Artist builds his Savannah studio with shipping containers

Artist builds his Savannah studio with shipping containers

32 thoughts on “Artist builds his Savannah studio with shipping containers

  1. Yeah, boy not disturbing your trees, your whole environs there you couldn't have made a better choice. Too was looking at how wet your ground gets, it having the name Savannah and all, setting those cross beams to transfer the weight had to have been crucial. Couldn't have a more beautiful setting – real art.

  2. Y’all need a stabilizer lmao

  3. I wonder about the mosquitoes……. The skylights are permanently opened ya?

  4. Hi. Nice video,is that 20ft container? Or more?

  5. Warp Stabilizer done mention it.

  6. This is a beautiful home but wHO are the camera people? The angles are terrible, it’s so shaky, and they’re in every other shot? Hard to enjoy the video this way, might as well have shot it on a phone with the flash on

  7. love their sign: the HUNG family

  8. Congrats! Beautiful design! Great ideas! I`m in the process of building one down here in Brazil. I love GA. It was my home for over 10 years back in the 80s and 90s. It must have been a real challenge to place the containers where they are without taking down any trees.

  9. I love this shipping container house! I think I would have encased the interior ceiling beams in wood and added wood cladding to one of the walls as an accent wall to make it feel a bit warmer inside because I think its a bit white and sterile for my liking but its really really nice! and the price being $50,000 is fantastic! since I live in Canada, replicating this type of design would probably cost more though because I would have to insulate it and I imagine the cost of the materials would likely be a bit more expensive. i would love to as the Owner what he would change in his design in hindsight because I would love to build this type of thing myself and would like to know if he has any tips to cut the cost further and things he didn't think about since he is professional and it seems like he planned it pretty well.

  10. good

  11. I too have always wanted a big metal house that says HUNG on the side

  12. Adapting to the environment by putting metal boxes in a beautiful forest

  13. No insect entering home? How come there aren't any net preventing insects to come in?

  14. Hmmm…. 8' x 3' = 24' x 40' = 960sqft without a garage or basement, or storage space for $50K That might work for one person, but $50k seems kind of steep IMO.

  15. It needs paints, to blend into the landscape I would do green

  16. I love the simplicity of the outside and the gorgeous design of the inside.

  17. Small for my taste but I love it. They’ll easily be able to expand on with a new container when the kids old enough to want space.

  18. I freaking love this container house. But I wonder how do people deal with the impact of the weather inside the structure. I would like to build something like this in Africa in a very tropical hot environment. What can I do ?

  19. Could you help me. I'm in the process of building out my dream home. A container home is right up my alley. advice?

  20. What do I keep rewatching this video?? It’s so grounding to watch…

  21. That is a really nice house.

  22. Wait so let me get this straight u want it to look like a container on the outside but not want it to feel like one on the inside makes no sense

  23. I love that people paint them they look so nice I don’t like this look u have it’s not appealing at all

  24. Oh my God I can barely watch this cause of the audio editing

  25. My all-time favorite 🙌🏾

  26. Why not paint the exterior?

  27. Guy has an upside down noose hanging at his entrance and the word HUNG on the side of his place.

  28. Simply stunning and so full of light. I love how the wallls (windows and doors) allow for a blurring between indoor and outdoor. The living space feels open which allows for versatility in terms of use. The furniture can be moved around to accommodate function and mood.

  29. I would have treated the metal on some sides of the exterior but left some parts original, like the door.

  30. This is great idea…I would just remind people who are interested…just remember it cost him 50k but that does not include his labor. Will he be willing to source free materials for you too….there are other factory to think about

  31. When it comes to containers, glass glass and more glass.

  32. this was stunning I want a replica of this, how many containers did he use in total?

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