Artists Draw Final Fantasy Bosses (That They’ve Never Seen)

Artists Draw Final Fantasy Bosses (That They’ve Never Seen)

– [Nathan] Welcome to Drawfee, where we take dumb ideas– – [Tristan] And make even dumber drawings! – [Nathan] I’m Nathan. – [Tristan] I’m Tristan. – [Jacob] I’m Jacob. – [Julia] I’m Julia. – [Nathan] And if Tristan’s here, that must mean we’re delving
into another lore-filled world on this episode.
– Oh boy, you got it. It’s time for– – Fantasy.
– “Dragon Quest.” – Nope.
– “Final Fantasy.” (group laughing)
Here we are. – [Jacob] You got it a little wrong. – [Nathan] Give me one second here. Just need to come up with
three brand new monsters. Okay, okay. Okay. I know there’s a new “Final
Fantasy XIV” expansion everyone’s excited about.
– “Shadowbringers.” – [Tristan] Shadowbring, sure, yeah. – “Shadowbringers.”
– Everyone’s a shadow bringer on a sunny day.
– Bring the shadows. – [Nathan] On a sunny day, everybody’s bringin’ some shadows. – [Tristan] “Oh, you brought
your shadow with you, huh?” “Well, yeah, I have to
everywhere, basically, “in this universe.” – [Jacob] Wow, lame. – [Nathan] I had to do one of those shadow bringer comedy shows where you had to bring like 15 shadows to get to perform, and each
one had to buy a drink. – [Jacob] Had to buy two drinks each. (group laughing) – [Tristan] So you know, with
“Final Fantasy VII Remake” also on the horizon
here, maybe, potentially, it seems like a good time
to dive into some bosses, which we’ve never done. We’ve never done a “Final
Fantasy” episode before. What the hell? – [Nathan] We did our bad JRPG episodes where we made our own. – [Jacob] Yeah, it really is insane that we’ve not done a
“Final Fantasy” episode. I think I just assumed that we had. – [Nathan] Yeah, it’s one of those ones that we may as well have already done it, so there was no point to actually do it. – Sure.
– But we’re doin’ it anyway. – [Tristan] Let’s do it, let’s do it. I’m gonna give you some
“Final Fantasy” bosses, challenge you to draw them, and then we’ll see what they look like and how wrong that you got ’em later.
– Sounds good. (whoosh) – [Tristan] All right,
Nathan, you are first. – [Nathan] Yes. – [Tristan] Your “Final Fantasy” boss, Good King Moggle Mog XII. – Oh.
– Oh. – [Jacob] 12th of his name. – [Nathan] The 12th good king. – Yeah, of Moggle Mog.
– Good king. – Moggle Mog.
– And this is an enemy? – [Tristan] It’s a boss. – It’s a boss.
– It’s a boss? – Boss in “Final Fantasy XIV.”
– He’s a good king. – [Julia] You have to fight the good king? – [Nathan] I’m gonna start with a crown. – [Tristan] Okay. – [Jacob] Is he not actually good? Or are we the bad ones? – [Tristan] Question mark. – [Nathan] Which “Final Fantasy,” there are so many “Final”– – [Tristan] “Final Fantasy XIV.” – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] So this is from “XIV”? – Yeah.
– Okay. – [Tristan] And also, it
was in the original “XIV,” and then it made it to “A Realm Reborn.” – [Nathan] Is “XIV” the
one with the good boys on a road trip? – [Jacob And Tristan] That’s “XV.” – [Nathan] Okay. – You idiot, okay.
– How dare you? – [Jacob] How dare you? – [Tristan] “XIV” is
“Final Fantasy” online. It’s basically “Final Fantasy XI” two. Is that helpful? – [Jacob] It’s the MMO. – [Nathan] “XI” two? – Uh-huh.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] The second MMO in
the “Final Fantasy” universe. – [Nathan] Describe this Good King. I finished his crown. – [Tristan] I mean. – [Nathan] I think it’s pretty good. – [Jacob] He has any
moves, he has any lore? – [Tristan] Oh, he’s got lore. – [Nathan] This is gonna be a good king. – [Tristan] So the king
lived up in the Heavens, and the king and his
servants served the gods. – [Jacob] Sure. – [Tristan] But then, at some point, they wanted to go down and
live with mortals in peace. So all the subjects sorta went down there, and he held a rope, ’cause
they all have wings, but they can’t– – [Nathan] He’s got wings? This king’s got wings? – [Tristan] I mean, his
subjects have wings. – [Nathan] He’s a wing king? – [Tristan] Could be a wing king. – [Nathan] He’s a bird. – [Tristan] Yeah, he’s a bird. – [Nathan] This is a bird. – [Tristan] Good King Moggle
Mog XII is a bird for sure. – [Nathan] He’s a bird, okay. – [Tristan] So, basically
what had to happen in true fable kind of fashion, you’re just making the Onion King from “Overcooked!,” I
want you to know that. – [Julia] That’s true. – [Jacob] It does look like him. – [Nathan] He’s not a bird, is he? – [Julia] No. – [Jacob] Well, he’s an onion. (group laughing) – [Nathan] So, this is a bird. This is the bird king, Moggle Mog. Okay, so they went down, they had the rope–
– Well, so, they’re up in the heavens, and
the king holds the rope while they all climb down to the Earth. But the since the king’s holding the rope, the king doesn’t have any way to get down. So king made the ultimate
sacrifice, basically. Everyone else got to go
to paradise but the king. – [Jacob] And then you go up
to Heaven and beat his ass? – [Tristan] (laughs) Uh, no, no, no. What happened later, I’m gonna read this part
from the wiki ’cause it’s so indecipherable. “Ages later, at the dusk
of the Sixth Astral Era, “And again during the Seventh Umbral, “the Guard of the Twelveswood, “the sworn defenders, grow worried “about the threats to the Twelveswood, “and they feel compelled
to bring Moggle Mog “to Eorzea at last via
a ritual taught to them “by the masked stranger
who approached them.” – Okay.
