Artistic video

Artistic video

Hi guys, it’s Daisy Brown here, so I was, umm at
the dollar store and I saw these! Where they’re crayons, but they’re in, oh sorry.
They’re crayons but they’re in a little… I just thought that it’d be a really cool
idea if um, like we could draw. I was gonna draw by myself, um but then I
decided, You know, this would be a good video… So… Here’s a picture that I drew, um a couple weeks ago
when it was very very cold out and I couldn’t even go outside. Ah, it’s a
snowman and he’s very cold and I, the whole picture is made up of the word BRR
because it was really cold out and I couldn’t go outside because of how cold
it was. A thing we could draw is… (Don’t cry Alan. Don’t be scared.) Bet you all know what this is gonna be, it’s a pot for plants. (Dad would want us to be brave and take care of ourselves.) That’s shading. That’s how the light falls- Alan?! (I don’t know where he is…) I’m trying to record Alan, you have to be quiet. (But I know he loves us.) (Here, I’ll tell you a story.) So we can fill that in later, um so I
think that I’m going to draw some of the ogre ears, that are my plants that you
guys have seen. A lot of you guys want a plant update, I will do that soon. Um. (Once upon a time) My plants are still struggling to live, they’re… Actually a lot of them have died by now. Uh, I’ll update you guys on that like- Alan! (There was a beautiful queen who lived on the moon.) Alan honey please, I need you to be quiet. Okay it’s fine we can just ignore him.
Um it’s really hard to ignore him at night because, he just really wants
attention then. What else should go here. Um, how bout a sunflower can go in that pot. I know that sunflowers are usually way bigger than- Alan please! (And she was in love with the queen of the stars.) Alan please, you need to stop, okay. He, um. He’s gotten really into exploring his new limits and talking and scooching around, and that’s
great, Al- Okay, so here it is, I know that it’s a it’s a very very small sunflower or
maybe it’s just some kind of yellow flower um. I’m gonna finish coloring in
the pot. So let’s see, what else do we want to
draw? I’ve been seeing so many people who are so good at drawing lately. Let’s draw
a princess, I think that’s a good idea, um, so usually when I’m drawing people I like
to actually use a pencil so that you can get some more detail, and I also like to
start with, the eyes. Alan what is it. Alan! What is that? I told you not to mess with paper! What’s this? Is it a present? Are these drawings? Did you draw these? Ohh! You wanna draw with us? This looks great Alan! This- (So the queen of the moon cut off her hair, and wove it into a rope ladder) (So the star queen could climb over and they could talk.) (But stars are made of fire, so the Star Queen burned the ladder when she grabbed it.) Did you draw this? How did you know what I look like? ALAN!
*Monster laughing* Tell me, how did you draw these? Alan. How did you draw this? I’m serious! Alan, just how did you draw this- Alan! How did you draw these? I S-Stop laughing! Stop laughing! Listen to me! Alan please! Just… *heaving* *laughter continues* (The moon queen managed to pull Star Queen closer, but they still couldn’t hear each other.) (And the hair ladder fell down to Earth.) (But the Star Queen thought of something. She wrote a message on a star and) (tossed it to the Moon Queen!) Can you… s-see? *cackling resumes* I have exciting news everyone, so… It turns out that Alan… isn’t as blind as I thought he was. Because, um in these pictures he drew me. And, uh. I don’t know how he could have done that if he
can’t see, so this is an exciting development in Alan’s growth. And it
means that he’s growing more intelligent and more powerful…that he’s growing more
intelligent and more mature all the time. So, good job Alan. *kiss* Uh, very good job I’m
gonna put these up in our art gallery. Yeah. (That’s how they communicate! by tossing stars back and forth.) (That’s where shooting stars are. And the ladder is somewhere on Earth.) (Maybe we could find the ladder. I bet it could bring us to space.) (Sshhhh. It’s okay.) (We’ll see Dad again. I promise.)

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  1. hello! i hope you guys like the vvidoe. so a bunch of people are askiing if i speeak spanish. I'm sorry i dont. i dont know h ow to write in spanish either. sorry. you guys can help eachther if you do speak sspanish an tell each other what te video says. sorry again. thank you! I love you all 🙂

  2. Hen

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  4. alane fake

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  6. I'm just really curious how Inside a Mind got involved. Was it a collaboration or what?

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  8. The captions are of Daisy telling a story to Alan to calm him down.

  9. If you turn on captions it tells you what alone is SAYING he is saying but he loves up and we’re is dad

  10. this video especially is really creep…

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  12. That poor monster he's blind

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    her hand is behind Alans head

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    did you hit him wtf is wrong with you and then do on caring mother or what !?

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  20. Here is a poem for you, the drawing you made inspired me

    Dreams lead to screams. Usually the scream for help, a scream no one hears, for it is in the sunflower of your mind. The sun is far away. No one can touch the sun, or they would melt away, just like your mind – if someone touched that thought, they would melt away into tears and they would understand your fears. You never want that to happen, for then they would have your worries too and become a shell of themselves. Their sunflower would break and crumble away, never to be seen again. If you ever think the sunflower to be beautiful, remember everyone has a sunflower no matter their mind set, no matter what you say, their sunflower is filled with pain they can not remember and fresh wounds they cannot forget, but everyone's sunflower is beautiful and counts, for if they had no sunflower, they would have no mind.

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  23. This is a fake

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    And also, love your nails

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