life hack number 1779 the smell of an orange relief stress it's not worked hello there so first of all before I begin I would just like to say thank you so incredibly much for 200,000 subscribers that is insane to me I never in a million years expected it and I know a lot of you are brand new to my channel so hello thank you for subscribing I live in a video a couple of weeks ago where I tested out a bunch of Instagram art hacks and a lot of you seem to a lot a lot of you like that's my biggest video ever to date right now so I take it that you all enjoyed it and you'd like to see more at least I'm going by the comments that you'd like to see more so instead of doing some more Instagram art hacks this week we are going to go over to Pinterest and try some of the pins on here to see if the hacks work so this first tag requires an Altoids 10 and some gum specifically not down the actual plastic that the gum comes in because apparently you can stick it inside here and it's a good travel set for paints so I had trouble finding some gum that I had a plastic container but luckily I ended up finding some BIOS ice breakers ice block ice cubes sorry that ice cubes very nice gun okay now I have to peel off than the foil okay I peeled off the foil and not believe that you know you get the gist of it and I don't think that this is gonna it's not gonna fit then what I'm gonna have to do is I'm gonna have to cut one of the rows off to allow it to fit the trouble is now you have the issue that it's gonna be moving like that and there's no instructions on this except that you should put the gun inside the Altoids container and that's it I'm gonna use more common sense and get my hot glue gun because I don't think I've lost it yet and I'm gonna hot glue this to the bottom of the Altoids ten so I've got the hot glue gun here which again not lost so put that nice and safely and then I'm going to put the Altoids plastic thing there onto the thing with my hot glue where's it gone it's okay it's right here I just did a clever editing trick there and moved it and clipped it you probably didn't notice to do because if this video gets 5,000 thumbs up I will do a hack video with hot glue okay make sure you like it and then I'm gonna take the hot glue and just stick the clip on the bottom of each square and there we go perfect there we go it worked okay so as you can see we've got the paint in the littler container here okay now this is very nice little sturdy little palette which works absolutely fantastically however we've got to keep in mind that this will probably only work if you're holding it physically in your hand and walking down the road to paint which it's great for however and normal people when they travel travel with a bag or a backpack and they put things into the backpack gently all nicely like that and then when you're on a five-hour road trip or a five-hour flight things get muddled up so firstly we're going to simulate walking with the bag walk along with the bag oh that was a big pothole I feel like having a little paint with my with my my paints so let's see if they survived yeah they were intact they're intact so I mean ideally unless you can physically carry this with you or put it somewhere that it's not going to be too disturbed by potholes walking or you know people with your luggage at the airport then you'll be fine this will work great and it is a good idea but mainly locally you cannot travel with this okay so this hack is actually something that I think is a really good idea so basically they say if you take a pill container like this one and you put your paints in individual compartments you can travel with it they also say if you have a plastic photo film canister which I did go to the shop nobody sells those things anymore you know they just you can't get hold of them no one's gonna have any just spare lying around so what I thought would be a good alternative would be like an empty vitamin bottle like this you could probably open up and stick some water in it and it's just ghostly like a travel water container basically this thing cost me $4 which is extreme in my opinion so this is a really clever idea because you have separate compartments so when we do the traveling test you'll see that hopefully they haven't moved or migrated I would say if you're gonna do this you probably want to make sure that you've bought one that is actually of somewhat decent quality because a lot of these pill boxes aren't decent quality and they open up and imagine if you've got this in with your clothes you know it's not a good idea so as you can see I've got all of the paints in individual compartments which is good it looks okay and they will shap what I'm going to do now is I'm going to put this to one side I'm going to fill this with some water seems to be okay but we will do the travel test to see Oh travelling really takes out of me hopefully has not taken anything out of my art supplies oh oh no we've got a leak we've got three leaks we've got lots of leaks so we have three compartments that are in conveniently opened on us and this is an expensive pill container I didn't cheap out on this thing it cost me four dollars this is supposed to be good but I think maybe something fast like the little buttons or something because so not really worked it has worked so take hack advice off me not Pinterest okay so DIY make your own metallic colors you can add a little bit of metallic silver acrylic paint to any other colour of acrylic paint and it will give it in a matte metallic colour so we're gonna test that out today and see if that theory is correct okay so I got this metallic acrylic paint from a handmade modern this was in Target it's not really known for art supplies and Target so we can't really judge it too heavily okay so I have some paint here I'm just gonna put a little bit or a lot a bit let's try some blue first of all so this is what the blue looks like by itself just do that that's how it looks on its own and then if we mix a bit of metallic silver it kind of looks it just looks like loads of blue to be fair I mean kind of I guess a little bit it's got a bit more machine to it let's try a different color though I honestly would not say that these colors are anything like metallic whatsoever now it's drying the bloom especially looks kind of like it's a bit more metallic and the purple does as well can you kind of see you can kind of see it has a bit of a metallic color to it which is nice it's why I'm gonna go