Jacob. – [Julia] Listen, we
can’t address all this in this episode, alright? So anyways, so back to me, – [Jacob] Snooze fest. My advice for this episode is just find one thing you can do well and then just do that thing over and over. – [Julia] Yeah, and never look back. Never look at how you can improve. – [Jacob] Never look back and never grow. Don’t grow under any circumstances. It’s too hard and it makes you tired. – [Julia] Yeah, it’s too much work. Don’t do it. What should I do with her hair? I kinda want like a cool, like edgy cut. Like maybe it’s gonna be – [Jacob] Like a short cut? – [Julia] It might be
like short, I don’t know. I don’t know, I don’t know. – [Jacob] Or you can do asymmetrical. – [Julia] Maybe she did that thing where you grow out like a side shave so its at that like medium
length, the undercut. – [Jacob] Oh yeah, sure. – [Julia] And then the rest
of it is long, you know. – [Jacob] I like that. – [Julia] I just want her to look edgy. – [Jacob] Yeah, like edgy
but like she doesn’t, you know, give enough of a shit to go get her hair cut regularly. – [Julia] Yeah, she’s like I don’t care. – [Jacob] I don’t care. – [Julia] This is just effortless. – [Jacob] This is my
just got out of bed look and I’ve always just gotten out of bed. – [Julia] Always, ’cause I’ve
been trying to improve at art and that’s hard. – [Jacob] So I have to sleep
a lot to make up for it. – [Karina] It makes you tired. – [Jacob] It makes you tired
mentally and emotionally. I’m not that cool, huh? (laughing) – [Julia] So what character
from New Girl is this? – [Jacob] This is no
character from New Girl. I’m kinda like a what’s her name? Rooney Mara, The Girl With
the Dragon Tattoo actress. – [Julia] A little bit. – [Jacob] Isn’t that Rooney Mara? – I don’t know.
– I think so, yeah. – [Jacob] I think so too. – [Julia] I don’t know anyone’s name. – [Karina] I’m not gonna
sit here and pretend I know actors. – [Jacob] It seems like
this is gonna be a repeat of the last time where I referenced actors and
actresses and you guys just don’t know what the
fuck I’m talking about. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Karina] Clearly. – [Julia] Yous guys. – [Jacob] Yous guys just ignore me. And draw your cool ladies. – [Julia] Yeah. You know I think I started drawing this keeping in mind the singer from The Sounds ’cause she’s got a dope look. – [Jacob] Sure. – [Julia] Maja, Maya,
Maja, Maya, Maya something. – [Jacob] Maya Rudolph. – [Julia] Maya Rudolph. – [Jacob] The singer of
The Sounds, Maya Rudolph, she’s multi-talented, she
can do so many things. You’ve kinda got a bit of a mullet-y look going on right now. – [Julia] A little bit. I’m not really liking it. I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m not really liking that mullet. – [Jacob] Yeah, we gotta
de-mullet this woman. Unless she wants to rock
the mullet, you know. I’m not gonna be the one to tell her. Sometimes people can pull it off. – [Julia] So, okay, here’s
where I’m stuck a little bit. She’s starting to look a little bit like Katy Perry with the short hair and I don’t want that. – [Jacob] Her features are
too strong to be Katy Perry. – [Julia] Okay so what if it’s like, oh here we go, this is what I wanted. – [Jacob] Flip it up from there. – [Julia] So it’s like
coming out from here, and then she’s got like those little – [Jacob] You’re coming dangerously close to drawing yourself. – [Karina] Yeah, I was about to say. – [Jacob] Yeah, you’re
really quickly inching up on Julia territory, you even mentioned that you wanted a nose ring like that. And you have piercings like that. And you did have the side
shave that you grew out. (laughing) – [Karina] And that’s okay. – [Jacob] It’s good to have confidence you know, and that what you
think of the most badass woman, you think who better than who
I see in the mirror every day. And there’s the big collar, yep. Here we go. (laughing) Let’s roll into it. – [Julia] What do I do? – [Jacob] I think you just have to commit. I think this is like, – [Julia] This is my commit
to the Schmidt moment of this episode. – [Jacob] You’re just drawing Julia. Like Julia who saw a knife fight once. (laughing) – [Julia] No! – [Jacob] I’m pretty
sure that’s what this is. – [Julia] Alright, I’m
just gonna lean in I guess. – [Jacob] Yeah, just lean in. What’s this character’s name? It’s gotta be like Julia. – [Julia] I mean Schmidt was just Schmidt. – [Jacob] Yeah, but this has to be like legally distinct from Julia. – [Karina] Then how is Schmidt legally distinct from Schmidt? (laughing) – [Jacob] I mean he’s not,
