Artists Draw Dinosaurs (That They've Never Heard Of)

Artists Draw Dinosaurs (That They've Never Heard Of)

well in the draw fee where we take dumb ideas make even dumber dinos I'm neither julia i'm jacob i am tristan who else is here with us it's just it's just me okay i wanted to leave the laura librarian at home it was feeling a little forced but i wanted to do something real because he's all about the unreal oh and we're gonna talk about Jurassic Park which I as far as I know is fictional but I just have a new movie out and I want to challenge you to draw some dinosaurs you might not have heard of that's interesting because we got this suggestion from our biggest buddy buddy Biggs on Twitter who says in honor of Jurassic world how about you have the Lord librarian give you obscure dinos to draw list and Tristan's not your dancing puppet all right no that's fair edges but if you doesn't want to bring Lorelei bring animation the lore librarian by name they name checked him in the suggestion so an invocation I'm ready to draw all right Nathan your ask your dino is what I'm sorry that just came out Rex Rex II adore Rex is that a real we have to do this now I guess huh Theodore Rex was a dinosaur in a futuristic society where humans and anthropomorphic dinosaurs lived together he was a tough police detective whose partner was Whoopi Goldberg these are dinosaurs from fiction I mean I mean I guess you're giving us is along for the ride here popular fiction dinosaurs so this is a t-rex cop a t-rex buddy cop with Whoopi Goldberg oh oh you you folks don't you haven't heard you haven't heard tell of Theodore Rex I have seen this movie within the last 2 years of my life I don't remember a thing because it's such a vacuum it's on it's all in YouTube you could go watch it but just be prepared to be blacked out because you won't remember anything because it's it's a hole it's a hole in the universe it's the worst thing I've ever seen i watch bad movies all the time and it's the worst movie I have ever seen in my life I do feel like I have to watch it now but I am worried that it will erase my memory it will well like that when you said the name of whatever we're talking about I don't know what we're talking we're talking about Theodore Rex which is Wow tell you what I'll tell you the tagline of the movie on the poster maybe that'll help you can't wait the world's toughest cop is getting a new partner he's a real blast from the past and don't even think of calling him Barney I'm just imagining that scene from Jurassic Park where they like leave the the goat there for the the t-rex but it's just a big donut okay okay I don't I literally had no idea this existed I'm trying to figure out how this flew under my radar um because like no one involved in it wants you to know it was just harried Whoopi Goldberg tried to back out of the movie she was like sued and maybe eventually settled this movie costs like 35 million dollars in 1995 which is like that a lot it came out directed video the most expensive direct-to-video movie of the times 99 percent of that budget gone to cloning a real dinosaur yeah I would have to assume yeah and hiring BD Wong to watch over the Dino yeah I think so BD Wong noted dinosaur expert I'm concerned this is this is a Tyrannosaurus Clark what are you drawing to tell you you know not too much but in my my google image searching of theater Rex someone had compared what Theodore Rex looks like to Michael Fassbender [Laughter] Oh Nathan you're in for a treat my friend's name of like know your true self yeah action that's missing out you're definitely missing out I'm sorry I wish you were I should look straight into my soul it'll it'll be all the sweeter Nathan when when it's revealed to you and you get to join us in our revelry walkie-talkie on his belt you'll realize that what you've done here is makes way too much sense yeah you've totally nailed what any sane person would I'm just thinking of like is it more like a triceracop from from kung fury sort of design where it's just a dinosaur's head on a person's body this is my interpretation of Theodore axe yeah character from axe cop yeah oh yeah but he doesn't have the robot arms which is of course the t-rex is weakest part is the the lack of robot arms how does he even like reach his like walkie-talkie maybe maybe you should have robot arms maybe it should get that up to his mouth sure he just bends around and screams at it maybe he's just got one of those those little grabber things from the TV oh yeah my cybernetic enhancements it is the future would have some pretty high-tech has a gun in it or no you know what I'm not gonna give this to your ex again that's a dangerous game to have a gun in I don't you might shoot what you're grabbing well you're trying to grab a beer out of the fridge you might grab what you're shooting you might grab what you're shooting necessarily he is holding a doughnut in his her mixer I will not be able to draw dye no no I'm gonna have to go buckwild because if this is any indication I don't it seems like it's gonna be buck wild just based on your reactions to oh man Nathan every time I close my eyes I see it again how do I not remember anything about it and it's like all I can think about also how does his clothes work is he just wearing a