Artist ruins 45-year-old thrift store painting.

Artist ruins 45-year-old thrift store painting.

today I am so excited to be doing something that I have been wanting to do for a very very long time now if you recall a while ago I took photos into Photoshop as you do and I drew over them digitally I've been wanting to do this idea traditionally for a very long time now and I am excited to finally do it but I'm going to be going to the thrift shop to get paintings I find there so I'm very excited to see what I can find because it's out of my hands I don't I don't know I'm gonna find so it let's go to the thrift shop to see what we can find after saw Casey tells us about the sponsor of this video Skillshare Skillshare it's an online learning community for creators by creators with more than 25,000 classes in design painting cooking you name it premium memberships give you unlimited access to any class and has given us the perfect opportunity to learn a lot of newer mediums which I'm a super thankful for today we learned a thing or two about acrylics and where to start thanks to Kat cocolate whose simple style was something we can really relate to Skillshare is super affordable an annual subscription is less than $10 a month but the first 500 of you to use the link in the description will get a two-month trial for free thanks all Casey in with that let's go to the thrift shop I am very excited to see what we can find don't know about you guys but filming in public definitely makes me want to just kind of do this number and then never see anybody ever again thankfully it was really easy to find the art section if that's what you can call it in the thirst store I just looked over at the wall quickly I found out that it was either a really hard to find things that were original paintings because most were prints or be the subject that the painting wasn't what I was looking for you know like creepy scary clowns or hilarious finds like Tigers with slogans the other problem I was running into was art that I found to be too simple or just too similar to my style I was really looking for a contrast of realism to my more cartoony simple style but not all hope was lost and a big butt okay I hate this a smaller lunacy once I found that third piece I got the heck out of there because I hated filming in public so now that I came back from the uncomfortable visit to the thrift store where I recorded in public I can show you guys properly the paintings I picked up I'm so excited I didn't know to expect I was kind of hoping for a mix of landscapes maybe like portraits or just I don't know something else there was a lot of you abstract art that I was really not feeling that I could add to because I wanted to do the thing where I put like an animal or creature or something into like a realistic-looking scene so this is what I ended up with our smallest piece which is a little unfortunate because it's already kind of on the bigger side we have this wonderful winter scene a beautiful snow a river lovely little sunset or something beautiful so I can't wait to see what I add to this I just love that the artist distinguishers all right there so that's really cool thanks to barrister or bar caster for this one so after our winter scene we have our either spring or summer scene I don't know it could be both because I only got three so again it's a little more simple than I was hoping for I was hoping for something a little more realistic because my style is on the simple side so I wanted something where my style would stand out more but this sort of spring or summer I think scene will be really fun we can add something something fun to that one so again you can see the signature of the artist down there and on the back of this when we actually have some more information about the artist varnished a record of December at 74 oh my gosh this painting is 40 years old Art Society affiliations what Port Moody Art Association Wow so that is that's actually really interesting dynix find that much information about the paintings but that's so cool all right so onto our third and final painting oh my gosh we have this one doesn't have nearly as much information as that one did kind of lame but our biggest piece is this bottom piece so this one's got a lot of warm colors the grass is still green and overall pretty detailed nice and textured so I'm excited to add some like my simple art to this one pretty excited actually thinking about it my great father used to do a lot of paintings like this I like fall cross style where it's just like the landscape or something it would have been really cool to get some of those from home and painted on them but I don't know if my mom was approved of me painting over his paintings but either way this is what we got I'm so excited to add some things don't know what I'm gonna do but we'll see maybe I'll do some sketching and planing before I jump in here because these are one-of-a-kind if I messed up on these I'm done so here we go I'm excited so just to show you guys the acrylic materials I bought but not to go too into detail I got this pack of golden color mixing classic theory because I like the color combination you had as opposed to the I guess it was the modern theory so these are the colors I got now I got such big tubes I know I'm working small today but I got big tubes because in the future I do want to do some very large canvas paintings I'm very excited inside the pack of paints came this wonderful little pamphlet which I thought was really really useful to someone who might not be as familiar with I guess art so we have hue value tint we have a bunch of little terms that people might not actually be familiar with including primary and shade complimentary wet dry all that stuff so and the little I guess reference tool not only that but it has a mixing chart which is again a very useful I think to maybe someone like me would think is very obvious but especially we've got some skin tones and blacks how to mix them and how much to add so I thought that was really neat something very useful to like a beginner I also got a variety of acrylic brushes and round and angles I just really like rounds and I really like angles there you go as well as a palette knife and a palette to mix my colors and so there you go that's all the acrylic things I bought let's get to sketching originally I was going to do some really quick sketches little thumbnail replications of each of these paintings and then sketch my ideas on top of those until I realized how stupid of an idea that was because that is so much extra work so what I did was I took my iPad and took a picture of each of the three paintings took