Artists Draw Ben 10 Aliens (That They've Never Seen)

Artists Draw Ben 10 Aliens (That They've Never Seen)

welcome to draw fee where we take your dumb ideas and make even dumber drawings I'm Caldwell I'm Nathan I'm Julia I'm trendy and today y'all it's time to alien up and become a Cronenberg a monster with all your best buds because we're doing some bintang aliens yeah and we got trendy here are our Benton expert editor for dorkly and also person who has seen episodes of Ben 10 yes I have I've I used to love watching it when it was on even now whenever it plays I have no choice but to watch it's a great show you love the the good the cool alien turning into boy you love the boy that becomes not boys yeah that's that's about the extent of my knowledge of Ben 10 but our fans have really been asking for it thank you to fish for asking for it that's one that I wrote down healthy fall so asked for it and I'm sure others have if it was you say it was me in the comments in this video I was one of the ten cobbles already getting us started with just a good boy drawing one out of ten yeah yeah we gotta get our Ben counter going yeah we don't know nearly as much about Ben 10 as our fans or as you trendy so we brought you in as our expert to give us some Ben 10 aliens to try and draw based only on their names and descriptions caldwell is raring and ready to go why don't you give him his alien to draw okay cool so there are a lot of aliens to choose from it's surprisingly so-call well I'm gonna give you dice Diamondhead nice descriptive alright hold on I gotta I gotta finish drawing Benton's fashionable capris okay here's of a great fashion sense so are you using a reference for this or are you just pulling this Ben 10 right out of your head actually I looked up some reference before but I'm not looking at anything right now this is a free hand 10 I'm feel pretty good about it you don't cram it's pretty close is the main character's name been easy only been his full name is Ben Tennyson full name would be Benjamin Tennyson same is Benjy tennis balls and he transform so Diamondhead I mean I feel like I just gotta do I gotta be a bit literal I'm going first follow your heart that's what Ben would do so in order to describe diamond he's um LT he's very bulky he has gigant two gigantic diamonds pointing out of his back out of his back okay he's a very stern looking character he looks daring but we're talking about a boy who turned a ten-year-old boy this character is the idea that they have their own personalities but also they have been still in there being them at the same time not really when Ben turns he it's all just been and whatever he wants to do so if you see this really cool powerful looking alien he has a mind of a ten-year-old boy oh very good it's Shazam rules I think pretty much I forgot the part of Shazam where it turns out that check is an alien y'all are gonna hate me for what I'm doing here and I'm okay with that like I like that it's a diamond ring coming out of a head also for his outfit there's like a yin-yang color scheme going on the they get the call of the Omnitrix kind of on it's like green and black is that yes I actually for a diamond it's actually um white in black so there are multiple seasons of Benton and in each one is there a new ten of yes aliens each time he gets like a brand new set of different aliens originally it was just Oh Ben has ten aliens on and he could only do it first one of my time and you realized oh he can add a whole bunch of aliens to his Omnitrix via various ways and eventually there was a episode where Ben goes into the future and meets his future self was called Ben 10,000 aliens and it was one of the coolest things ever just to see like all the aliens he didn't transform into or the ones he had to had morphed or changed based on his age could I just address that yeah Caldwell has somehow drawn the evolution of the elementary school hand turkey someone liked it too much and put too many rings on it exactly there are too many engagements right I do like the face the face yeah this is Benton's polyamorous phase oh that's nice this is a real flirty alien too on first glance they do look like rings but they are in fact ring pops and this is like you think that the name is a misnomer because you think that it's going to be like a hard carapace but what it is in fact is it's um these are all poisonous ring pots and it tries to like shoot poisonous shards of ring popping like what a 10 year olds boys love wrinkly he tries to get the bad guy to just lick his rings just like come on it's it's just candy it's definitely not poisonous ring put a thumb in here somewhere maybe it's kind of like crabbing along like that does this have legs or is it just sort of a stub a hand stub that hops he's a thumb his only leg come to a crossroads now haven't we you've drawn yourself into a corner a bit and I'm interested to see how you reconcile this design two hands no just two hands just just just two hands also one thing you could add is I guess during like the Omnitrix symbol which is just two triangles oh yeah yeah yeah let me that's the belt that's good it's still watch for the normally the first person that draws has should like try and create some sort of spectrum that we can like slowly de storminess point we've got no illusions about what we're doing here it's a drawing challenge episode people know what they're getting into we're gonna draw the things wrong maybe all provide the respite in between you and Julia provide bread and a bit of wine for a weary