shirt shoved into like a belt it's just a shirt tucked into a belt okay that's all and he's just free-balling yeah yeah the shirt ends we don't right at the belt yeah we don't need to think about it too much he's Donald Duck Annette he's down he's down yeah you got some buttons it is pretty tight it's a man's large he's wears the shirt all the time so you can't take it off because it's impossible since he is a cop maybe he's just got like the police siren like right so he's also a vehicle you can ride him yeah I mean only his partner yeah my back I think you've done I don't think anything's gonna come close to the what you set up for me I'm gonna look him up it's like a diet it's like a Jim Henson's dinosaurs diner that God may then please find the Fassbender picture Whoopi Goldberg looks awesome in that outfit she's a robot in the movie and they don't man find the Fassbender image okay let's get Jacob in here yeah let's do Jacob yes your dinosaur bronto Thunder just FYI bronto means thunder so I should tell you up front that Bronto Thunder is a dino saucer would you what does that mean it's it's a short-lived cartoon produced by coca-cola in the late 80s Early 90s why did they do that I watched this on a German army television when I was 5 I loved it it's about a bunch of alien dinosaurs who come down and befriend like planeteers basically it was like that late 80s early 90s where there was just like let's just borrow elements from every other cartoon to sell our product yeah we mean it let's get some ninja turtles in here yeah what's what's a bigger turtle a dinosaur obvious yeah obviously I'm excited for just the raddest Bronto it's a cool yeah so far we've gotten two dinosaurs wearing hats I was gonna say depending on where Jacob makes the face but no this is good the minis everywhere many brimmed he's just got a ceiling fan on his head he's gonna have a little lightning bolt on the Hat right for the Thunder element righto thunder thunder i really solved the problem of hats right here Wow yeah we're worried about which way to turn it no more like it's just spinning like all the time it could be it could be it's alien technology it's true so these are alien dinosaurs alien dinosaurs from the planet reptilian or Reptil on everything you're saying is is just stuff from axe cop Dino saucers allied with four humans known as the secret scouts have secret rings the dinosaurs base is called a lava dome awesome and they fight the toronto's who are the evil dinosaurs and they're all tyrannosauruses third one the boss is a Tyrannosaurus his name is Genghis Rex I got Theodoric's you got what you deserved Angus Rhett I'm looking up Ganga's rex right now this is kind of adorable also I do have one request work towards the end of this yeah yeah what's your request since he's a Dino saucer and he is a quill Dino maybe he could be writing yep I was gonna say a ufo-shaped skateboard that's his body that's his body Jakob drew it now it's his body hell yeah I can read you some more info from the wiki listen man if you want to he is thought to be second-in-command among the Dino saucers thought to be so there's a lot of contention over meritocracy they don't they don't have defined rankings Bronto Thunder has a girlfriend back on Reptil on named named Apatosaurus he he was he was said to be a former representative for a ceramic tile shop before he became a dinosaur sir what he was representative for aliens yeah he worth a shot he works at color tile for a little while you know didn't work out and became a dinosaur sir that seems like a big step up for him I'm proud I'm just looking at this picture of Genghis Rex and it feels like this should be a reaction image like reaction I don't know about this wait so did you say already who is first in command of Dino sausage allo I think allo allo soars like Alice yeah so another carnivore so there they aren't divided up carnivores and herbivores they're all just kind of mixed in there that's good there's nice there's a bad pterodactyl on the in the evil side called terrible dactyl that's not even that creative unlike Bronto Thunder which is very grounded did you guys ever watch extreme dinosaurs there's a show called extreme dinosaurs I first it was part of the slate of Sunday morning cartoons not Saturday morning cartoons I couldn't hang here's the problem with what Jacob has drawn we've had this problem before is that you've done infinitely better than whatever the hell was probably original prom he's he gonna shoot himself in the head trust no one not even yourself he ducks at the last minute dinosaurs have a brain in the in the tail as well as the head I'd like to think his tail has a mind of its own okay tail the tails trying to get him sometimes so it can become the leader oh I see the gun that guns not a kill gun it's a stun gun there so oh no it'll kill you can we change the laser gun to a doughnut maybe it shoots doughnuts Oh little little lightening donuts and it just feeds him oh yeah he's shooting it into his mouth okay it shoots doughnuts but they are poisonous they do offer you ample warning oh no this was this was made by coca-cola right well it was produced by entertainment which has had a lot of lame it I mean like Muppet Babies and stuff I think I feel like there should be some kind of