ARCO 2020 Art Fair Madrid

ARCO 2020 Art Fair Madrid

Welcome back to my channel I literally
just came back from IFEMA, Feria de Madrid where ARCO is taking place
ARCO is the largest Art Fair in southern Europe and it is the one single most
important event in the art world in Spain so for those of you who have not
visited or who like to visit perhaps I’ll be showing you this video and I
will give you a sneak peek from the inside of ARCO today is their first
day opening at 12 and I went right in in order to show you this and I will just
show you the art as it is and the photos and videos I made as objectively as
possible because I’m not an art critic I don’t want to just judge the artworks
it’s not my job my job is to show you the artworks and the ambient as it is so
you can judge and you can decide for yourself if you would like to visit it’s
open until 1st of March on Sunday so there are plenty of time for you to grab
a ticket to visit if you wish to do so and now let’s jump right in 2020 had a
very rough start from China the corona virus and the art market had been
really really impacted actually every market had been impacted there is a
really long lasting deep impact in everywhere in everyone’s life and
globally now is not just the epidemic but a pandemic and there are new cases
popping up everywhere in Europe and I was worried ARCO might close because
the mobile event in Barcelona had been canceled last minute and guess what
ARCO has been planned since last year since like September
galleries had been paying chosen they had been like organized and transported
their artworks to this event and if they cannot open now it would be a disaster
not only financially speaking but also in terms of atmosphere in the cultural
world because then guess what most of other events will be canceled and it
will be just more fear over fair and I wouldn’t say fear for nothing
yes there are concerns when I went inside I was personally thinking that
people might think I pose a threat because I have a Chinese face and I’m a
passport holder I’m a Chinese national I’m obviously I’m not gonna hide the
fact that I’m originally from China and people can fear that I carry something
right so I mean I carry a camera this is as dangerous as it goes but also I
brought my mom with me and she’s obviously also a Chinese citizen and we
were like oh my god are they gonna treat us differently but luckily enough our Co
was taking place just as planned and people were super chilled they were not
worried they were not wearing masks only two out of two thousand persons I’ve
seen wear masks and I guess they obviously had their reasons maybe they
want to protect others to protect themselves and just for the precaution
and there are little details like their hand sanitizers everywhere in every
corner of the Art Fair so you can feel free to disinfect your hands you know
it’s just details that are showing that ARCO is trying to cope with the
challenge of the global epidemic but nevertheless it’s just like any other
times it is the 39th edition of the Art Fair just like the past 38 years
people are coming they’re coming to say hi to network to purchase art and
luckily they were not too much affected by the corona various problem and this
year there are 209 art galleries from more than 30 countries present in this
edition a hundred seventy-one of which make up the general program in addition
to curated sections this year the theme is called it’s just a matter of time
featuring a selection of 16 artists from 13 galleries the theme is inspired by
artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres who passed away at 38 years old or 38 years young I
find it a coincidence because ARCO is 39 years birthday so it has been 38 years
since ARCO is running in Madrid and Felix gonzalez-torres also had
a history of his life at 38 so I don’t know if it is a coincidence or it is their
intention of the curators Felix obviously was a very established
international artist born in Cuba studied in Madrid and then worked and
lived until he passed away in Miami in America so he was a truly international
very iconic artist with a deep connection to the Spanish and Hispanic
world so I would say is a relevant artist to be honored for this edition
but I do have one small complaint is that I did not find the curatorial
message like the theme is it’s just a matter of time and the fact that Felix
passed away from a contagious illness a disease that is I would say not similar
to coronavirus but I mean there is somehow a link and it’s just a matter of
time and time death the inevitable of consequences of life and everything is
kind of connected but I did not see any message anywhere in this 2 pavilions
I was literally five hours in out I was seeking but I don’t find maybe I’m blind
and I need new glasses but I didn’t find this message and I randomly asked the
few people in the fair there are professionals obviously today is the
first day only opened for the professionals they did not see the
message either so it’s not just me I was not alone feeling this way and I
wished to see more curatorial message to see more things programs talks that are
more relevant to this theme is just a matter of time because think about it
time is the most important element of our life is the thing so linear cannot
turn back it is the most democratic resource everybody has 24 hours a day it
is the most scarce resource in the world as well because you cannot turn back the
clock and it’s very very timeless it’s very deep right now many artists in
China are making artworks about how they would
like to spend their time the rest of their lifetime because of the corona
virus they are stranded at home or they’re in quarantine or they’re stranded
ill in hospital and the fact that it changed the whole country or even whole
world how we perceive time and how we like to spend time and that’s why I
think this message is even more relevant today and I would really wish they could