traveler on this journey I'll try not to draw just hands unless my character's name is two hands or been two hands and this is fun because I imagine they do a lot of hand puns on the show it'll be like grandpa I really got to hand it to you I'm a hideous alien and I can't turn back I can't turn back oh no I'm your grandson now this is me how do I go to school like this it's fine I don't go to school apparently I live in a van with my grandpa with vampire all right I feel good about this yes you're the only one who does let's look up what Diamondhead looks like okay I'm pretty sure I was close there's just there's a ten-year-old piloting that is it ten euro in that body this guy looks like yeah he skips upper leg day a little bit it's real teeny-weeny thighs now I do think that this looks like a diamond man but that's actually just a watermelon Jolly Rancher he probably tastes great terney just Diamondhead ever get licked in an episode great that sort of gives me a little bit of an idea of possibilities for designs of these aliens I want to draw one okay you're gonna be excited Oh xlr8 xlr8 he's just the most extreme he's been is the most extreme right I'm just gonna sort of start drawing a running pose I imagine this is a quick he's a very fast is it very fast if I want any basis he had he most people describe him almost like a velociraptor okay so maybe because velociraptors have pretty big thighs so I think maybe this is sort of the opposite I thought you were gonna do like the Sonic the Hedgehog kind of infinity run symbol but no this is much better we need we need a Velociraptor legs now trendy when you said accelerate I imagine you mean that this is like a mechanical being that can hard boil eggs very quickly correct he can grab eggs really quickly and probably put them in a boiler very fast that's velociraptors do love grabbing eggs that easy love grabbing eggs honest I do like the trendy just hinted that velociraptors also like to boil their eggs like don't want to get sick in dinosaur times there were just volcanoes everywhere so you could just chuck your eggs in a volcano and boil them right up yum yum yum and the cooking time was significantly faster much faster we we have somehow gone backwards having our speed you have to find out go there all dormant now is the problem it takes so long for our eggs the boil we've wasted so much time as a culture think about where we'd be oh look at these bicycle shorts all I have to go off is Diamond Head and they is wearing sort of a onesie this is sort of the gym outfit so this is just a lien asain bolt is what you've got here alien velociraptor Usain Bolt I love that Benton is one of those eternal shows now where they're just always going to reboot it and people are going to get I would say unreasonably mad at the reboots even though they're probably just as good as the ones from their childhood know called will their destroy emerge not my Benton I like the one when he was 14 and didn't have to change his name even though he should have how has there been so many Benton's that I've missed every single like Julia you've missed every generation of Pokemon to bring up a good point oh you were probably in your chrysalis I would you must return to every four years yeah I hibernate for like that time then ten keeps growing and changing growing stronger I'm putting the symbol like right on his thigh that's big honestly now training you said Velociraptor is the face Velociraptor eat it face isn't is actually not if I had to describe it without giving it away I would say combined a biker helmet with the head of the alien xenomorph from great cool safety first though I like that exactly yeah well if you're running so fast you you know you don't want to get injured now I'm just picturing the Xenomorphs from alien but they are wearing like pink bike helmets very back of it too because it can't fit on top right little tiny thing yeah and then the little mouth that pops out of its mouth it's like that meme about how a dog would wear pants how it is xenomorph wear a bicycle helmet I'm gonna tweet this after we record those because I think that would be up basically I just want a Photoshop a xenomorph we're in a bicycle helmet in two different ways I am making him do the Naruto run I love it because that's just how did the house the other hand go because we killed God and you're allowed to do this now exactly any other bits that I'm missing trendy or is this is pretty good we're gonna go to the it looks really good I mean if we're gonna anything else to it if you want to go to the feet he doesn't really have lots about two feet oh like wheel type feet its excuse me necklace alien I love it but is very weird but if you think of of Thoth you think of some weird little hands some flat hands no in fact wheels wheels yes just to pizza cutters down there huh I'm the rollerskates [Laughter] I gotta grease my feet I have a question does Ben make or design his alien forms or is it like no all those aliens are actually aliens that exist in his universe and another alien has built this Omnitrix that allows just all these aliens to do things oh he's met some like I know he has met an alien that looks like Diamondhead did he lick the alien no he did not they're still licking we still have no confirmation of how Diamondhead tastes if he's got that fruity flavor I've got to stop I love it messing with this so X XL ra xlr8 let's look him up okay you're very it does kind of have the velociraptor feet it's like they're holding the wheels yeah I like that that's funny