Are Taco Bell’s Buffalo Chicken Fries Their Spiciest Yet?

Are Taco Bell’s Buffalo Chicken Fries Their Spiciest Yet?

Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is running on empty food review I am your host the report of the week. And here we are trying out a new item a new release from Taco Bell Now this is well. It’s a fairly new release, you know, I’ll be honest. It’s not the most Brand new thing in the world. It’s not like this was released, you know 15 seconds ago and I was pushing my way through the crowds of hungry customers eager to try this and Anything like that? No, it’s admittedly. Yeah, this came out I would say a couple weeks ago But I was surprised Sometimes even if I’m not like right on an item and I wasn’t able to try this and initially just because of the dental work And all that stuff that I had done Sometimes I’ll just let it go, you know thinking why missed the shot. It’s you know, we’ll just we’ll go on to the next um, but this item Consistently I’ve been getting requests for it one comment Then another comment and then another comment And then yes, you guessed it two more comments after that Try out Try it out review brah and well now I am Today’s review is for the buffalo chicken nacho fries from Taco Bell Nacho Fries right because they’re my fries But these are the buffalo chicken nacho fries Taco Bell, you know, they like the nacho fries they bring them back They’re a fan favorite. They’re one of my favorites. I’ve always been a big fan of the nacho fries and Of course, they did bring them back again. They’re back But they’re doing they’re doing something with them might instead of just going through a nacho fries Because they’re my fries and something about the nacho cheese They’re different right now. You can still get the original ones if you want, but these are the buffalo chicken nacho fries Consider these to be like cheese fries. Okay, here’s what they come with shredded chicken Buffalo sauce sour cream nacho cheese. I Want to skip that joke cheese and pico de gallo $3 is the price for these comes in the feeding trough and you know, you just eat it out with them You know an instrument of your choice Some people what they like to do is they like to use a spoon, you know They like to scoop it out with the spoon some people go with the fork There is a new one trend emerging What they’ll do is they’ll take the pen out of the pocket, you know You got to have it like that and you just kind of you know, skewer it and you eat it You know with the the tip of your pen but I advise against that just because of the ink and whatnot, but you know That’s my that’s that’s my warning. Anyway, all right $3. So buffalo chicken nacho fries Here we go These have gotten mixed feedback some people love them some people hate them and we’ll just see I’ve never tried these before I’ve never had I also have a couple tacos in here the rest of my rest of my snack Let’s try these out Yeah, buffalo chicken. So we got everything that’s on them though. You know what’s on them a shredded chicken buffalo sauce sour cream nacho cheese cheese and Pico de gallo. So I think it’ll be interesting anyway Here’s what they look like This is what they call the all-mighty spork right there one of these things everyone’s favorite Here they are all right So you can see all right. There’s the sour cream. There’s the fries just you know mixed in That’s like the buffalo sauce on the top mixed in with the cheese Where’s the chicken do we see there? There is a piece of chicken. So the chicken is is mixed in there, right? So everything’s just mixed in you can see the pico de gallo as well Right We’ll get it for you in the good lighting Like that or something something like that. Anyway good enough And again, we’ll try it out. I’m not the biggest cheese fries consumer, but that’s not to say that I have any sort of You know irrational hatred for them right Even though if I’m not the biggest fan if they taste good they taste good and we’ll see One other thing that I do want to mention real quick numbers to get right into it We’ll try it out. A lot of people have been saying that these are hot That these are spicy people like spicy food Obviously that’s always it’s always been a trend, you know, people like hot peppers that like hot sauce. It’s like hot wings hot chicken spicy Tacos, I mean you name it, right? That’s always been a huge trend this is no exception and some people have been saying this is actually the hottest item from Taco Bell and We’ll see. You know, it all depends I guess on who you ask but some people have been saying it’s really spicy So we’re gonna find out so with it We’ll just try a little bit of everything and I’ll let you know what it tastes like so it’s the buffalo chicken nacho fries from Taco Bell Spork in hand. It’s going in I don’t like how dull this thing is. You just wish I could don’t maybe I’ll just use a fork You can pretend like I’m feeding, you know, here comes the airplane Yeah, I don’t have a problem with it I Don’t have an issue with it at all Yeah, not not no complaints no issues You know when it comes down to these types of items, especially the like these types of cheese fries, right? I know they could be a little messy and sometimes that’s kind of tough to eat them orderly on camera So when it comes