“Armored Train KV6” Cartoons about tanks

“Armored Train KV6” Cartoons about tanks

Open 24/7 Welcome I will show something, Doc. Watch this top secret video Top secret files Ratte Train in action. Unbelievable Doc, we need a new Railway Monster, he must defeat the Ratte Train Well, I have something special for you Welcome to our world of tanks, armored train KV6 Now you should go across trial by fire Yes, sir! I am ready to be continued

29 thoughts on ““Armored Train KV6” Cartoons about tanks

  1. Awesome!

  2. Hi, tankist! Thumb Up if you liked this new KV-6 armored train! Write below in the comments what is you want to see in the next episode. Looks it good Ratte Train VS Armored Train KV6?

  3. Hey are you designing the model of Kv 98 God destroyer?

  4. Ты топ

  5. Ok

  6. Kv 6 train:choo choo
    Ratte train:choo choo

  7. Amazing!

  8. มีคำแปลด้วยเหรือเจริงๆชื่อ

  9. А чем он питается?

  10. Bang kv 6 kereta versus ratte kereta dong bang

  11. The epic battle tang kv 6 vs ratte

  12. Thanks to translete indonesia😍🇲🇨

  13. Can you make Dora 44

  14. Please make Dora 44

  15. wo ilike the tank can i rid pls

  16. The liked the video and subscribed
    Good kv6 video

  17. |——|=======🔥

  18. Can you use KB34 and KB76 please

  19. And can you use Soviet dora

  20. Почему танки едут в начале назад ,а потом уже вперёд?

  21. tankenstein should be a tank, not a robot

  22. Like it

  23. Like kv-6

  24. just pressing bottons and levers for 2x

  25. It’s a he same button and levers that are being click

  26. Yeah bro he is ready for battle.😎😎😍👍

  27. Birth of the monster

  28. Hey design kv-100 which will be the god of destruction

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