’cause it was just Schmidt. There was no plausible deniability there. It looked so much like Schmidt, like any court would have convicted you if you tried to say it wasn’t. – [Julia] Do you think this is the me that was in a knife fight once
that Schmidt witnessed? – [Jacob] It could be yeah,
in like the Schmando AU – [Julia] I’m gonna give
myself like a neck tat. – [Karina] Nice. – [Jacob] Of a knife. – [Julia] Yeah, of a knife. – [Karina] That was
it, that was the knife. – [Jacob] That was the moment. This one moment like echoed
throughout the Schmando universe this one knife fights like set so many events in motion. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] And it like
wasn’t even that big a deal. No one died. – [Karina] It wasn’t even a real knife. It was just that one. – [Jacob] It’s one of
those magician’s knives with the fake like blood inside of it. – [Julia] It’s a Halloween prop. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Julia] Alright, so
this character’s name. – [Karina] Julia. What are you gonna do, sue us? – [Julia] I’m gonna sue myself
for drawing this character. – [Jacob] Could it be Jules? Would this be more of a Jules? – [Julia] Yeah, but my
parents call me Jules. – [Jacob] Yeah, but I don’t. – [Julia] That’s true you don’t. – [Jacob] We could, do you want us to? – [Julia] Is there a way to combine Zoe Deschanel and my first name? – [Jacob] Zulia? – [Julia] She’s not Zulia. – [Jacob] Joey. Joey Deschanel. (laughing) This is Joey Deschanel. (laughing) – [Julia] Alright so this is Joey huh? – [Jacob] This is Joey Deschanel. You’re new OC in the Schmando universe. Schmidt and Joey Deschanel live together in an apartment in LA. – [Julia] Oh my God. Great. – [Jacob] This is a really
cool drawing though. – [Karina] Yeah, looks good. – [Jacob] I do really like it. – [Karina] You seem a little exasperated. – [Julia] This is, yeah. I’m just thinking of Joey from flipping – [Jacob] Friends? – [Julia] Yu-Gi-Oh. – [Jacob] Oh. – [Julia] His name’s Joey Wheeler. – [Jacob] Joey from Friends
and Joey from Yu-Gi-Oh are very similar in a lot of ways. – [Julia] Yeah? – [Jacob] In this essay I will – [Julia] Yeah, write me an
article about this please. – [Jacob] Tweet one out of 642, – [Karina] How many more references can you fit in this episode? – [Jacob] Oh, don’t challenge me. – [Julia] You have yet to draw, Karina. We got time. – [Jacob] We got a whole
‘nother half of an episode. – [Julia] Alright, remove me from myself. – [Jacob] Let’s see it. I’m interested to see where you go. You much like Julia, you
don’t draw as many women that I see. Unless you’re drawing secret women. – [Julia] Secret ladies. I think we both tend to skew pretty dude heavy in our drawings. – [Karina] It just be like that, I guess. – [Julia] It just be like that. – [Jacob] Sometimes it
do just be like that. – [Karina] I don’t wanna do
another front angle again. – [Julia] Do you wanna
challenge yourself again? Are we just gonna mirror Schmando? I think we gotta roll with it. – [Karina] Okay, I guess I
gotta do another front angle ’cause I hate myself. – [Julia] You’ve doomed
yourself in that one in that first episode. – Yeah.
– It’s fine. – [Jacob] I mean, I guess
you could do a back to back if you wanted to. – [Julia] We’re gonna
need a buddy cop angle. – [Karina] If there’s I’m
at worse at drawing than front angle it’s facing the right. So I’m not gonna lay myself out like that. We’re just gonna do a front angle. – [Julia] Alright. – [Jacob] Lasso Julia’s and reverse it and then trace over it like
you were a Deviant Artist. – [Julia] Do you have an aesthetic that you’re going for, a mood? Are we discovering this as you go? – [Karina] We’re discovering as I go. – [Jacob] ‘Cause Julia
kinda went the more like edgy, punky route I guess this time. ‘Cause last time with Schmidt you were the more buttoned up one. – [Karina] Should I do
the more buttoned up one? – [Jacob] And then Nando was the – [Julia] Karina, you do
whatever your heart says – [Jacob] They can both be edgey. – [Julia] They can both be edgey. – [Jacob] You don’t have to
listen to anything I say. I feel like I have to always – [Julia] Jacob’s here for moral support. – [Karina] Why are you here, Jacob? – [Jacob] Because I’m a
beloved part of this team. And the people crave cool Jacob. – [Karina] Cool Jacob. – [Julia] Cool Jacob. – [Jacob] Ladies love cool Jacob. – [Julia] Jacob, I feel
like if anyone should be drawing on this episode,
it should have been you. You draw badass ladies all the time. – [Jacob] That’s true, I do do that. – [Julia] But Karina and
I are bad ass ladies. – [Jacob] You are badass ladies A, and B, it had to be like
the sequel, you know? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] It had to be the Squeakquel to handsome men. – [Julia] You squeaked in