down to it, you just got to dig in. You know, you just got to go in there It’s it’s always a good sign if your biggest complaint about the item isn’t even the item itself, right? If my complaint if the biggest thing I have to go off against is eating the instrument and How I really don’t like that the points at the end are just so small and that it’s tough to get a good grip on the fries if That’s all that I can complain about I say it’s a pretty good item then and yeah, I mean, I don’t have a problem with that at all you know, it’s Yeah, sure. It’s messy. That’s what you expect when it comes down to these types of things though You know, it’s it’s all what you know what you’re in for right? All right. Yeah, it’s gonna be messy fine That’s what I want. I it’s what I want. You know what you’re you know what to expect right? Nothing wrong with that All the ingredients you can make out All the ingredients are there You have the shredded chicken, which? When they say shredded I always think like they’re taking the chicken cutlets and they’re putting it through paper shredder You know, but it’s not like that. It’s like the chicken is again, I wouldn’t say shredded It’s like, you know small pieces of chicken. I Don’t know what you have small pieces. It’s not like shredded shredded though like a Paper mache because you’d call it chicken mache. It’s not like that, right? so instead the chicken is is definitely Slightly larger pieces for what it is maybe that I wish would be a little bit more chicken in there, but it’s okay It’s not like it’s chewy. It’s not like it’s tough. It’s like it’s a jerky You could definitely taste it there by the buffalo sauce It has a lingering spiciness and what I actually like is that it’s like a tangy Zesty spice I don’t know who it was. It was saying that these are the hottest fries I’ve ever had I would I would not say that. These are the hottest fries ever Unless it’s like one of those things that like it’s so Incredibly hot like it says it’s already destroying my nervous system and you know I’ve lost all sensations of Taste maybe and it’s just like doing a number and I just don’t even I don’t even realize what’s going on right now I mean, maybe that’s possible But I would I would deem that extremely unlikely So definitely, it’s not the world’s hottest. It’s like it’s a bearable spiciness its pleasant. It’s not like again I’m here You know guzzling down the Baja blast. They’re like it’s life or death or anything. Everybody has a pleasant spiciness. It’s definitely noticeable But I really do like that zesty tang. I think it’s the buffalo sauce. It really blends everything together The sour cream is there kind of gives us a little just cool creaminess to it as well. Again. It’s a complementing flavor The nacho cheese the regular cheese that’s there as well Just adds this cheesy flavor, of course as it should and a pico de gallo Maybe there’s one thing. I wish I mean, I see it. That’s the one thing that maybe gets a little bit lost in there I wish I could just taste the pico de gallo Maybe that just gets kind of mixed in with the zestiness of the sauce as well but overall I mean there’s a lot of ingredients I would say everything just blends Together good if you like cheese fries and you want a little bit of spice added Yeah, I’d say these are for you and go for it because again, I think they’re good for what they are I like the way the the buffalo sauce is Chicken was fine. The cheesiness is fine. It’s messy but that’s what you expect us No, there’s no big deal about that And the one thing is maybe I don’t know if you can really control But if you can if you get these see if you can get something other than this Spork to eat it with because this thing is dreadful This is the worst part of the entire thing the silly little thing just get a regular fork or something Just eat it with that because that’s that’s the worst part of it all I just want to get a nice bigger bite of it a bigger mouthful and just go forward But everything blends together good everything tastes good and for $3, I think it’s fine It’s definitely taking those those nacho fries. It’s taking it to the next level and Yeah, I think it’s good. I don’t have a problem with it. They’re four out of ten I’m gonna give it an eight point two six out of ten. That’s an eight point two six out of ten Definitely above average not the world’s best, but it’s definitely good. I don’t have a problem with it It’s inexpensive and yeah, give it a shot I think it’s a really good variety from the Taco Bell menu, and I know I got to there’s a little late but I just hope they keep it on the menu for a long time to come because I think it’s a great item and It tastes good. That’s all that I have for you Ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host the report of the week. Today’s review was for the buffalo chicken nacho fries so it’s definitely not an inferno the watch I’m like I’m gonna collapse as soon as I turn the camera off and I’m gonna be you know, writhing around on the floor or something But as far as I’m concerned, they’re not the world’s hottest fries but they’re good. That’s what matters. That’s all that I have Stay safe out there and do take care. I’m your host the report of the week

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