You should know that you are one of my favourite gallerists -You have an amazing energy
-Thank you, man. HARCO 2020 It’s the third day and we’re in Art Madrid. It’s being celebrated its 15th anniversary. There are more than 50 galleries, both national and international Last year, this was the most voted fair, that means it was the one you liked it the most. How it will be this year? It will be a higher or a lower level? Do you think we will find the same pieces of work? Let’s take a look! The first thing I’ve seen is a piece of work from someone I know: Alex De Marcos! Hey, Alex, what are you doing here? I can see you have been having conversations with Paul Gauguin. I need some water Look. It’s sold. It is a mixed technique Here we can see a collage and this can be acrylic or
oil painting There is drawing and painting Obviously, it is telling a story Figurative paintings are sharing space with artisan art like this one made with thread At the same time, there are pieces like this one which can be considered Hamparte My first impressions so far: I am seeing plenty of mastery in this fair. I am seeing paintings from a high pictorial quality This is a fair to see calmly and stopping to see each piece of work. Well, not all of them, though. I would come here the entire day even two days just for fun. Were you here last year? -We were on Urvanity last year.
-Urvanity. See? The artist is exhibiting only in this gallery A very interested space has been created in here The piece of work is better seen this way. It is much better than surrounded by other type of art which has nothing to do with this one. These heads behind me had brought my attention They are the Twelve Apostles but this time they are sick. The artist has worked with a doctor and they have made up together an illness for each apostle These are the apostles from the 21st century. The dancer from last year! Awesome! – Congratulations for that minute of glory. I really liked it.
-I think it was 8 seconds of glory. – Are you the artist?
-I’m not. I’m the gallerist. The artists are Virginia Rivas and Roberto López Martín. Virginia has made the atmospheric pantings Roberto López Martin has made the sculpture part. This is beautiful. Very interesting. The sheriff child over there And, I really like this painting Among the sculptures we’ve got the cowboy, the sheriff We have the chosen one, the kid with the horns, the bad boy from class… Also, Mickey which is a very clear reference And, this last piece has been shown here in Art Madrid. The white rabbit which is a piece made with original elements It is fiberglass with fabric sewn by hand. The antlers have been brought from Sweden. Look at that! The wheels have been restored with pieces which talk about the objectification of childhood Look how interesting is this. Walking trees. Pure poetry. Mu Pan. I love it. So cool. So many details. It is like a contemporary Bosch’s Look who is here, my friend. It is full of references. The drawing and painting techniques are really good. Me likey. Perhaps, I would buy this one. It is a collage. This technique is very interesting. It is similar to Rembrandt’s painting style But it is a different technique Something like this had to be here, too I’m seeing this sculpture all over again in many galleries Look at that It’s cool. Very beautiful. It is not disappointing, is it? -How are you? How’s it going?
-Good. Very good. – What about you?
-Very good. Great. Here again. Why do I make art? First of all, I consider is a personal need of mine being able to express myself I mean, the first impulse to be an artist is communicating and expressing one’s feelings Even if you are not able to transmit it with words there is another language there,which in my case, is the pictorial one Gustavo Díaz Sosa So cool. Do you like it? Look at the drawing here. Look at these characters Here there is drawing, painting, concept…there is of everything in here. This is a bit Baskiat-like Fair enough, fair enough, fair enough Skulls, skulls Skulls are on trend, right? Hello. How are you? Welcome to our stand from Portugal. You have changed of fair this year, haven’t you? I haven’t. We are here and we are also in Just Madrid with Teresa Carneiro and Leandro Machando -You are growing then
-Step by step
– That’s wonderful You should know that you are one of my favourite gallerists -You have an amazing energy
-Thank you, man -Do people buy art because they actually like it or has anybody ever told you something like this goes well in my living room or something? -There is a bit of everything
-Yes. There is a bit of everyhing I think people today is better informed For instance, people like you who make videos and overall, people is well informed -I really like your videos and I only have words of gratitude for you.
-Thank you for watching them -You are a great team. You are the LB team right?
-They are -How are you?
-I am glad to see you
-You are thinner, aren’t you? -You’ve grown as well, haven’t you? (Youtube channel)
-Yes, I have.
-That’s good Which criterion do you think it should be followed in a commercial fair like this one? This fair works in a very simple way The artists have to be represented by galleries At the same time, they have to do a specific work along the year which is a exhibiting programme They can do it through exhibitions in that same gallery They can do collaborations in other institutions or participating in art fairs In conclusion, they have to be enterprises Then, a committee of experts make the selection and well, not all the galleries we would like are able to come but There is a significant limitation of room -And, who has voted this? I guess it has been voted which gallery enters and which doesn’t.
-Yes, that’s right. Well, it has been voted by art critics and gallery owners who have been participating in this fair for many years. -You don’t vote, do you?
-I don’t. It’s better that way.
-Right, right. -Do you own art in your house? Yes, I do. I have work by Tápies, Picasso, Maria S., Leticia Federoso Do you think you have any Hamparte piece in your place? Perhaps. It could be. I can’t confess that to you. It looks like a meme. Another meme here Memes are part of artistic culture already They make sculptures which look like memes Hamparte. They look like monochrome mandalas They seem acrylic dots This is the new pop art Another type of mandala These paintings are a bit hypnotic, aren’t they? Here it can be seen just different tones of grey and it is easy to get lost in here Me no likey They are butts or what are they? The face is a butt. What a beautiful criticism Hamparte. Can you see it? Interesting. Samuel Salfredo It is very Instagram-like but they are good. I like it. They are fun. Fun art That’s a marble sculpture, isn’t it?. That’s marble. It similar to Romulus and Remus but it is not a wolf, it is a pig. I just left Art Madrid and the first thing I have to say is something negative. Not everything can be positive. This year there are less information about the prices. We’ve seen fifty-fifty of that. It is a commercial fair, we should be able to know the prices somehow. They could put the prices on the wall or maybe in a piece of paper but they should be somewhere Hiding the prices… Something important as well is that every artist find his or her own space in each fair We have seen galleries focused on just one artist Artists who exhibit in different fairs Gallery owners who have changed to another fair or who are in two fairs or even more at the same time. So, it is becoming something bigger. Another important issue is lighting and it is better than ARCO. Not only for natural lighting which comes from above but illumination generally speaking. That’s very much appreciated to see the pieces of work. I have to mention as well there was a peaceful and calm atmosphere It is easy to go through the pieces and seeing them. As last year, gallery owners were receptive
to talk and artists as well, everybody, really. I would like to highlight the passion from everybody involved in the fair From the director to the gallerists and that’s essential to organize a good art fair. What will we find in the next one? “The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery” Francis Bacon.


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