– Is any of that helpful? – [Jacob] So the Twelveswood, the Knights of the Twelveswood– – The Guards, yeah.
– Do the ritual to get this sad bird who
is stuck up in Heaven– – [Julia] Wait, I, okay. Question. The sacrifice was that
he had to stay in Heaven? – [Jacob] They didn’t
wanna be there, clearly, so it must not have been that great. – [Julia] Yeah, ’cause right
now it kinda just sounds like “I guess I’ll make the ultimate sacrifice. “Staying in the good one.”
– Well, there was a– – Oh, dang, I guess it’s me.
– There was a war in the Churning Mists, I believe. – [Julia] Is that Heaven? – [Tristan] I think so, maybe? Yes.
– All right, yeah. – I’m gonna say–
– Tristan, you’re supposed to know the stuff so we can ask. – [Tristan] Look. – [Nathan] Why don’t you know
everything about everything? – [Tristan] Well, you know what, I am right about everything. Nobody check, just trust me. I did think we were doing “Dragon Quest,” so I looked everything up
just now, seconds later, but nonetheless–
– Right, we did establish that earlier in the episode, that’s good. – [Tristan] We did establish that as what we call a callback, everyone. – That’s very good.
– That’s pretty good. – [Tristan] Please enjoy. Everything I say is correct, I have never been wrong,
and I will never be wrong. – [Nathan] All right, give me
some of this guy’s attacks. – [Tristan] Attacks. Well, the attacks are,
– He’s holding the rope still. – [Tristan] He’s got a lot of
guardians, a lot of guards, about him.
– Is it the Twelveswood? – [Tristan] Uh, yeah, yeah, sure. Why not? – [Jacob] So they summoned him down ’cause they thought people were gonna attack the Twelveswood, and then you, the player, do attack the
Twelveswood and beat his ass. – Well, uh–
– It seems like he hasn’t done anything to deserve an ass-beating. Well, what happens is–
– He’s just a friendly bird-king. – [Tristan] They find a way
to summon him, their king, and they keep doing it,
and it gets worse and worse as it goes on. – [Jacob] Oh. – [Tristan] So he is a Primal, and in the “Final Fantasy XIV” universe, that’s more or less like an esper, or like a summon, like Ifrit and Shiva and Bahamut.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] So he’s got,
like, way more details than what I’ve drawn.
– Yeah. I mean, I was gonna
ask for more lines, but just more lines here.
– Yeah, okay. I’ve just got him wearing
his sort of bird-king robe. – [Tristan] I was really
expecting some sort of very painterly Amano-type drawing here, and I feel like I’m not getting that. – [Jacob] Yeah, why can’t you draw as good as Yoshitaka Amano, Nathan? – In 10 minutes, please.
– In 10 minutes. – [Nathan] Does he have one
of them ridiculous swords? – [Jacob] Nathan
completely ignores our bit. – [Tristan] (laughing) – [Jacob] Throw that
one right in the trash. – Whoa, nice dodge.
– Let’s talk about the sword. – [Nathan] I don’t know
how to do an Amano! I don’t know how to do one. I’ll put a… Here, here’s what we’ll do. Is this what you want? Is this what you guys want? – [Jacob] I don’t know what you’re doing. I don’t know if it’s what I want. – [Nathan] Like one of these? – [Jacob] It’s not working. It didn’t work. – [Nathan] Hold on. – [Jacob] “Is this what you guys want?” – [Tristan] “Is this what you guys want?” – [Jacob] A lot of frantic clicking? – [Tristan] Yeah, no, this is good. – [Jacob] Oh, that’s pretty good. – [Nathan] Like that? – [Jacob] Yeah, now it looks
like a logo, the final logo. – [Nathan] Great. – I, uh–
– Oh, it’s ’cause the opacity’s, here. Yeah.