another reference, huh? – [Jacob] I did. – [Karina] Thanks I hate it. – [Jacob] Me too. I’m not here to make
myself happy or you happy. Or the viewers happy. – [Karina] You’re just
here to ruin everything. – [Jacob] No one will gain
anything from what I do. You’re drawing Kaiba. – [Karina] No I’m not. – [Julia] You’re drawing ghost Kaiba. – [Jacob] You’re drawing Kaiba. – [Julia] You’re drawing ghost Kaiba. This is haunted Kaiba. – [Jacob] It’s all Kaiba’s
and Hanzo’s with you. – [Karina] No it’s not, shut up. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know what I’m going for. – [Jacob] You just gotta
feel it out, you know? Let’s just list some
elements that are cool. – [Karina] Who do I think is badass? I’m listening to a lot of
K-Pop lately let’s just. – [Jacob] Give it a K-Pop aesthetic. – [Julia] Who in K-Pop
have you been listening to? – [Karina] Mostly girl groups obviously. – [Julia] That’s fine, that’s fair. I love Girls Generation
and Wonder Girls and I got a whole list. I got a whole list of
K-Pop groups that I love. – [Karina] I think the
one I listen to the most is Twice ’cause I’m just so – [Julia] Twice is great. – [Karina] Basic bitch. – [Julia] Twice is fun, whatever! – [Karina] They’re so cute! I think the most badass one is Sun Mi. – [Julia] Yes. – [Karina] Yeah, she could kill me and I’d thank her. – [Julia] Fair. – [Jacob] And you would welcome it. Welcome death. – [Karina] I think I’m
gonna go with short hair and you’re not allowed to say it looks like Kaiba ’cause it doesn’t. – [Jacob] Okay. – [Julia] Like, Jacob and
I have been watching Hyori staring Hyori the K-Pop star. Former K-pop star. I don’t know if she’s
still making music, Hyori. – [Jacob] Nope, seems like she just runs that bed and breakfast. – [Julia] Yeah, she just hangs out. She just hangs out and
is an actual badass. – [Jacob] On Netflix. – [Julia] Yeah. She’s great, she’s like what
I wanna be when I’m older. – [Jacob] Yeah, in that
she’s like 40 years old and looks like she’s 20. – [Julia] Yeah, and she can do yoga in just like amazing ways and
she just like busts it out. – [Jacob] Yeah, she’s
like incredibly strong and has tattoos and lives
on a big tract of land and with like nine dogs. – [Julia] Yeah, and
they’re all rescue dogs and she just hangs out and she has the chillest attitude
and she’s nice to everyone and she just wants to hang
out and be nice to people. – [Jacob] Yeah, sounds pretty good. – [Julia] Sounds pretty dope. – [Jacob] Let’s just do that. – [Julia] Let’s just be Hyori please. – [Jacob] We should just be K-Pop stars – Yeah
– first and then retire, and
then have a reality show where we own a bed and breakfast. – [Julia] Karina how do you
feel about being a K-Pop star? – [Karina] Sounds like a lot of work. – [Julia] I think you could do it. – [Jacob] Would it be more
work than your current job? – [Karina] That’s a good question? (laughing) – [Jacob] ‘Cause the rewards
would probably be greater would be my guess. – [Karina] But I feel
like at least with art I’m good at that. – [Julia] You don’t know, you don’t know if you won’t, if you’ll
be a bad K-Pop star. You could be a great one. You don’t know. – [Karina] Can’t sing, can’t dance. (laughing) – Not yet.
– Can’t act. – [Jacob] Yeah, neither can I. – [Julia] I think we might be bad at this. – [Jacob] I think we might be bad at this. – [Karina] I feel like maybe that’s not what we’re meant to do. – [Jacob] We could, you know, easily design a K-Pop group. – We could just
– On Drawfee. – [Julia] We could design
a K-Pop Vocaloid group. – [Jacob] We definitely
should do an episode where we concoct a K-Pop group. – [Karina] What a combination – [Julia] K-Pop Vocaloid group. It’s like Love Life, but Korean. – [Jacob] Finally. – [Julia] Finally. Finally, it’s here. We’ve all been asking for it. – [Jacob] And it’s come. Is this person a K-Pop
star that you’re drawing? – [Karina] I don’t know. I was just assuming it was gonna turn out looking like a YouTuber. – [Jacob] Since you drew
Markiplier last time. I mean probably it will
look like a YouTuber, there’s a lot of YouTubers. – [Karina] There are a
lot of them out there. – [Jacob] Yeah, this world
is filled with YouTubers. I had the special privilege the other day we got a dude subletting in my house while one of my roommates
is in Japan for two weeks and I ran into this dude upstairs
while I was washing dishes and I had to have the
conversation where he was like oh, what do you do? And I like roundaboutly
describe what Drawfee is and like what I do, and then always the end result is so, you’re a YouTuber? And I’m like fuck, I guess. – Yeah.