that seems uncomfortable just kind of like hold onto some wheels you know I think mine is maybe after he's been to the gym a few more times yeah he's bulked up his leg it's just more like if it was Courtney 14 and it was like a big beefy alien friend who had started going to the gym Nathan this is great Julia do you want to draw let me bid your alien is gonna be done [Laughter] exactly as I probably would name them fellas ten years old are the names like things that Ben comes up with himself into it and he's like I'm gonna call myself Diamondhead yeah these are names that he gives these aliens oh so it's always awesome one like it gets a new alien like what are you gonna call it then is there an episode where he meets the aliens and they're like no we call ourselves humans so there's another alien Alice a it's called four arms he meets a female version and she's like oh yeah I forgot the name of the alien but they had like a name an alien race you'd expect them to have and been take oh no I just call myself four arms that's very insensitive that's a slur and our culture actually how dare you the cool thing about Ghostfreak is that he's one of the aliens actually was able to escape Ben's Omnitrix and became a villain and he has an interesting he has two very interesting transformations one is the one that Ben really has which is very much a very creepy looking ghost with like almost like if you've seen like the eggs from alien has like lines that kind of look like that like a cross over his body but the other version of him is the most terrifying thing that a that should be in a kid's show he has these very sharp claws this tentacle coming out of his stomach a stomach tentacle and he has a skull head but it's upside down upside down skull head yeah and that's apparently that's the true version of it the one that been turned into is a very tame diversion I guess I should just delete all this huh we can combine it to Julie if you want you know what I'm going to work with it I want to keep to the draw fee way of not erasing everything so I'm gonna try to draw a skull upside down Julia you know you could just draw the skull and then flip it upside that would not be the Julia way I might do that I might I mean yeah this is such a good character design trick is you draw a skull and you're like I don't know not feeling it quite yet I wonder if this it oh I turned it upside down it's ten times scarier it's been ten times scarier they're naked ladies did the theme song for like two shows they could have done the Benton theme song I'm so mad that they didn't now you should've just said it's been over and over again it's been ten aliens in thing I'm loving this no it's been thing is for like commercial breaks yeah I catch the A Part B Part thing that they do anime yeah that'd be fun if like in Jojo as they go to the commercial they show an alien and they they show its stats oh yeah yeah and for mine for for Diamondhead it would just be juicy ten plus and then no other I like it I love okay so now it's got like a little hat a little link hat on top of the teeth that's good it's like well ghost Ghost Whisperer whispies trendy you mentioned the alien escape the Omnitrix so are there trapped souls of aliens inside that are forced to just have their bodies controlled by a ten-year-old Ark is that they're pretty cool it's pretty much just the DNA of those aliens apparently been ghostfreaks was evil and just wanted to like like take over Ben's body so he would keep him from transforming into like the other alien some evil DNA I don't like what this show says about Jeannette but it is canon in the show that the Omnitrix is made from the bones of his mom yeah it's very it takes a very Evangelion kind of kind of turn to it this just looks like my ghostwriter OC and now okay he does have a a business suit which I guess would be the most terrifying thing to a ten-year-old boy it's like you you're gonna grow up you're gonna have to sell paper you're gonna have to do taxes you're gonna have to get a job a mortgage mortgage no wonder Ghostfreak wanted to escape this is your fate you're gonna grow up and work on a paper company and it's not gonna be fun like on the office there's gonna be very few high jinks you're gonna try and pull one prank and you're gonna get called at age you're gonna get written up immediately that's a fight so it's a leo the point that's all he says you just tell them about the world the terrifying real world Julia the more I look at this upside down skull the more I love it could I make a slight suggestion though I think if you made that neck like way longer it would probably be a little closer to what man of actions true vision for Ghostfreak was like you're getting the ghost angle but I'm not really getting a freak vibe just yet and I think that maybe yeah Caldwell Caldwell you mean just the top of the skull yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah just some long bones it's very important that I finish this thought I'm having right here Julie's just saving that for later yeah yeah give me give me a hot SEC so yeah trinny what is the Freak aspect is it like is he is he into like scat play or what just follow Ben's just whatever Ben wants to do but it's just really just ghost week is just a creepy-looking I especially like Julie's drawing the true form of exactly which is a Peter Pan in a business suit apparently is he doing finger guns yeah yes so like it I'm freaky he zaps you and you just wake up in a telemarketing Center we actually goes to the alien race of ghost