– Oh, God. – [Julia] Oh, God, now
I can’t see it at all. – [Tristan] Come on,
what’re we doing here? – [Nathan] Is this good? – [Jacob] No, take that away. Keep drawing. (group laughing) – [Tristan] What is wild to me, and I don’t think we can really play it because there’s music licensing issues, but if you look up the
theme, you just YouTube it, for Good King Moggle Mog’s Theme, it’s literally “This is Halloween” from “Nightmare Before Christmas.” It’s such a hardcore ripoff,
it’s pretty hilarious. – [Nathan] Is he a Halloween man? – [Tristan] I mean, not really. – [Jacob] He sounds like
a big, dumb goofball. – [Tristan] I mean, he’s,
there’s the Pumpkin King and the Moggle King, I guess? – [Jacob] Is he a moogle? – [Nathan] Is he a moogle? – [Tristan] What does it sound like? – [Jacob] I mean, it sounds like he is. – [Nathan] Oh, okay, I got it. – [Jacob] So get that thing on his head. (group laughing) – [Nathan] There we go,
Good King Moggle Mog. Oh, and moogles use guns. So this needs to be a gun-sword. – I don’t think they do.
– What? – [Jacob] I don’t think moogles use guns. – [Julia] What moogles
are you talking about? – [Nathan] Moogles use guns. – [Jacob] When? – [Nathan] In “Final
Fantasy Tactics Advance.” – [Julia] What? – [Jacob] “Tactics Advance?” – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Tristan] That’s not canon. – [Jacob] We’re not
talking about Ivalice here. – [Tristan] We’re not talking about “Grimoire of the Rift” over here. Come on, “War of the Lions”-ass moogle. Come on. – [Nathan] All right, so no gun. He’s a bird still. – [Jacob] I think there are some guns in “Final Fantasy XIV,” though. – [Tristan] That sounds right. – [Jacob] There’s like a machinist class that uses machines and shit. – [Nathan] There’s also like, you can get a mount that’s just the car
from “Final Fantasy XV.” – [Jacob] Yeah, everyone
can be riding around in the car from “Final Fantasy XV.” It’s really funny. – [Tristan] Everyone’s hopping
up and down in their car. – [Jacob] Yeah, in their cars. I also saw in the new one they’re adding a class that uses gunblades. Like Squall do.
– Oh, like Squall. – [Tristan] Finally. Finally, a sword what has a gun in it. – [Jacob] It’s a sword
what has a gun in it. – [Tristan] Can you explain
to me how a gunblade works? – [Jacob] No. – [Tristan] I just wanna
know, ’cause it seems like the trigger is underneath the blade, so it seems like the bullet would shoot right out
into the blade itself. – [Julia] Yeah, Squall’s sword-gun doesn’t really make sense. There are historical sword-guns, though, but usually the blade is on a hinge so it can bend back, so
the gun can be revealed, instead of shooting
directly into the weapon. – [Tristan] Yeah, I don’t get it. It’s like magic? Does it split the bullet? – [Jacob] I think it just
runs purely on cool energy. In that it’s just cool. If it’s cool enough, it just works despite all evidence to the contrary. – [Nathan] Did I do it? – [Jacob] This looks like a sad bird king. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Tristan] It’s a good king. – [Nathan] It’s a good king. He’s a good king.
– I would definitely get together with some of my friends and beat this guy’s ass, for sure. – [Nathan] He got a star
for being the best king. – [Jacob] And now he’s about to get a star for getting destroyed. – [Nathan] He’s gonna get rekt. – [Jacob] He’s gonna get racked, ’cause I need that loot. I need that sweet loot. – [Nathan] I’ma look him up. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Yeah, I wanna
see what he looks like. (whoosh) – [Nathan] It’s just a big moogle. – [Jacob] Oh, he’s so cute! – [Tristan] He’s giant. – [Jacob] Well, I don’t wanna fight him. – [Tristan] You gotta. – [Jacob] Why? – Well, you know I heard–
– ’cause you gotta fight the “twelfth wood.” – [Tristan] I read an interesting story about why they made him. There’s a cool article on
Kotaku by Jason Schreier about, they were going
to launch some bosses for “Final Fantasy XIV,”
a Leviathan and a Titan, but then the March 11
earthquake and tsunami happened, and those are the powers
of those two bosses– – Oof.
– They’re like, “Oh shit,” “oh, we can’t do this. “This is real bad. “What’s the opposite of everything? “It’s a moogle. “It’s a giant moogle, boot it up.” – [Jacob] It’s a giant
moogle king, go get it. – [Nathan] There’s no chance a
natural disaster in real life involving a giant moogle will happen, no. – Exactly.
– Hopefully. – [Jacob] So we’ll just make it– – [Nathan] Well, I like my sad bird. – [Jacob] I like him, too. – That’s nice.
– I would follow this king. – [Tristan] He’s got
the little rope still. – [Nathan] Yeah, he’s
holding on to the rope. – [Julia] Jacob’s turn! – [Jacob] Yeah, let me go. (whoosh) All right, Tristan, boss me up, my dude. – [Tristan] All right,
you’re gonna be bossed up. You will be your “Final Fantasy” bosses, Curly, Larry, and Moe! (group laughing) – [Nathan] Aww, the Three Stooges. You get to draw the Stooges from the– – [Jacob] What? No.
