ARTIST Vs. AI – Is The Art Algorithm Getting SMARTER??

ARTIST Vs. AI - Is The Art Algorithm Getting SMARTER??

it was two years ago that I first dabbled with artificial intelligence I'll be honest it wasn't very intelligent back then this was 2017 that I first played with Google Auto draw which was supposedly the way to make not so great artists better artists by drawing simple shapes and having them turned into beautiful illustrations and this is the sort of thing we ended up with by using this we could piece together a whole bunch of different individual AI drawings that result from our drawings to turn them into a picture and I invited you guys to create your own and share them with the hashtag Auto draw with Java bet you didn't know back then I'd look at them two years later so what we're gonna do today is revisit Google Auto draw and see if the artificial intelligence has learned I'm also going to look at your drawings with the hashtag Auto draw with Jazza and then I'm gonna finish off I'm making something as ethnic and ambitious as I possibly can using the full extent of the learning that the deep learning AI has attained okay what is raw friends get a whole new interface here I forget how it works but that's the charm of draw jealous it's not worth watching if I actually know what I'm doing alright so start off with a little bit of a test the classic smiley face did you mean that I did well done Auto draw how about this what's this Auto draw you artificially intelligent Beast you do I mean crayon no it's a carrot you dump all right first impressions second impression it's not that great but I think the true test of whether Auto draw is as intelligent as it was is if it knows still that I'm a koala I don't know if you recall this but two years ago I drew the Jazza avatar in Google audio draw and it came up with a koala I definitely have the nose thing as I said I'm a koala and I want to know if it still thinks I'm a koala cause if so it justifies all of the weird fan art and roasts I've gotten from you people I've had people at meet-and-greet to give me gifts of koalas purely because of how it originated from Auto draw so let's see if it still holds true did I mean yes Google Wow let's I'm gonna start again maybe I'm getting the proportions wrong wait what hang on I just added one tiny little line there and it turned the did you mean from a draw again did you mean a dragon nice and then I draw that little line and then I'll see if I mean what a bottle cap then I'd remove that one tiny line dragon dragon dragon we quickly have discovered in the last two years of deep learning and user input to make google auto draw even better it's been brewing well let's see what your beautiful creations in the last two years have been you guys have working around your constraints really well oh my god oh wow is that a fro or is that a thing I have to try that out now this is my afraid I'm looking for the Afro option I wanna know if I can add a phrase come on all cloud close enough I'll do my own Bob Rost you ready yeah I got the nose the nose is easy to get good about the beard can you give me a beard there's my attempt at a beard yes wait are there options there are there are options yeah gotta brush beard that's amazing can I like your ice specific lines how did you do that ah there we go ah beautiful yeah and you got like the whole like lady power poster thing and you I can't replicate it I mean that is beautiful in its own right let's be honest can I find like beautiful sultry eyes maybe for Bob Ross this looks like a sultry Bob Ross these are my bedroom eyes no it's both spaghetti all I'm getting is spaghetti how is that spaghetti I mean I guess it does sort of look like a bowl on the side google order drawer I'm looking for a beautiful lashed gorgeous eyes there's the highlight there's the pupil app there we go there we go you just got to treat it like an idiot using Auto drawer to actually get what you want drawn is the equivalent of being like a foreign visitor to a country that speaks a different language and being like I want a picture of a pretty I order just like pasta okay that's my BOB that's pretty that's pretty good blah blah can I color it in okay I'll color me loewen's let's grab all of this this is what you do you ready and you auto draw and in the neck and some ears and then you have raindrops there we go ah okay oh my god it'll do doing I know one by one oh it's in front maybe if I copy and paste does that work yes then it goes on top okay perfect as graceful as I was hoping it could be oh my god without the whites of the eyes that is horrifying yeah yeah there we go there we go it's Bob Ross yours was bad here's another reinterpretation of a popular character so close wait he's that drill instead of a gun you got a power tool mixed roomy but dreamy freehand and just showed what all the individual parts would look like that's that's clever it's good way to sort of demonstrate how order drawers actually holding you back from drawing anything decent Telly's you're a Bigfoot dog wow that's amazing oh yeah okay love the Koala fan art it's beautiful the mood did a recreation of their angel character which it appears that vage Russo obviously auto draw is not letting them live up to their potential it just notice your angel wings a giant ears that's amazing come on surely you can do angel wings right something like this it doesn't have to be perfect but just like that sort of looks like angel wings what are you giving no cross surely it does wings what about like a bat wings it doesn't do bat wings gives you mountains or an umbrella or that oh my god I want my Bob Ross back yes okay oh wait yes ah okay need to calm down get a bit excited this is where it gets beautiful can I make it wider yeah yeah oh truly the stuff of no man it's a dog it's dug made out of shoes and potatoes and socks and the Mona Lisa really it gives you the Mona Lisa I'm gonna I'm gonna take you Bob and put wrap it keeps scaring me okay I just want to see if I get the Mona Lisa again you have to draw like a dummy to get what you want sometimes this is the Mona Lisa there's like a rope thing there's a background and there's like ha mightily so this is actually really good Hans oh and you even got a little garlic back there I'm Curtis well done I'm impressed Stephanie about summarised the entire audio draw experience you would think it would guess a house you know what Stephanie I just want to verify your experience with my own windows got the chimney bit of smoke did you mean oh and a plant so it's it's lingering in there I think that's what I made in the last video so someone's actually sort of legitimized that artwork by making it even better and in full color really well done who our fear says I swear I tried to do something serious oh my god Wow perfect sugar corpse well done love over so is that a poke I think that's a Pokeball because it's like Mars is like a planet square Oh with a lollipop oh this is beautiful Vicky's finger is oh my god this is amazing we should start a gallery seriously like how good would it be to walk around a really legitimate gallery with these oh and here's another beautiful water draw Bob Ross speaking of Bob Ross I think to really do justice to revisiting what I draw it stands to reason that I finish this amazing artwork now I'm gonna have to copy this and paste it on top of whatever I draw to prepare a beautiful piece we'll see how ambitious we can get with Auto draw piece by piece we'll put this together just give me a simple easel and you have the bottom of a easel it's like that and plan a ladder I can use this it's gonna be far less epic and ambitious that I thought it would be good what no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no with my bauble it's cool did I close a tab or I can't get it back by I'm doing I didn't mean to start over yeah that's it I won't settle for anything less Bob Ross is coming back in a big way and there we have it the most beautiful artwork you have ever seen I like to call this piece the joy of Auto draw and it is my depiction of Bob Ross with the help of course of artificial intelligence to improvise little bit of courses roll up sleeves are made of herb bread rolls and the palate is steak but all of that stuff aside I just I love the horrific aesthetic that you can get from using Auto draw I had a lot of fun playing with this again and seeing how much worse it's gotten and I think we can probably make it even worse so if you guys are going to contribute to ruining this artificial intelligence so once again put the link in the description to Auto draw go have some fun tweet using the hashtag Auto draw with Jazza and maybe two years down the line when civilization is finally crumbling from this horrific artificial intelligence we can have a look and see why that happened I want to thank you all for watching this video make sure to subscribe if you haven't yet we have a lot of fun around you there are more videos over here you can see and there's a vlog channel with others don't on it i'm dai bob ross horrifying you and your dreams thank you for watching and until next time I'll see you later [Laughter]

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