that picture in to procreate where I drew on top of them and sketched out some ideas in fact the texture of the brushes I use appropriate kind of made it look traditionally done already but anyways my first idea was a lake monster or like a swamp monster girl who has been caught by someone walking on the path to the side by just to get a couple of ideas I also sketched out some ghosts coming out of the lake and a witch which is what I ended up going with once I had a solid idea it was time to take the painting out of the frame because I wanted to make sure that I didn't get paint on the frame and also if I wanted to paint to the edge of the canvas I needed to remove the frame thankfully it was easy enough just remove a couple of small nails and I was ready to start painting now this was my first time using acrylic this was the first time I was going to do some practices I had bought some small canvases just to maybe familiarize myself with the paints but then I thought hey you know what you know it's really fun and I do this if time I just like to jump a ride in so that's what I did this is our first painting with acrylic in right away I can already see that sure did use a small brush I definitely could have used a bigger brush to paint that giant ghost speaking of giant ghost I think that's my biggest regret about this piece in particular I feel like I just really filled that spot up with white and that is all that is there just this big blob of white don't know why I did that I could have really filled up the space with so many magical ghosts coming out of that lake but what do I do I do a giant blob of white ghost right there in the middle and just completely cover everything in the painting in the background so that is a little bit regretful but I don't know if that's the worst problem I have in my life I guess I'm doing pretty good huh that said the texture from the trees behind the ghost really came through so that Ghost is so textured it looks like there's something wrong like the ghost has a skin condition or something when he came at to me which I I don't really know what I was thinking looking back at it her ear is purple and I don't know why I did that I was also just very impatient with waiting for the paint to dry I don't think I could ever do oils because I hear those take days to dry and I was trying to put down colors and trying to layer them but of course they don't dry within minutes like watercolors do so I was just like come on dry and then I was having a hard time telling when it was drying so that was a struggle I had a lot to learn at this point I realized that I just I had a lot to learn but I was having a lot of fun with it I was enjoying the process of painting was something that I've never painted with before and you might think I this piece but honestly I think it's a cute little addition I just wish that big fat ghost wasn't so big I was also getting very excited about painting with something that didn't let me be so precise the which is very gloopy she's kind of just chunks of paint ain't not really very detailed and I like that I like being able to let loose and not have lines containing every shape and being so controlling definitely excited to play around with that in a future painting anyways that is it for our first painting our autumn scene with a witch and ghosts next up was the winter scene which again I started off by taking a picture of the painting and then taking it in to procreate to do some sketching over so I'm not sure why this is what I ended up drawing but all I could think about was these weird little alien creature guys just hanging out in this winter wonderland just doing their thing Palin around with their butt out in the lake chillin waving running around and then I wanted to put something into the sky because it was looking a little empty back there so I put a UFO with pink light coming out of it and there you go I don't even know still hung up on the UFO thing on the new sketch I put a crashed UFO maybe smoke coming out into the sky and then a cat fishing for some reason I don't know the ideas for this one were all over the place and I just wasn't sure now when it came to removing this painting from the frame I don't know what these people were thinking there were so many nails sticking into this painting I mean there were layers upon layers of nails and pieces of wood and I just kind of had to rip it out with a hammer because I just couldn't I don't even know how they got half of the nails in there I can't even see who cares moving on so like I said I ended up going with C weird a little pink guys so that's what we did and this one felt pretty straightforward I just painted a bunch of pink blobs hanging out and just doing their thing and I'm not sure how long some of you have been around my channel here on YouTube but the color of these guys plus their simple face and just the nature of what they are reminded me of a certain character that I've drawn from time to time there was a live stream quite a while ago where I would take characters and then I would draw them as stupid as possible so I did Kirby one day turn to Kirby into a hot dog with a face on either side of it and gave it legs and it turns this really weird creature so basically these things that I was drawing in the snow really reminded me of that Kirby character we named it the assless mask because I had a face on either side and no but I don't know either way I took a winter scene drew pink blog dudes in it and that's that's just that's where I am in life where are you how's your life how you doing because apparently where my career took me I am drawing naked pink dudes on someone's winter scene in ruin ruining the strangers art that's that's what I'm doing I attempted to do some shading on this piece and oh boy I need some practice with acrylics because there were times when it looked okay and then there were times when I had to abort mission because it just looks so bad there were also times when I tried to mix in a line art to these which I don't know if it was really working I know my style is simple I think that's what makes this really interesting is that these nature scenes are just they're more on the realistic side I think it's cute when you have realistic things and put cartoon characters into them but I think the acrylic just was kind of weird and by weird I mean didn't mix well with an illustrated style with a line art so I think gradients and a line list style is what would be best anyways that's what I learned during this painting and there you go our pink blobby dudes in winter next up was the painting that had the least amount of detail I think this one was probably