– Jacob just made the saddest groans and tilted
his head back to the heavens. – [Jacob] I was so ready
to draw so many things, and not, I’m not ready to draw
the Three fucking Stooges. (whoosh) – [Nathan] What about Shemp? Remember Shemp? – [Tristan] What about Shemp? – [Jacob] What is Shemp? – [Nathan] Sometimes they had Shemp. – [Jacob] No, they didn’t. – [Nathan] Sometimes they had Shemp. – [Tristan] They sure did. – [Jacob] Where do I even begin? Three heads, I guess. – [Nathan] When they were between Curlies. ’cause Curly kept dying. – [Tristan] They are known
as the Dream Stooges. – [Jacob] (groans miserably) – [Julia] Not dream stages, Dream Stooges. – [Tristan] They’re Dream
Stooges from “Final Fantasy VI.” – [Julia] Great. – [Tristan] And later on,
they changed their names. That’s what that is on Super Nintendo, back when it was “Final
Fantasy III,” technically. It was Curly, Larry, and Moe, and obviously, they changed
it because, come on. So now, their names
are–are you ready for this? Curlax, Laragorn– – [Jacob] Laragorn!? That’s more copyrighted stuff. – [Tristan] No, it’s Larry
plus Aragorn, very creative. And then there’s also Moebius as well. – [Julia] Oh, my God, that
is so thinly disguised, they might as well have not done it. – [Nathan] They could’ve done Morpheus. That would’ve been fun.
– They should’ve done Morpheus. – Morpheus–
– Oh, my God. – [Nathan] Morpheus, Laragorn,
and what was it, Curlax? – Curlax, yeah.
– Curlax. – [Tristan] Not to be confused with Culex, the boss from Mario RPG. Very different.
– I would never confuse that. – [Tristan] So these are– – [Julia] Dream Stooges, you said. – [Tristan] Dream Stooges. They kind of feast on
people’s souls in dreams in the World of Ruin
in “Final Fantasy VI.” I don’t know if you all
played “Final Fantasy VI.” – I did.
– Remember, Curly’s an ironic name. Curly’s the bald one. – [Jacob] Yeah, I’m not looking up what the Three Stooges look like. I’m just gonna draw three character heads, and that’s gonna be them. – [Nathan] I like that you
started with three shapes. – [Jacob] Yeah, these
are their three heads. – [Tristan] So, there’s this character in “Final Fantasy VI” called Cyan, and he has a very hard time
of it, he loses his family. And when the world is destroyed, kind of, he goes back to the castle where everyone he loved was poisoned. And there are some
demons tormenting people who try to sleep there. So you go to sleep there,
and all of a sudden, you’re warped into a void, I guess, almost like an M. C.
Escher kind of dungeon, and you’ve gotta go find your friends and then fight Larry, Curly, and Moe, all together at the same time. – [Jacob] Of course you do. – [Tristan] (chuckles) – [Jacob] That’s the Green Goblin– – On the right.
– This is the Green Goblin, yeah. – [Tristan] Okay, it’s very–okay. – [Julia] So “Final Fantasy VI.” – [Tristan] “Final Fantasy VI.” – [Julia] American “Final Fantasy VI,” Japanese “Final Fantasy VI?” – Well, that’s the same thing.
– Isn’t there a thing that’s “III” or “VI?” – [Tristan] Well, “III,”
“VI” was released as “III” in America. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Tristan] It went “I”, “II”, “III”, which was actually “I”, “IV,” “VI.” – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] Great, but it’s
just called “VI” now. – [Tristan] Yeah, they’ve
flattened that all out recently. – [Jacob] No one calls it “III” anymore. – [Tristan] Around the time
Curly changed to Curlax is when they straightened that out. – [Julia] Great. I just wanted to make sure that was clear. – [Nathan] Curlax sounds like if you want very specifically-shaped
poops, you take it. – [Julia] Have your Curlax in the morning, your poo will be curled! – I didn’t ask for this.
– I don’t need that. – [Jacob] Yeah, I don’t need that. – [Tristan] I love the Guile
hair we’ve got going on for– – [Nathan] Yeah, we’ve got Guile, and– – [Tristan] For Laragorn, I assume. – [Nathan] None of them are bald. – [Tristan] These already
look like the Neutrinos from “Ninja Turtles.” – [Nathan] Now it’s a “Doug” character. – [Jacob] This looks so much
like a “Doug” character. (group laughing) I was thinking the same thing. – [Julia] I think that’s Judy. – [Tristan] Oh, yeah. (group laughing) – [Nathan] Just sort of
nonplussed, just like, yeah– – [Jacob] Sort of an angry
Roger with a bad haircut. – [Nathan] “We know this is weird.” – [Tristan] This is Dodger Blotz. And this is just Karl Pilkington. (group laughing) – [Nathan] With Guile hair. – [Julia] Oh, good. – [Tristan] Wow. – [Julia] So, Tristan, why do
you want to fight these three? – [Tristan] Because you have
to save your friend Cyan, who is trapped in the
dream world, kind of. – [Nathan] And these guys
are like, “you’re not gonna!” – [Tristan] “Nuh-uh!” – [Nathan] “Not without fighting us!” – [Tristan] Apparently,
you gotta kill Curlax first because he can revive the other two. – Oh, okay, yeah.
– Oh. – [Jacob] That’s the trick to it? The other two don’t have
reviving powers, only Curlax? – [Tristan] Yes, correct. I think so. – [Nathan] Do you have to use finger pokes and do you slap your face a
bunch and make little noises to power up your attacks?