coca-cola product maybe oh yeah you're right I'm just gonna adjust it of the shell to be a coke can yeah perfect and then I think we'll be set on this guy thunders you guys always into don't I know you know what else Deek produced extreme dinosaurs wow something's really rocking on Planet number three modern man's got prehistoric company colossal no you can't eat unlike anything before between the you can't seeing an exact replica of the theme song Nathan you're just gonna get tagged that's true you know we're here at the MCA I turned backwards and like in my heart of hearts I was like I hope Nathan's reading that from afar and I looked over and he's just staring me straight in the eye yeah recites this theme song that he knows by heart between the reckless Raptors and the extreme dinosaurs and then the theme song is just extreme extreme extreme dinosaurs for forever Bronto Thunder is done Beast Bronto dunder right now I hate this guy they didn't even try they were just like take a brontosaurus stick him on his hind legs put vest on him we're done yeah yes sir your dinosaur he's a Marvel Comics character all comes back to Marvel and sure does you couldn't stay away could you I I couldn't do you think Sheila dinosaurs without doing devil dinosaur dinosaur I'll read from the wiki here devil dinosaur is a gigantic reptile with the instinctive savagery of a carnivore and he possesses a super strength and durability he also possesses above normal intelligence so he's not like incredibly smart just above it better than a regular dinos a solid b-plus he's just like a pretty smart guy didn't make the honor roll whatever you think when you hear devil dinosaur he didn't get into his any of his reach schools but he you know he got into his safety I feel like we're not focusing on the fact that Satan is in devil dinosaurs name that's true that's true I should I should bring that back is it is it in fact a demonic dinosaur or did it just take the devil moniker just to sound into the devil moniker but I mean I will say without giving too much weight that there are some physical characteristics that maybe lend itself to that name we've also established that I don't know how to draw dinosaurs right well neither did any of the designers of our of any of the dinosaurs we drew I'm beginning to think that Nathan's the only person the people who worked on Jurassic Park and Jurassic world they drew I mean I just draw dinosaurs based on the Jurassic Park dinosaurs because I was obsessed with that movie when I was in fourth grade or whatever whatever lost world came out we can all agree that was the best one it was good you know and it's okay because even though we know dinosaurs have feathers now Jurassic Park dinosaurs had frog DNA so they got to look like rad nightmare monsters yeah so Julia's gone straight for the screaming mouth which I do appreciate we're trying a mobile game thumbnail right here dinosaur tactics build your Dino army I know Dino's pay to win someone's gotta listen it doesn't make it right if it doesn't already exist yeah I'm sure there's some mature sort of Jurassic Park mobile game oh yeah they're well they're in there Pokemon go Jurassic world mobile game there we have the Augmented yeah you catch a real dinosaur catch the dinosaurs out on the sidewalk you look through your camera and there's a dinosaurs real dinos now hang on the tail with a with Dino balls bingo Dino ball an a yep you can see where I stopped can always count on you Nathan yeah I don't think this thing has enough teeth Julia you could do like a multiple rows of teeth sort of thing yeah yeah okay another row here if Julia just draws a mouth and then says she's done I will be satisfied this entire what that's just going all this is a nightmare he's just gonna spend most of his day flossing no Julia make sure you don't forget to express his above-average and tell it right he's kind of smart he's kind of smart he's not just all teeth and anger just for some flavor I'm not expecting to draw another character but he double dinosaur is also buddies with a human usually or human-like character yeah there's moon boy who lived with him in the Savage Land mm-hmm uh he was his buddy his moon boy related to moon dragon what are you talking about moon boy is related to moon girl kind of but not really at all uh-huh what about moon night moon yes absolutely so they are related no they are not no there are a lot of he's just moon boy just moon girl just Elle doesn't moon is their first name not their last name so that'd be like saying all all Tristan's are related well no it's in the Japanese style okay so you say the family name first right which is moon and the family of moon yeah bury her head in her hands looks like he's saying I'm actually a dinosaur is doing one of those goofy photos where they put some you put your sunglasses on your chin and you take a picture upside down [Laughter] stupid actually the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park they have frog DNA so that maybe that's why they don't have feathers that's what he's saying it's a common misconception but moon boy and moon girl are not related but they can't a moon girl can switch bodies with devil dinosaur sometimes I'm moves away it's weird so some so sometimes there's a dinosaur inside her