Ariana Grande Custom Doll Makeover: Reroot & Repaint

Ariana Grande Custom Doll Makeover: Reroot & Repaint

Hey guys today I’m going to be making a custom Ariana Grande doll using one of these Marvel fangirl dolls so these actually used to be Toys R Us exclusives and Sadly they disappeared when Toysrus is closed in the USA. They used to be kind of pricey yet So when they went on sale, I saved one specifically to use to customize I own all of the dolls in the collection They’re pretty awesome, and I love Marvel I don’t always like to use new dolls to customize but this one is pretty special and I’m going to be turning her into Ariana grande so not only am I going to be customizing the doll I’m also going to customize the box I’ll be giving her a new face up hair boat fit and box art I’m basing her off of Ariana’s no tears left to cry look So if you want to see what it looks like, you can check out her music video first I’m going to be dealing with her hair So we got to take it out of this pretty little bun if you liked this video Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe With notifications on so you never miss a video Also, shout out to everybody who’s watching the premiere of this video right now comment sparkle if you’re watching So this happened she is Balding, I believe she was made like this to accommodate her hairstyle, but I kind of need her to have a full head of hair so I decided to give her a reroute this hair that I’m rebooting her with is from dolly hair calm and It is so nice and silky Now I’m getting rid of the old hair and preparing everything for the reroute And that’s how you make a custom Pete Davidson doll Now that I’m done with the hair it’s time to give her a new face by repainting it I’m using nail polish remover to erase the old paint and This stuff is pretty strong This is my fourth repaint I’ve ever done and my first one that I’ve ever done on my channel, so it’s pretty exciting I want her to look more like a cartoonish version of Ariana rather than realistic This doll also has the perfect face shape for Ariana Which is one of the reasons why I wanted to do this in the first place I’m leaving a bit of the old paint to use as a guide just so it’s easier to make sure the eyes are symmetrical The very first layers are so important right now I’m drawing the eyes on with some watercolor pencils. And basically I’m just trying to give everything a nice symmetrical shape to give myself that base to work with Now I’m just continuing to build up the layers and colors I’m almost done and I’m adding some gloss to her lips Now it’s time to customize the box I Want to keep this drawing on the side here. So I’m going to turn it into the Ariana look with some acrylic paint I’m keeping it all sealed in with a matte varnish Next I’m going to customize the insert inside the box I’m going to make this look like the scene in the no tears left to cry music video where ariana is standing on top of The building with the skyscrapers I printed these images on good-quality photo paper and I’m gluing them to the inside of the box Now I’m just adding any finishing touches to the box To finish the doll we need to style her hair and give her a new outfit to style her hair just like Ariana’s and cutting it just to the right length and I’m dyeing her hair brown just where the roots are showing I also gave her these little baby rhinestones to look like diamond earrings So my history with sewing hasn’t been the greatest But we’ve come this far now, so I have to give it a try. I’m recreating the dress ariana wears So I bought this custom satin fabric That’s white with black polka dots since I’m a beginner at sewing I looked up a few Tutorials on how to make these babydoll type of dresses and I scaled it all down for the doll So now it’s time to sew it and I’m doing it all by hand. I Added red ribbon for the straps and this is how it turned out Finally she’s done. This is my completed custom Ariana Grande fangirl doll I put so many hours into this and I am so happy with how everything turned out I think my favorite part was probably doing the box just because it was something I’ve never done before and I love the background Just seeing everything that I created together and completed is just so magical I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video Let me know in the comments what you think I should do for my next custom doll makeover transformation I love you guys so much, and as always I’ll see you in my next video. Bye

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