ahead and say that this hack is actually a good hack because to be fair the blue does look normal ik and I think if I had better metallic paint it probably would have gone better this next tag is called repurposed water bottle and basically what they've done is they've taken a water bottle cuts it in half and then used binder clips to hold the paintbrushes upside down if this works this is an absolutely genius idea I'm just not sure if my binder clips are actually small enough the thing is it is a bit sharp on the edges so what I'm gonna recommend doing is taking your non-missing glue gun and then just sticking it over the top but a four dollar binder clips and then we're going to place them like this onto the bottle and then stick the clips downwards like this and then continue this all the way around so now we have this little masterpiece here what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take some paint brushes and try to have them kind of trapped like ah there we go that's quite any idea actually that actually works this no but not this is actually a genius idea because my first hack video involved using a hair tie to stick the paintbrushes onto a towel rail not the most convenient thing to do fibers of brushes are kept in by glue and if the water is seeping down through the glue it can loosen it and the fibers can come out and waste your brushes this is actually quite a clever and stop moving it Chloe so this next hack says that you can make paintbrushes out of anything so if you take a little stick as in a twig from a tree and then you stick a little dead plant thing on the end you can use it for watercolors if used like a rubber band to stick these weird dead things onto the end of a stick so if I go around my house and try to find some weird dead things and then some sticks maybe I can give this a go oh this looks good so just go in the garden and I found this thing which I'm not really sure what it actually is but it kind of looks like what they've attached to a twig and I couldn't get any twigs unfortunately because I didn't want to break or harm any trees so I've got this thing which was already on the ground I might add and I found a popsicle stick so we're gonna tape it and here we have it we have a handmade all-natural brush which kind of looks like on my other brushes because I don't clean them properly so the whole point of this particular hack is to give texture and movement to your pieces by using tools made of twigs and bamboo sticks from the garden and items such as teasel heads will tinsel cardboard and herbs okay so essentially what I'm gonna do now is add some slight water color to my paper and just off what a lovely little sort of scratch texture and lots of broken-off that looks like a dead spider so potentially you could probably get something worth using as a brush but this is not it so that in the bin and we're keeping normal brushes okay so this last hack is involving sharpies and trying to restore the model shop is in general just markers in general if they've dried out or they're drying out apparently if you take some rubbing alcohol put it in a little dish or a little cup soak the pan in there for two minutes and then put the cap on and leave it for a couple of hours apparently it restores the ink and makes it like new again now this marker here isn't completely dried out but as you can see it's drying out quite badly so I want to see if I can restore it so I've got my Sharpie in here like this it's soaking away okay so the Sharpie has been in the solution for two minutes now and now we're going to leave it for an hour to see if it works or not so bear with me okay so this is what I looked like before and it's been with the cap on now for several hours and we're gonna see if there's much difference so there's definitely a difference in there can you see that the difference compared to this line it really has actually restored it as amazing okay so I'm gonna have to give a ten out of ten to life hack number 595 because didn't expect it to work but it did so thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the video I really really enjoyed doing this and I'd love to hear in the comments down below if you've tried to need these hacks or if there's any hacks you'd like to see me try next make sure you give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it or a thumbs down if you didn't and let me know again in the comments what you think of these hacks or if there's any websites you'd like to see me copy from next because I do enjoy making these and yes so thank you again for watching I really hope you enjoyed the video take care of yourselves and I will see in the next video


  1. “Nice little scratch effect.” I was dying as soon as it started the scratching sound😂😂😂😂

  2. yooo that last one, with the markers and alcohol, it may work at first but it’s definitely not going to be a long time solution. the problem with it is that by adding more rubbing alcohol you’ll dilute the original color. a black sharpie will eventually turn grey, etc. it’s the same principal as water and watercolors. generally it’s just better to buy a new marker or get ones that are actually refillable.

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  9. The altoids abd pill case thing is for watercolors… acrylic paint will just dry out. Watercolor will dry, stay in place, but can be re-wet again.

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  11. 1. No, actually it works for some people, I personally finds the smell of citrusy fruits, special fresh orange very calming, I love the smell of some varieties of lemons and limes too
    2. Let the colors dry before travel testing

  12. The paint altoids tin would work with watercolor from a tube. Your have to let it dry before you close the tin (to keep paints from molding)

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  16. I think your supposed to dry the watercolors and use them. That's generally what I do. You're not supposed to have wet paint in an altoid tin.

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  21. Btw you can get the pill containers at the dollar store. I feel like they will be a better quality

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  25. The Altoids one works really well with watercolor btw cuz u know it doesn’t smear or if you put a piece of tape on top of the paint then that keeps it inside and you can just rip it off later

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