Artist vs. Artist Challenge! ft. CatCreature

Artist vs. Artist Challenge! ft. CatCreature

okay okay one two hi guys it's Amanda welcome back to my channel today I have a very special guest this teal blue fairy this is Annabelle her channel is cat creature hi you've been like watching each other's channel for a very very long time years yeah and we went through the same kind of evolution with our channels too so yeah we just figured out that we started our channel 9 days apart which is very coincidental and now she's here and we're gonna do an art challenge I feel like it's very rare that I get to have a fully fledged artist like she's actually in school for art so if she's more of an artist than I am but I thought that since we're both artistes of some sort it would be fun to do like a drawing challenge but we're gonna put a little twist on it essentially what we're gonna be doing is drawing each other and we're gonna have a time limit in every 90 seconds we're going to have to choose from the Bowl different I guess like handicaps or Relations yes yes so in this bowl we have like the type of material that we have to use so like pencils highlighters markers paint in here even there's a tape yeah there's a couple Walmart's in here too where you have to like use your left hand or be blindfolded from that round and then in this section we have a different color that you have to use so every 90 seconds we're basically gonna be thrown like a little bit of a loop and we'll see how it ends up I feel like she has an advantage because she's like actually drawing every day for school worth I haven't drawing like a human being in a while so hmm well we'll see I have to say I don't know love you'll turn out looking like a human but stay with me I feel like it'll just end up looking like like a weird head with make it rain hair anyways I'm excited let's get this started show on the road let's do this we need to choose our initial important material will do one supply and then actually no yet once lighter color okay gotcha okay colored pencil drop it I got pen that's easy no yes choose your colors black and gray Wow right now I got blue and black here are my two black and gray color pencil around one ninety seconds on the clock stud when it's smudge it I have a pencil so it's gonna be very yeah you you start it off really easy I'm taking a very abstract well my strategy is like getting all of the main stuff down because I might not be lucky enough to have like a black pen to do outlines later as far as your strategy is gonna be like oh gosh Sam to everyone Freddy what did you get marker yellow and red I got highlighter and I got pink and red hmm could be interesting mmm all right so I got my pink and red highlighters and I chose some kind of alternative I didn't want to do like classic red and yellow round 2 starts not gonna look anything like her I'm not gonna look anything like her at all it's smudging Meghan impressionist next round we're switching to just using one dollar because two minutes is to not let their not time what you guys mechanical pencil and blue I mean I don't even think I have that okay just give me a pencil I have pencil and green you know what that work I'm happy with that choice wish I didn't commit to red for the hair ready round three I really messed myself up with the red no kind of looks like you I need two percent I think I'm like 0.5 oh gosh we're halfway done have we done at this point okay ready I got gray and blindfolded oh I got purple pen feeling it would be one of us this round of course through you I got one last look at my face yeah so I can get my bearings yeah true oh don't I just say it okay goodbye to your world okay right ready oh wait no I can't really see it's okay I'm just gonna draw your mouth okay one two three go nice I haven't done your chin yet so now I have a clear view of your chin those luscious lips I don't know why I'm trying to go realistic I told you that I'm gonna duly extract so you know what screw this okay oh my god so two more rounds after that two more rounds and then we have one five-minute rounds it up we'll only using supplies that we have okay I got red colored pencil I have gray washi tape ready go the washi tape to be like a cool touch yeah contour shall we so I'm trying to save myself after the black by the way we're actually trying we're not doing like a joke thing yeah we're trying to create like a masterpiece here and that was framed yes there's some reason you ended up ginger but that's just pizza I was done everyone's I kept getting red alright what's this the second to last round orange highlighter right hand time ready to go this is me on this okay no it's like not as vibrant as I thought was just better huge huge decisions like good good final round friends I have a pink eraser I got left hand blue Oh ready set go now don't worry I think I have time okay this was not the correct okay so we're on the final like touch-up round Annabelle has suggested yet another twist we were gonna say out of whatever you pick turn around you can use but I feel like that would give us way too much freedom very true so we're only gonna choose to frontier couple like we choose each other this girl I feel like you're you're chilling and your thing already looks amazing which is why you're suggesting all of these we get to choose one and then the other person gets to choose one are you just gonna use what you pay and you have to use both oh you have to use both yeah okay yeah okay all right okay I choose for me what you want me to you Bunji is and then of course I'm gonna go back in with my black because I didn't have enough time with the fly so that's my other pick so for you should I be evil imagine if I just chose the wash I like this like mustard yellow colors this is yours okay with this what's kind of what's a quaver choosing I will pick the purple pet I didn't get enough time okay all right so this round we're gonna get a little bit more time tighten everything up we're gonna get five minutes okay okay still gonna be like mad action let's do it step on a scale of one to ten right now how much would you say that that looks like me because I feel like I'm at a solid one yeah my pen is running out I'm so sorry you look so much better than this hey this is not fair my pen is running out I feel like this is an added manually now don't date yourself like this oh okay oh my god I was going into this like scared but I also thought I was like oh my gosh we are complete we're done we finished our drawings I'm very scared to show her this this is so good hers actually looks like intentional – looks like I scribbled a bunch of colors look you know it doesn't really doesn't thing that really messed it up was the red and then I tried to cover it up with the darker no and then I just really really mess yeah this is this is a try I had fun we'll wash yeah the washi tape looks cool yeah this is pretty I was just lucky that I ended up getting like the green cuz I have the only thing that makes it look like you know what pretty good family fortune alright guys I hope you enjoyed that video it was kind of a mess to film but we did it it was fun though yeah my smile muscles hurt if you guys want to check out her channel we're filming something fun over there basically what we're gonna do over on my channel is be each other yeah so we can want to turn her to me and a bubble teaser and it'll be fun time subscribe cat creature Piper blue on in I'm so glad she came we're gonna go do an escape room get Asian food and I'm gonna also take her to get her very first bubble tea ever thank you guys so much for watching hit that Bell button down below if you want to be notified every time I post a video updated join the little doodle fam and like you and I will talk to you guys in the next video

31 thoughts on “Artist vs. Artist Challenge! ft. CatCreature

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  3. For the left hand thing u used your right hand

  4. It was fun tysm for video

  5. Both pretty bad

  6. Annabelle kinda looks like Kisses Delavin

  7. This just shows you don’t need to go to art school.

  8. Aww you r so cutee and your drawings are even cuter😍😍

  9. Love you, and you would look hella pretty with bangs!! (Don’t @ me is not being mean I’m just saying)

  10. Annabelle sounded like Superraedizzle laughing in the beginning

  11. Do you guys know your right and left hands or is it just me :/

  12. The alarm was triggering… but nice video!

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  24. THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA, I WANNA TRY IT WITH MY SIS!!!! <333333 Both came out good btw!! Annabelle's is SOOOO ARTSY!!! The use of the washi tape is PRETTY AWESOME and love the line work of the hair and top, very cool! <333

  25. ya like i was gonna sayyy..she didn’t use her left hand

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