– Oh, I see where you’re going with that. It really landed. You stuck it. Nice. – [Nathan] Do one of those– – [Tristan] Uh-huh, yep. – [Nathan] Do you have to be a wiseguy? – [Tristan] No, it’s
actually just Blizzaga. You just use it on– – [Nathan] You just use Blizzaga? – [Tristan] You just use Blizzaga. – [Julia] This is a front
view of a fish swimming at us. – [Nathan] Oh, look at this one! – [Tristan] This is very “Ponyo.” – Yeah.
– I like the, are they gonna have bodies, or
are they just sort of three floating dream heads? – [Jacob] I mean, I had to
establish the heads first. Something’s wrong with this one. – [Nathan] The other ones are fine. – [Jacob] The other ones are fine. – [Tristan] Maybe something’s
wrong with the other two, and something’s very right with this one. – [Nathan] Now, which one are they, just in order from left to right? Is it Curlax, Laragorn, and Moebius? – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] Okay, so Moebius– (group laughing) Yeah, Moebius has got issues. – [Jacob] Yeah, I got some
things to think about. – [Nathan] You gave him three. You gave Jacob three to do. – [Tristan] Yeah, I did. – [Jacob] This guy’s
just kinda got a little, I think he’s sitting on the
shoulders of the other two. – [Nathan] Oh, that’s nice. That’s very–
– See, he’s just got– – [Nathan] That’s very Laragorn. – [Jacob] That’s so Laragorn. – [Tristan] Typical Laragorn,
classic Larry-agorn. – [Jacob] Yeah, don’t say “Larry.” – [Tristan] No, I get it. – [Jacob] It’s “Laragorn.” And they’re–what did you say they are? Dream Wizards? – [Nathan] Dream Stooges. – [Tristan] Dream Stooges. – [Jacob] Of course, Dream Stooges. – [Nathan] They’re the Stooges. – [Jacob] That makes a lot of sense. So he’s gonna have a little bow tie. – [Julia] Perfect. – [Jacob] And some suspenders. He’s gonna be sort of dressed like Casey Green’s anime club. – [Julia] I have a question about the one in the middle, Jacob. – [Jacob] Yes? – [Julia] Hair or hat? – [Jacob] (noncommittal whine) – [Julia] Hair or hat? – [Jacob] (noncommittal whine) – [Nathan] Hat or head? – [Julia] Hat or head? – [Jacob] I don’t think
you get to know that. – [Julia] Oh. – [Nathan] Yeah, ’cause it
looks like hair at the top, but then the way the
sideburns go, it sort of looks like it’s just sort of flopping. – [Tristan] Last time we
asked Jacob “hat or head,” it turned out to be someone shitting down the middle of someone’s chest, so. – Yeah, that’s true.
– What? I don’t remember that. – [Tristan] I’m pretty
sure you were there. – [Nathan] I must’ve
blacked out for that bit. – [Julia] Jacob, that’s
just Doug’s outfit! Jacob! Jacob, that’s Doug. – [Nathan] Oh, Curlax. – [Tristan] Y’all remember
that episode of “Doug” where everyone wore Doug’s outfit ’cause it was very popular one week?
– I do not. Do you remember any episode of Doug? – [Julia] I do remember
several episodes of “Doug,” like the “Think Big” episode. – [Jacob] Yeah, I remember the
one where he gets new shoes, and they’re too big,
and he thinks it’s gonna help him play basketball
or some stupid shit. Doug was an idiot. – [Tristan] You don’t like Doug, huh? – [Jacob] He was a real sad-sack idiot. I’m saying it. I’m coming out strong
anti-Doug positioning. – [Julia] Doug was just Charlie Brown with an alter ego and less morals. – Less morals?
– Less morals? – [Julia] Well, Charlie
Brown’s always going on about morals, so. – [Tristan] Yeah, he did have a Snoopy. – [Julia] He did. – Porkchop.
– Porkchop. – [Nathan] Oh. – [Julia] Oh. – [Nathan] Oh, yeah. – [Julia] Oh, he’s swole. – [Nathan] Oh, look at this
thicc–look at this unit. – [Tristan] Uh-oh. – [Nathan] Moebius! – [Jacob] Moebius over here is– – [Nathan] Moebius quickly becoming my favorite of the Stooges. – [Tristan] More like “Swole-bius.” – [Jacob] More like
“Swole-bius,” you’re right. – [Nathan] This is his second form, after you defeat Curlax and Laragorn. – [Tristan] I love that
you just start at his feet and he just grows more and more swole as you lift up as you fight
his whole being, like Kefka. A lot of moods going on here. – [Nathan] They’re clearly good friends with each other, which is nice. Because the Stooges canonically did not like each other very much. They would always hurt each other. But it seems like these guys, they’ve worked past their differences. – [Jacob] What differences? – [Nathan] The dream state. – [Jacob] They never had any differences. They’ve been friends forever. They celebrate their differences. These guys are icons. – [Nathan] Laragorn’s arms
go behind their necks, and you don’t see the
hands on the other side, so I can only imagine
he’s very lightly just caressing.