week and it's like hey guys check out the new look they got some crazy stuff on earth yeah you guys it comes telemarketing you know how on this planet we just float around and through scattered each other well on that planet they do jobs oh I do like that Julia ooh oh yeah he's got the the marks that you mentioned oh yeah yeah and you already already got the Omnitrix it's just on the time very good just a tie the good thing about this design is he can just peek his head into a cubicle very easily be like what's freaking in here Hey making calls hitting those quotas good good good I have secret eyeballs just thought I'd let you know just adding actually the eyeballs would be good cuz in his original form there is a very creepy just come over there yes yeah and Julia we still gotta get that stomach tentacle oh yeah but my stomach tentacle trendy do you mean just like front tail no it's just like this just like octopus s tentacle thing that just to choose Eva's body in its true form as if just to say I'm gonna pull you okay that's what you've described as a front tail there's a term an octopus asked tentacle protruding from your time I mean its front tail is the common parlance but scientifically it's known as a tunt don't worry about it to make sure I didn't say anything awful because it does sound like it should be something awful huh Oh ever been dictionary what you got for me tunt is just the last name of uh Cheryl in our church I did realize that but urban dictionary says tunt is a level the employee that works at the Jeffers corporation which seems like a definition that you yourself wrote me that's his job what is the Jeffers corporation make it you know you can just do some self discovery on that one okay so i got it i gotta add the tunt here uh-huh give me that time saying it is just bad somehow you can see front tail if you want it means less fun but sure gosh I love that twisty neck though since he's a businessman would he keep his tunt tucked under classic question for the forums all right so the second definition of tunt is the type of but a female has kind of but we have multiple butts I never do this yeah you gotta you didn't get the full manual what I was in the crystal is handed out the manual okay here it comes oh we're going to the promised land okay I love that yeah it was free you get that email I said sir we don't have computers we all just stare into gaping mouths all day yeah but I emailed you on that oh it's doing a point to ah deal tentacle point the deals ghost I love it you'll freak for these savings yeah maybe just sells cars I don't know all right Ghostfreak you going down to ghost free Conda we're gonna put you in a new civic could I just say I'm very into this design yeah it's really this seems like a dude from ghost Trek that seems like his nemesis oh yeah this does seem like if they made a ghost trick sequel and there was like a devil ghost that you had to fight in it it's like earthworm jim meets meets ghost trick this is the eye human body and you can get frustrated about it but this is what peak performance looks like this is unrealistic male body goals if you do enough crunches your belly button will turn into a ton and then you'll be you'll be the flashiest kid in school that's all I'm saying you too can be a ghost free follow these 8 simple steps hi I'm gostrey Creek incorporated guys I smell a spinoff do you want a lick of my giant ring oh absolutely like it's College ring yeah mmm precisely very good well damn should we look it up yeah as soon as I stop adding little stupid there are two pictures of Ghostfreak theirs is is Ben Foreman and is this freaky weird yeah so here we go there's he's a nerdy boogie and then what's his other one there it is right there tentacle wine yeah spiky boy oh yes it upside-down skull oh wow yeah he does have like a Beetlejuice body up in there yeah symma toes just with the sand snakes when beetlejuice oh yeah Beetlejuice bought right in time for summer look at him ready to go I'm noticing none of us made the elbows spiky enough no thing in all three of our designs they all have very spiky elbows well it's hard to get a good blazer that has room elbow holes well I can't wait to see all these fun new creatures show up on the new season Benton tunt force a real blast trendy thank you for delivering these aliens into our brain no problem I love I love these redesigns well I think that's about all the time we have today Nathan where can people find Rafi around the web we are on YouTube you could subscribe here you are on Facebook we're on twitch oh yeah we got all the links in the description and we all have Twitter's that's also gonna be in the description of this video trendy where can people find you online yeah you can find me at on twitter at trends illa underscore watch all the dorkly videos that i a hand and editing all of those nice they're good thank you you can find me I'm doing a new podcast of some of my friends called not another D&D podcast it's a D&D actual play podcast hosted by Brian Murphy and it's super fun I play a halfling boy scout named Beverly and I'm really enjoying it we have Adam Conover coming on as a guest soon please give it a listen on iTunes or wherever you get them podcast yeah it's good well I have nothing else to plug and I just grow tired of this skull thank you all so much for watching draw fee again of course give a comment with what you'd like to see us draw next and until that time we are very very sorry sorry sorry sorry don't

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