– You are. – [Jacob] I really wish
there was a better way to I don’t wanna say to another adult person I’m a YouTuber ’cause they’re
gonna think I’m like, you know – [Julia] A dingus? – [Jacob] 200 subs over here and I’m like some day I’ll make it. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] So I’m always like it’s a job. I go to a building. I have coworkers.
– I promise. – [Jacob] I have a 401k. I’m not a teen. – [Julia] I’m a grown adult. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s
always hard to describe. – [Julia] It is hard to describe. ‘Cause like the easiest way, I mean yeah. I mean just calling yourself a YouTuber is the most concise way to put it, but like I don’t know. – [Jacob] It sounds – [Julia] I feel like we
attend way too many meetings to call ourselves YouTubers. – [Jacob] If I were a YouTuber I would never have been to
a meeting in my whole life. – [Julia] Yeah, we go to so many meetings. – [Jacob] Karina, I’m liking
how this is coming out. – [Julia] Hell yeah. – [Jacob] I feel like these two met at like a bar. – [Karina] Perhaps one where
there was a knife fight? – [Jacob] Perhaps one where
there was a knife fight. Hey, it seems likely to me. – [Karina] I don’t see why not. – [Jacob] I feel like they
would have played pool together and one of them would have
hustled the other one. – [Julia] But which one
was the real hustler? – [Jacob] I think, yeah, which
one was the real hustler? – [Julia] I feel like
they were both hustling, but one was playing
like the real long game. – [Jacob] Yeah, and
we’re still to this day not sure which one’s actually better – Yeah
– At pool. – [Karina] Got some fashion going on here – [Jacob] Oh I love fashion. – [Karina] It’ up to the mind. – [Jacob] Use your imagination. The theater of the mind. I’m sorry I said that. We gotta start thinking up
a name for this badass lady. – [Julia] We got Joey, – [Jacob] We got Joey, Chandler. – [Julia] No. – [Jacob] Joey and Chandler. – [Julie] No. Chandler is kind of a dope name for a lady on it’s own, though. – [Jacob] Well then, – No
– Maybe. – [Julia] We can’t have Joey Chandler. – [Jacob] Maybe I submit to the court that these ladies are Joey and Chandler. – [Karina] I’m neutral. – [Julia] Joey and Chandler
sounds like a law firm. – [Karina] Maybe they’re lawyers. – [Julia] Oh my God they could be. – [Karina] And there’s like a court side. – [Julia] Oh my God, are you also in for the Joey and Chandler camp? I think it’s Joey and
Chandler is what’s happened. – [Jacob] Definitely Joe and Chandler even if you say it’s not the crowd won’t let you not. It’s out there in the universe now and there’s no stopping it. It’s Joey Deschenel and Chandler Big. (laughing) Oh God. I’m dying. – [Karina] I’m not objecting. That’s your own joke. – [Jacob] I know, it’s
just the whole process. I have fun on these episodes. Where I don’t have to draw at all – [Karina] You just get
to riff in the corner. – [Jacob] I just get to shit
around like in the corner while you guys do cools stuff. – [Julia] I think we’re done. – [Karina] I think I’m done. – [Jacob] I think that’s it. – [Julia] I think we met the brief. – [Karina] Joey and Chandler. – [Jacob] We had two lawyers, oh can it be like a
Phoenix Wright situation. – [Julia] Ah, yes! – [Jacob] One of them
is a defense attorney and one’s a prosecutor. – Yes.
– Who’s who. – [Jacob] I think that yours is definitely the defense attoney based on these drawings. – [Karina] I’ll take it. – [Jacob] Then Joey is the prosecutor. – [Karina] I love defense attorneys in the context of Phoenix Wright. – [Jacob] Yeah, me too. And they have a rivalry, but a secret, you know,
respect for one another. – [Karina] Oh, I was gonna
say so they’re in love. – [Jacob] Yes, they’re in love. – [Karina] Like Miles and Phoenix. – [Jacob] Just like Miles
and Phoenix canonically. – [Karina] Well they are. They made like jewelry,
a jewelry line in Japan and Phoenix and Miles had matching rings. – [Jacob] I love it. I’m all about it.
– Fun fact. – [Jacob] That’s a very fun fact. Thanks for watching everybody this has been the most badass women. If you can think of any
other things like this you’d like Karina and Julia to do, put it down in the comments below. – [Julia] And we’re sorry? – [Karina] I’m not sorry. – [Julia] I’m sorry they’re
named Joey and Chandler. – [Jacob] I’m sorry they’re
named Joey and Chandler, but I’m not sorry for these good drawings. – [Karina] I’m neutral. – Bye.
– Bye.

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