– Just kinda caressing. Giving them a gentle, encouraging– – [Nathan] That’s great. – [Jacob] Let me give
him some little shoes. And a fly. – [Tristan] So fancy. – [Julia] Amazing. – [Tristan] So yeah, you just
use Blizzaga on these guys, and take ’em out pretty easy. – Pretty quick.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] They’re just three dudes. – [Tristan] They’re just
three guys in the dream world. – [Jacob] Yeah, what’re they gonna do? – [Tristan] No shirt on Moebius, huh? – No.
– No. No shirt is big enough. – [Jacob] Yeah, definitely not. – [Julia] He worked so hard on that bod. Don’t cover it up. – [Jacob] Let’s take a look. (whoosh) – Oh.
– Oh, they’re like li’l guys. – [Tristan] Those li’l rotten boys. – [Julia] The li’l rotten boys! – [Jacob] They’re just three
li’l assholes, aren’t they? – [Julia] Wow. – [Tristan] Two of them are like people, and one of them is like a Who. – [Nathan] Yeah, they are
very like Whoville-ian. – [Julia] Wow. – [Jacob] Cool. – [Nathan] Ah, they’re
just three li’l boys. – [Tristan] Yeah, it’s that
thing in “Final Fantasy” where they appear as very
generic sprites in the overworld, but when you get to the bosses, they’re very detailed gremlin-children. – [Nathan] These look like creepy toys that would’ve been in a cousin’s bedroom. – [Jacob] These do look
like Dream Stooges, though, I’ll give ’em that.
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– That is true. – [Nathan] They’re like
toys from some sort of local fast food chain. (group laughing) – [Jacob] Yeah, they really are. – [Tristan] “What’s a McBurger?” – [Julia] Oh, amazing. – [Jacob] I guess I’m done, then. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] Julia, do you wanna hop in? – Yep.
(whoosh) I’m nervous about this one. All right.
– Picked it just for you. – [Julia] Oh, good. Tristan, I’m ready for that one, then. – [Tristan] You’re ready, Julia? – [Julia] Yes. – [Tristan] Your “Final
Fantasy” boss is Demon Wall! – [Nathan] Demon Wall. – [Tristan] Demon Wall! Also known as Evil Wall. Is that helpful? – [Julia] Demon Wall. – [Jacob] Demon Wall, Evil Wall. – [Nathan] Gonna have to do
some three-point perspective on that wall, that’s the
most evil wall of all. Making artists have to
draw planes in perspective. – [Julia] Demon Wall. – [Jacob] Just draw a square
with an angry face in it, and I think we can call this a day. – [Nathan] I think, yeah, is that Thwomp? – [Jacob] Yeah, he’s
kinda like a Demon Wall. – [Tristan] Yeah, Thwomp. You can even go Thwimp if you want. – [Nathan] Okay. – Let’s get the perspective.
– This is a wall that’s part of a room, good. – [Jacob] So if you go into this room– – [Nathan] There’s Demon Wall. – [Jacob] There’s Demon Wall. Just don’t go over to it. – [Nathan] He’s like,
“Hey, come over here!” – [Jacob] “Uh, I don’t think so.” – [Nathan] “No, you gotta!” – [Jacob] “I don’t think I do.” – [Nathan] “Yep, you gotta come over here, “I’m a Demon Wall!” – [Jacob] “Yeah, it does seem that way, “which is one of the
reasons why I think maybe–” – [Nathan] “I’m gonna
fight ya, you just gotta get a little closer.” – [Tristan] Well, the
thing about the Demon Wall, it’s one of those crushing-room bosses. It’s in a lot of “Final Fantasy” games, is that– – [Julia] Which one’s this one from? – [Tristan] It’s from like “IV,”
a version of it’s in “VII,” a version of it is in “XIV,” I think. – Okay.
– This was a good boss design, I guess. They really were like,
“We didn’t really get “the full, we didn’t
fully explore Demon Wall “and all it could accomplish.” – [Nathan] “Yeah, let’s
go back to Demon Wall.” – [Jacob] “Can we pick
up Demon Wall again?” – [Tristan] Think of it
like a living version of the Star Wars garbage compactor. – Right.
– Okay. – [Jacob] Sure. – [Tristan] And it’s like,
there was also a boss kind of like that in “Secret of Mana.” You ever play that? – [Jacob] I did play it. – [Tristan] You remember that wall? – [Jacob] I played it a long time ago. – [Tristan] The boss is like a wall? The wall boss? Anyone? – [Jacob] I don’t remember that. – [Tristan] Just me, huh? – [Jacob] I’m sorry. – [Tristan] But it basically
slowly comes towards you and attacks you, and you
have to beat it in time. – [Jacob] Yeah, there’s a lot of those in all kinds of games. – [Tristan] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Jacob] Like “Contra’s” got
some pretty mean walls in it. – [Julia] Demon Wall, my God. Okay. – [Jacob] So is it like a
timed boss fight sorta deal, where you have to– – [Tristan] Beat it in time,
it’ll try to slow you down. You can cast Slow on it
in a lot of the versions, you can cast Slow on the wall
so it comes at you slower. – [Nathan] Oh, that’s nice. – [Tristan] But it’ll crush you to death. – It will crush you.