I mean I'm not going to say here and put this guy on blast because we all know I couldn't do a landscape scene any better but in comparison to the other two landscapes we had this one was lacking detail it just didn't have the same amount of skill and detail I don't know so I was a little disappointed in that because I did really want the contrast between my really cartoony style and these realistic looking the scenes but that was okay it was very bright and colorful which I was excited about so I wanted to add even more brightness and color to it it was primarily a blue and green scene so I thought it would be fun to add some red colors in there for some reason I kept thinking cats also for some reason I thought sail ship with cats and if it wasn't a sail ship with cats it was giant weird cats so I don't know if that's what we ended up going with thankfully removing this piece from its frame was very simple so I got it taken out and got started now something I haven't talked about is the amount of paint I wasted for this video I mean I say waste but I did roll over the colors from painting to painting but I did end up with quite a bit of paint I didn't use obviously as you know I am not used to acrylic painting or even oil painting I am a watercolor artist so once watercolor dries you are able to add water to it and keep going and it's not the case for other paints like acrylic yes I know you can add a little bit of water to acrylic as you work with it but it's not something you can reactivate and I didn't have a really good feel on how much paint would go as in how much you mix and how far it spreads on the campus I guess so yes I will admit and I'm sure you have seen on the side how much paint is sitting on the palette please excuse me for I am learning that said if you have any additional tips for using their acrylic paints feel free to share them in the comments of course I was using Skillshare and I got so many wonderful tips from cat and other artists on there in her class before she got into the actual painting that she talked about the different types of acrylics either fluid acrylics or heavy bodied acrylics and I knew I wanted heavy body because I wanted that thick paint which honestly I didn't even know there were two types of when I went to the art store to buy my paints for the first time I got some help to see what I needed to buy just in case I was buying the wrong thing and although I did know pretty much what I wanted I just wanted to make sure that I didn't leave the store with the wrong things and the guy told me it sounded like I knew what I was talking about so thanks to Skillshare I went into the art store looking like a pro already because I knew what I was talking about or at least I pretended to know I knew what I was talking about all that said let's talk about the current piece I'm working on so this is actually my favorite piece out of the three that I did today and I think at this point I have learned a little bit about kerlick paints and also just I learned how to adapt my style into a more painted style something I really enjoyed about acrylic or maybe just painting in general like this is that when things get farther away you lose a bit of ability to make the small little strokes you need to make a little tiny detail to cut off in the distance so something I really like about painting is that you just put down these vague little blobs and it's like yep that's the same thing but far away that is something I definitely almost never do with my art I'm usually very controlling when it comes to my art I like things to be very nice and crisp and clean and I don't normally do abstract a little blobs to represent cats but I really enjoyed that about this I just put some little lines and blobs and there you go there's our cat far off in the distance like I mentioned before this piece was a lot brighter than the others with those greens and blues so I just want to make this one even brighter with some red cast I had originally painted the ship and then I decided that I didn't want the ship anymore because I just wanted a bunch of weird giant cats all over the place so the cool thing about acrylic which I can't do with watercolor is that if you made a mistake or you don't like something just paint the heck over it so that ship disappeared in turn into a giant cat which probably is my favorite part of this painting I just love that cats stupid face I love the giant cat in the water I love all the little red cats I just really enjoyed this piece there was a lot of techniques and things that I got to play around with I liked it and that was it for our third and final you and there are our three thrift painting paint overs or modifications or whatever you want to call them I had so much fun with these I I mean I was excited about it I knew I was gonna have fun and my god they are weird they're silly but they turned out so cute I just love that you can take these simple pretty little sceneries and then just add some I don't know cats to them or something and they just completely turn into something different and I had a lot of fun with them especially using a medium I've never used before and now I'm just super pumped to make giant canvas acrylic paintings and just have fun and do abstract things I'm not farting it that's my chair that said I hope you guys enjoyed this video I had it so much fun with this new medium I can't wait to do more with it also if you want to get that 2 month free trial with Skillshare thanks to the sponsor of this video click a link in the description and try a new medium have fun go up there and make some art alright guys thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video bye

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    but by doing this, they’re giving the store money- they’re not stealing anything. itd be completely different if that was the case. and usually the stores throw them away if they aren’t bought in a specific amount of time. rob leaves the tag on them and returns them, too giving the store double what he’d payed for it. so what’s the big issue? literally if these people don’t boy them then they go to waste.
    either way, once an artist sells their work, it’s up to the buyer to do whatever the hell they want to it. so if anyone has a problem with it, why don’t they just go buy the pieces from the stores themselves ? it’s not like it’s harmful for the environment to reuse artwork. as long as it isn’t thrown away or burned its perfectly fine to use. so pLease stop giving artists shit for painting over others artwork after THEY BOUGHT IT WITH THEIR OWN MONEY.

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