push this message through more like the other year it was about Peru and you see
the huge signs says Peru and you know the color the galleries the art and
everything was linked more obviously I find a few pieces of artwork relevant
but I don’t really really really see a curatorial program in there so that was
my complaint apart from that ARCO is also trying to
push something else new apart from the hand sanitizer and it’s just a matter of
time they are trying to push a new generation of art galleries and artists
they have a new program that is promoting galleries between two to seven
years of history so you need to be open two years to qualify but this section is
for galleries under seven years so this is a small window for emerging art
galleries and young artists they represent and according to their
official communication that is in order to boost its image as affair for
discovering national and international creative talent I have a slight problem
with the way they put it because they wouldn’t really say it out loud if they
want to promote an image as a young new fair relevant cutting-edge they would
just do it right like you wouldn’t say I would like to promote my image as a
fresh young person no you just wear young people’s clothes and try to be
young like you know put energy in there do things that young people do instead
of trying to say it out loud as a way to communicate and to establish yourself as
like to boost new things and new blood and new faces new talent
you know the right way to do it is just to do it instead of shouting it out loud
and personally speaking it is not the first or second time I visited Arco I
was visiting since 2013 it has been a while since I was going there since I
was covering this as a vlogger and I find that there are a lot of old faces
that more more old faces than young faces and I could see the same artists
same calories even the same series of art and the same buyers and I don’t
really see too much of the fresh the innovation you know the new faces I
wouldn’t say as good or bad is their choice right so they decided to make new
things I would say they could push it a little bit further and after all ARCO
is still from my point of view established art fair for more
conventionally elitist contemporary art galleries and collectors and artists
because there are many parallel art fairs that are more new emerging cutting
edge bleeding edge which I will be covering also in this week so if you’re
interested you can you know click so that you can follow our channel and see
other things personally speaking I don’t think the fresh blood is fresh enough
when I was there looking at the old faces greeting them and seeing them
again again and I feel a sense of comfort and stability and maybe right
now stability is a good sense because of the global pandemic and the fact
stability is a luxury right now and before maybe people would say you know
we wanted the new we don’t want the old maybe now they’re coming back to the old
and say you know what it’s not that bad let’s do it again
so I don’t really know after this pandemic how people would do what kind
of art they would purchase and the new movement of the art market is still
pending because we are right now in the middle of it maybe in the end of the
year after everything we look back into this and we we say maybe let’s just
continue the old way I don’t really know but I was not personally convinced about
the new blood the new gallery thing as I see that the majority of the faces
I see it from years before years before and you know for good or for bad before
closing this video I want to mention this one booth particularly because
everywhere I go visit international art fairs normally out stopped over at a
Chinese gallery or Chinese artist booth so that I can see how people react to
the Chinese contemporary art which is you know kind of different from the
other kind of Contemporary Art and I guess what this time I didn’t even need
to look I said right there out loud shouting blue and it’s the AI WEIWEI and
you see the name of the artist bigger than anything else it’s the artwork
series Zodiac the twelve animals representing the years so I’m the year
of ox you might be the year of the dragon the snake or the rat or the pig
or I mean no offense it’s just different animals represented different years if
you’re interested in which here you are you can google it or you can leave me a
message so I can tell you which animal you have which zodiac so those are the I
wasted zodiacs and I find a lot of people were so so into it and they were
like gathering in front of it taking picture selfies interviews and Ai Weiwei
as one of the most internationally renowned Chinese contemporary artists
does attract the attention my mom was asking me like is Ai
Weiwei here and I was like no it’s not he’s not here he would not be here
right across the Ai Weiwei’s booth there is another booth that is very beautiful
it’s a dream of the artist he would dream an old apartment without door and
windows and raining and this moon lights at night I find it very very nicely
staged and the mood was very impactful so it just have a peek alright that’s all
for today ARCO 2020 what do you think leave me a message I’ll be
covering other art fairs this week such as hybrid drawing room or Urvanity
other art fairs like art mad or just mad if I have the time and that’s all for
today and see you in the next video

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  1. Is the "Art Fair" a replacement for galleries or an extension of them? Very interesting commentary. Thank your for posting the video.

  2. How you want to spend your time – is an interesting theme.

  3. Nice perspective.

    Anyway, very soon we (the outsider artist) might not be able to ship artwork overseas (temporary) due to the fear of these outbreak.

  4. thanks for the "sneek peak"..

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