– But slower. – [Tristan] But a little bit
slower, little bit slower. – [Jacob] I think I’d want
that to happen faster, if I had to make a choice. – [Tristan] It does show
up in “Final Fantasy VII.” I think it’s the last boss
fight and last fight, I think, where you can play as Aerith
before something happens. – [Jacob] Her real swan song,
the battle against Demon Wall. It’s one that really makes
you say “Man, I don’t know what I’d do without…” I say “Aeris.” I use the American. – [Tristan] I mean, it’s
not even American anymore, ’cause they use “Aerith” in
“Kingdom Hearts” and stuff. – [Jacob] Yeah, but it’s really just bad. – [Tristan] What do you mean? – [Jacob] “Aerith?” – [Tristan] I mean, I’m
not saying I like it. – [Jacob] Yeah, I’m saying it sounds bad and it looks bad as a word. – Like “Aeris?”
– And it sounds bad as a word. – [Tristan] I don’t know. – [Jacob] “Aeris” sounds better and nicer. And I will not budge from this. “Aerith.” – [Tristan] I mean, you
might have to if you wanna play the remake. – [Jacob] I can just pretend
that they’re saying “Aeris.” – [Tristan] Yeah, just every time? – I’ll scream it over the top.
– The hundreds of times they say it?
– (hissing) Just make a loud “S” sound. – [Nathan] Okay, so we’ve
got a sort of a demon man. – [Julia] I have a feeling this wall is just a wall, isn’t it? It’s just like a brick wall. It’s probably just a brick wall. – [Tristan] Yeah, but
you’re doing something. Who’s this guy?
– It’s a Demon Wall. – [Julia] It is a Demon Wall, yeah. – [Jacob] You have a demon here. – [Julia] I do. – [Nathan] Is it his wall? – [Julia] Well, I think– – [Nathan] Mm-hmm, walk us through it. – [Julia] What? – [Nathan] Walk us through your– – [Julia] Oh, I thought you were asking me to walk you through this wall. – [Jacob] Walk us through this wall! – [Julia] I was like, I
literally can’t do that. – [Tristan] That’s what they’re for. They’re Demon Wall. – [Nathan] Okay, so he’s
got sort of a spear– – [Tristan] I see like a pole? – [Nathan] A pole? – [Tristan] Can he slide down
it like a fire department? – [Jacob] We need answers, Julia! – [Julia] I’m trying. All my focus is on trying to
figure out what I’m doing. I don’t know how to explain it to you if I don’t know what I’m doing. I thought of, and I can’t think of exactly what it’s called, I think it’s
called “The Gates of Hell,” (whoosh) it was a piece made in the Renaissance, and it’s a big relief door, and it’s huge, and is just about all
of these demons in Hell. And it’s a big relief of all these demons just writhing in Hell. And it was just like some doors that were in Italy for a little while. (whoosh) – [Tristan] Why don’t you just
do a Renaissance real quick? – [Julia] Yeah, listen,
I didn’t say I was smart. – [Nathan] Just do an Amano,
and doing a Renaissance. – [Jacob] You may have gone for a bit of a complicated interpretation
of the Demon Wall. – [Julia] Yeah, yeah. – [Nathan] I mean, Michelangelo would show his sketches to people,
and they’d be like, “Whoa, you’re gonna sculpt
all of that in 3-D?” And he was like, “Well,
no, it’s just gonna be sort of up against a flat
surface coming out of it,” and they’d go, “Oh, that’s a relief.” (canned laughter) – [Jacob] Damn it, Nathan. – [Tristan] You know, it’s better than, I really thought he was gonna go for a “Ninja Turtles” reference there, so I guess we are all safe from that. – [Jacob] I guess that’s an improvement. – [Julia] Amazing. – [Nathan] Julia liked it. – [Julia] I did. – [Jacob] I guess it was a good joke. (group laughing) – [Nathan] I don’t think
it was, but it was fine. The fact that she had just
recently said “relief,” and you still didn’t know
where I was going with it was– – [Jacob] I didn’t see it coming. – [Nathan] Pretty good. – [Julia] Oh, my God. I really, I goofed it, huh? I’ve made a mistake. – [Tristan] If it helps,
in “Final Fantasy XIV,” you can get a tiny Demon Wall
pet called a Demon Brick. – [All] Awww! – [Tristan] Is that helpful? – [Nathan] That’s great. – [Jacob] That helps me. – [Nathan] That makes me happy. – [Jacob] Yeah, I like
thinking about that. – [Nathan] Yeah, let’s all
think about the demon brick. – [Julia] So this wall
I’m guessing has moves much like a Thwomp, of just crush? – [Tristan] Yeah, well, the room– – [Jacob] I think it
just gets closer to you until it crushes you. – [Julia] Oh. – [Nathan] I’d name my
Demon Brick “Brichard.” – [Jacob] Based on Tristan saying that’s exactly what it
did, that’d be my guess as to what it does. – [Julia] You know I
haven’t been listening! I’m in a panic. – [Nathan] You’re in a panic, drawing these very detailed–this is cool. Julia, this is cool. – [Julia] Thank you. – [Jacob] You’re just
drawing an ornate wall. – [Julia] Yeah, what
else do you want from me? – [Nathan] An ornate Demon Wall. This is great. I’d watch this. – [Julia] “I’d watch this.” – [Tristan] I’d let this
kill me slowly, painfully. – [Nathan] Like, “Look at the attention “to detail on the–oh, ow!” – “Oh, my God, my bones!”