body like a dinosaur shoes go screaming around Randy well he's moderately intelligent Lee screaming not this many teeth in the new comic no I think that's a mistake yeah yeah can always this is after the devil dinosaur puts on the symbiote and gets the many whoa okay that's kind of fun Oh No here's another one but it like is broken oh I always like the broken horn like yeah the demon Diablos Diablos yes Diablos coming back you drew a character well established Massacre demon Diablos Massacre demon yes I was at my sad my sad devil yeah yeah why don't you take it I like this though this is just he looks kind of sad though too in his eyes like maybe he's screaming out of sorrow he's smart enough to realize that you know life is life is suffering I'll never know long you're gonna drop me with baby legs I'm gonna have small legs just know it I just know my legs are gonna be tiny [Laughter] [Laughter] in a squat position okay this is intelligence coming in yeah yeah his wine glasses book book it's kind of like he's singing I love to read I am dinosaur when was devil dinosaur first introduced in Marvel Comics I was a long time ago I would have to look but I want to say it was the sixties or seventies do you think devil dinosaur was gonna show up in infinity war part – no probably not if Marvel movies ever go to the Savage Land I think devil dinosaur might show up now what what what am I looking at yeah well you guys said that I was gonna give him baby legs okay long shapely legs yeah is he doing a sit or is he doing a stride it's gonna depend where that other leg come out really surely he looks primed to be wearing some like heels thank you for giving me the chance this is I just want to double check but is what I thought devil dinosaur was created by Jack Kirby of Marvel Comics a Marvel legend Kirby in 1978 did you do a lot of heel is that silver age 78 might be closer to bronze I okay but it definitely looks like a Silver Age thing wrapped his massive feet onto human heels yeah uh-huh I'm just feeling myself today what's what's devil dinosaur reading just wanna catch up on gone girl it was good I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie I got this special large print edition from a very large eyes that's how that works I have to move it so I can see it I forget I'm holding a book let's just wait in my hand all right vest he's brain like a little Jim he's got a little Tina yeah this is just between between wraps at the gym yeah you didn't when you were done it wasn't moving I didn't yes this is a crew welcome to my lounge do you like a martini or a Cosmo moon boy make a drink for our guest all right he's another friend right are you gonna draw the friend does fainting couch this fainting couch very nice okay now coming to the coming to the living room and see this oh I didn't hear you come in don't mind me like my romper I like romper you devil dinosaur a villain not so much okay you didn't have his own comic I mean he has been like kind of a villainous figure in other comics cuz he's a giant dinosaur right overall I wouldn't say he's a villain chaotic neutral yeah not dragon or Knight absolutely are not his friends it does not like them but also included in that is Daphne moon from Frasier option so this is a moon boy or moon girl it's like a miss pac-man situation where you just stick a bow on and it's moon girl [Laughter] look like just like roommates and me boy really wants devil dinosaur to do the dude I know it was no one else no one else eats entire Triceratops Asst so those bones have to be yours ding but yeah just bring the trash bag outside the run meat really attracts the bees come on I've got the vapors it's treating myself this is self-care move boy learn about it my comfy clothes I told you I'd do it later yeah you said that yesterday and what day is it the office you're not my mom it's just this is a shared living space and I think you did the Devils in the details there would be like ankle yeah bird feet kinda looks like you guys bird feet now I don't know how dinos work let me google this just like this devil dinosaur oh that's wearing more clothes than I expected that's a special version of dinosaurs so sometimes he's just a big dinosaur yeah that's the most common form in other universes he has been seen in in an ascot oh I love him he's adorable he's so cute also you saved the best design for last Trista and I we appreciate that so cute what does moon boy look like is he just a boy dressed as a diner from the Savage Land a long time ago no it's like a proto human he died as most characters in Marvel Comics do at some point or other he looks like a character out of ronin warriors yeah totally cool I imagine all of these dinosaurs must make at least one cameo in Jurassic world fallen kick yeah yeah all the dinosaurs are there yeah and then they have the the after credit stinger Theodore Rex okay that's the Z tearing silently into the carry he's like the Howard the Duck of dinosaurs great well I'm excited thank you Tristan and Laura librarian for joining us on this episode thank you thank you again to Buddy bigs for the suggestion leave a suggestion of what you want to see us draw we're sorry sorry we're Dyna Sorry Sorry you took the best one [Laughter]

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