– “Oh, it’s really close.” “Oh, my bones.”
– Seeing the detail a bit too close up.
– “I forgot to cast Slow. “Oh, I’m dead.” – [Julia] One of my
favorite designs of any boss in “Final Fantasy” is the one that’s in, whatever the one that Lightning’s in. What’s that one? – “XIII.”
– “XIII.” – [Jacob] Or do you mean
“Lightning Returns?” – [Julia] No, I mean the original one. The one with Orphan. Orphan’s design is just wild. – [Jacob] I don’t know why you remember the design of any boss
from “Final Fantasy XIII.” – [Julia] Because– – [Nathan] Because Orphan’s
design is just wild! – [Julia] Orphan’s theme
song is one of my favorite “Final Fantasy” songs. – [Nathan] Is it “This
is Halloween” again? – [Julia] It’s certainly not. – [Nathan] That’s a pretty good song. – [Julia] Yeah, they should
definitely use it more often. – [Tristan] Every boss. – [Nathan] ♪ This is
Halloween, this is Halloween ♪ – [Tristan] That’s why
it’s like Sephiroth. – [Guys] ♪ Sephiroth, Sephiroth ♪ ♪ One-winged angel, Halloween ♪ – [Nathan] This is a cool wall, Julia. – [Tristan] You’re adding
a lot of lines here, too. – [Nathan] Oh, wow, so
it’s like they sculpted the fire into the wall, so it’s all– – [Julia] Yeah, because
they got real detailed. The design in Orphan’s thing is he’s like a clock-sword, and he has so many stupid little
details, and I love it. It reminds me of that Heavenly
Bodies Met Gala thing. – [Tristan] Oh, back to that. – [Julia] Yeah, it’s very
stupid, and I love it. – [Tristan] I’d get crushed
by this wall, for sure. – [Jacob] Yeah, cool wall. – [Nathan] You know when
I see on the Internet, people say “Step on me.” And to this wall, I say “Crush me.” – “Crush me.”
– “Crush me.” – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Julia] Should I look
up this Demon Wall? Is there one in particular
you want me to look up? – [Tristan] Uh, no. Just see what comes up. “Demon Wall,” “Final Fantasy.” (whoosh) – [Jacob] Oh, boy, that’s a one! – [Julia] I didn’t go ornate enough. Come on! – [Jacob] Well, you didn’t know the wall was gonna have arms and
swords and a bunch of legs. – [Nathan] You could’ve guessed. – [Tristan] A lot of ’em are different. Some of are almost like a
Freddy Krueger situation, where some of ’em are melting,
coming out of the wall. – Oh, I like that.
– Yeah, let’s see another one. – [Nathan] The sword wall is
really the–oh, that one’s fun. – [Jacob] That was just
somebody’s DeviantArt drawing. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Yeah, you
could customize the wall, be crushed by any drawing you want. – [Julia] Oh, I like them. Well, I like some of these. They’re fun. – [Jacob] It’s just a
monster coming out a wall. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Tristan] It’s like
encased in carbonite. – [Julia] But I like the one that has way too many swords. – [Nathan] All of these Demon Walls are more polite than yours, because they at least have the courtesy to look at you while they’re crushing you. These demons look like they’re just having a conversation– – They don’t even care.
– With each other as they crush you.
– They have an argument, and they just start stabbing
their spears into the ground. “Mom said I could have a go!” – [Nathan] “Have a go?” – [Jacob] “You know we
both go every time!” – [Nathan] “No, I want to have the go!” – [Jacob] “If you go, I go! “You can’t go without me.” – [Nathan] “No, mom said
it was my turn to–” – [Jacob] “We don’t have a mom.” – [Nathan] “Oh.” – [Tristan] “Our mom is Lilith! “It’s everyone’s mom!” – [Jacob] Demon Wall. – Demon Wall.
– Demon Wall. – [Julia] There it is. I’ve done something. [Nathan] This was great. “Final Fantasy,” I love it. – [Jacob] Go play one
of ’em, why don’t you? – [Nathan] I’m gonna go play “Tactics Advance” again, ’cause– – [Tristan] You can play
any of them on any platform except for “Final Fantasy VIII,” which is apparently banished. – [Jacob] Yeah, that one’s
in the shadow realm now. But you can play “VII” or “IX” or “X.” Or “XII.”
– Or “Advance.” – Or “Tactics Advance.”
– On the Switch. – On the Nintendo Game Boy.
– We’re not being sponsored, let’s be
clear about that, right? – No.
– No. – [Jacob] Like, I wish. – [Nathan] Let’s end the episode. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] We’re sorry. – [Jacob] We’re sorry. – [Tristan] Oh, okay. I’m sorry.
– Sorry!

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